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Custom Theme Friday: Mash-Up Dark Cyan V2.2

We had a special request today (which we need more of btw) for a Dark Cyanogen theme that looked pretty promising, so we checked it out and decided it was definitely Custom Theme Friday-worthy.

Theme:  Mash Up – Dark Cyan V2.2

*Note 1* – Only works on Cyanogen ROMs and above.


1.  Download and install MetaMorph from the Market.
2.  Download the Dark Cyan V2.2 theme file here.
3.  Place Dark Cyan V2.2 file on your SD card and move to “AndroidThemes” folder.
4.  Open MetaMorph.
5.  Tap “Start checks” and allow that to finish.
6.  Choose “Unzip/Extract New Theme.”
7.  Tap “Apply All!”
8.  Once the framework-res.apk finishes, choose to reboot your system.

*Note 2* – If your phone goes to a blank screen after this file is applied, tap the power button and it should reboot your phone.  Return to Metamorph and apply just this framework-res.apk file again.

9.  Done!


Source: CyanogenMod Forums

  • it said error when i click download rom

  • it said error when i click download rom

  • hr

    Wudup all.
    Great mod, one quick question though. It successfully installs via metamorph and after the restart everythings there except my notification bar at the top remains white with white text for the clock. Any fixes for this? – I'm running cyanogen

  • JV

    help me how do you take off custom roms???

  • love the lock of them, but how do you UNINSTALL via Metamorph? can i just flash back to Stock Cyanogen if I don't like it? cuz i like it, but i dont like having the Cyanogen logo as my clock background, (like my nexus bars dammit!), and i also oddly dont have the different Google Search, same old one. weird.

    just curious about uninstalling

  • Jason

    Can't seem to download this, says unsupported file. Trying to download the from my phone.

  • DiGz76

    When I used metamorph I hit “Apply All” it started running fine at first then after a little bit I started getting repeated force close messages. As soon as I hit force close on it another one would pop up immediately. But I saw in the background it was still applying themes so I just let it do it's thing. When it got to the end my phone just automatically rebooted and then I just got stuck in a boot animation loop. Had to pull the battery and boot into recovery and do a restore. Any sugestions???

    • Akadrew

      Me too, and then towards the end I get a couple confirm or skip screens but because of the constant force close I can't pick an option. My force close is mostly something to do with the Google Dialer.
      I just gave up after having to do a few restores.

      • DiGz76

        Yep that's exactly what happened on mine. It kinda sucks that no one has responded with some advice. I get homefrom work a little later at night and anytime I post something I never get responses. Seems like by the time I get on everyone is done with that days threads and they don't go back to them.

  • Balthazar

    Thanks for the write up Kellex! I have been re-wiring light switches most of the day and just noticed this a little bit ago. I hope everyone enjoys it. If anyone has any questions or problems the thread for this theme is here:

    • DiGz76

      Hey what's up Balthazar. From what I see in the screen shots I really like the look of this theme you made. I tried loading it but it didn't work for me. I posted on here the other day looking for some help, but no one replied. If you scroll down just a few lines you can see my original post describing the problem. If you could help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks

  • mkedroid

    Can we get some Ultimate Droid in the house? Next friday maybe? I think 1 theme is not enough. we should do like 2 or 3!

    • yeah..but its its got to be a full time job to keep this thing going like it does.

  • timarnette

    Which ROM's does everyone like best? I am using Bugless Beast V1.0

    • mkedroid

      Bugless Beast!!!! V1.0 Nex theme is awesome. Fast, responsive, and nice to look at.

      • timarnette

        Where did you find Bugless Beast V1.0Nex at??

        • The easiest way to get it is to buy rom manager premium, then downloading it from there. If you don't want to pay, just search pete bugless beast one google and pick the rom, the theme, and the kernel you want. You will install this through sp recovery, and you first start with the rom, and rename it update.zip, install it through recovery, then the theme the same way, then the kernel. I believe that is the way to do it ,but I have never done it this way, the only thing i don't know if it is right is the way to install the kernel. Hope this helps.

          • timarnette

            I have the Rom manager permium. There is only on Bugless Beast. The one I have.

          • mkedroid

            If you choose BB V1.0, after you pick a kernel, it will show you the different themes. Nex theme should be there. It's really nice.

        • mkedroid

          In rom manager . If you pick Bugless Beast it will ask you to pick a
          kernel. After you pick one, it will show you the different themes
          available. Nex theme should be there.

          • timarnette

            Thank you!!!

          • mkedroid

            Sure. Enjoy! If you picked the 1 ghz kernel, you don't really need set

          • timarnette

            Thanks a lot. REALLY FAST. WOW I picked the 3rd kernel. Do I need to set CPU?

          • mkedroid

            Not really. Pete's kernels work very well. I'm not using set cpu and I'm
            getting good performance and battery life. Not a lot of heat either.

          • timarnette

            Sounds good thanks a lot. You are a big help. Have a good weekend.

  • Sushman

    dude..i installed this theme like a million times but i cant get past that the helix1.apk doesnt install and my wirelesstethering.apk. also i seem to have a grey notification bar and when i try to reinstall the frameres.apk it just gets stuck on installing….what the hell is wrong?

    • JSans

      same thing is happening to me but either the framework-res.apk won't install and just says installing theme and doesn't finish even after an hour or it will immediately blackscreen and i have to reboot. Also tried booting into recovery and installing from there. Any ideas?

      • Balthazar

        This is not an uncommon problem with Metamorph, it is basically pulling the framework-res.apk off of your phone, replacing some image files, rezipaligning and resigning the .apk, and pushing it back to you phone while it is running. Most apps will just force-close and the installation will proceed, but when framework-res.apk force-closes it causes you phone to reboot. If that happens just go back into Metamorph and reapply only the framework-res.apk subtheme. This theme will not apply through recovery as it is not an update.zip theme.

        • JSans

          I did that but after searching, I found that with the newer metamorph you need to do an extra step to be able to work with the framework-res.apk. If you enable debugging usb, for some reason, it will work. I was able to get it working and it did restart on the first install of all the files but then after it rebooted, I went to apply just the framework-res.apk and it did blackscreen but after booting back up, the whole theme was applied. So if you have a problem using Metamorph and working with the framework-res.apk, then try enabling usb debugging and try and install it again.

    • Balthazar

      Metamorph only themes apps you already have present in system/app/, so if you do not have Helix Launcher 1 installed in system/app/ and named Helix1.apk, the theme will not apply. Metamorph doesn't install any apps, it just replaces image files.

  • Love the look on the screen shots….only complaint is that many many of the icons aren't themed.

    1. I would love a Pandora themed widget with the cyan glow around it.
    2. would also like the folders to be themed…seems like this would have been part of it but isn't.
    3. All that being said, the PowerWidget is sexy with this theme

    • Balthazar

      Folders is a no-brainer, I just don't use them so I never thought to theme them, but I will get that in the next update.

      This theme (and any theme for that matter) will only theme apps located in system/app/. That is why many of the icons remained unthemed.

  • Just an fyi, if you like the icons you should be able to install them on any rom no matter what. Please 'like' to bring to the top.

    • Ok, so I am a newb, but it would be possible to only keep the aspects of a theme that I liked. For instance keep the power widget skin from this theme but dump the rest?


      • I am not totally sure about this but i do not believe you can keep just the power widget skin and dump the rest. I believe the widget looks like this because it is due to the base part of the theme, the part that requires a reboot. This would change everything except the icons if you did that. If i am wrong, someone please correct me.

        • Balthazar

          The power widget is part of the Settings theme, but anyone is more than welcome to take any parts out that they like and reuse them. That's how the whole thing was put together.

          • That is sweet, i was thinking about learning to make a them soon, and this could be a good starrt to learn how to take one apart. Thanks.

  • I can say this is the most amazing thing that you do kellex….I love seeing reviews of multiple roms/themes, and you're the only site to do it!

  • How are Cyanogenmod ROMS for battery life? That is my biggest concern when choosing a new ROM. Right now I'm running Simply Stunning 3.2.

    • Jerome Owens

      how is the speed of that rom??

      • I'm very impressed with it. I'm using the default 1Ghz kernel with SetCPU and it's very fast. I came from Bugless Beast, a ROM that everyone says is blazing fast, but I think I have better speed out of SS 3.2. It's a very nice ROM, I say check it out.

    • 3.2? Interesting.
      You mind pointing me to that so I can see? 🙂

      Cyan roms are very good for battery. It might differ from theme to theme though lol

  • syntakk

    Beautiful. If I wasn't in the middle of an RPG on my phone I would totally get this.

  • Cyan themes give me a headache 😛
    I'll stick to my Bugless Beast running DarkEdge with the ProLauncher.

    Blindingly fast :-p


    • teejaytm

      I thought dark edge was an entirely different ROM? There is a theme I can put over BuglessBeast???

      • Yes sir there is 🙂
        And it looks and feels amazing! lol

        Need a link? It is on this site somewhere. I'll have to find it real quick

        • D2Enigma

          What now?
          DarkEdge is a whole new ROM if I'm not mistaken. When I insatlled it, I believe it is listed as DarkEdge under Rom information. Let me know if there is a seperate download to just to implement the UI changes.

          Side Note: I went back to Bugless Beast w/glass theme since DarkEdge had problem with rendering the home screen when you rotate it.

        • teejaytm

          DANG! Thank you! I cant believe I missed that

        • D2Enigma

          Now that's interesting. Just noticed Team_chaos_Dark_edge is only ~30mb where SteamDarkEdge is close to 80mb. I initially tried SteamDarkEdge but I think I will try out the other one.

          P.S sorry, but the theme on this post just seems… how should I put it… meh?

          • You mean the Blue Cyan Kellex posted? lol I feel the same way…
            Too much “bling bling” going on lol

    • nkhex19

      Sick set up you got there. So many new Rom's to choose from these days its hard to stick with one. A new Simply Stunning is out now 3.2 I believe and JRummy just released a sick Pink Theme today (Perfect for the Droid-Life color scheme) also and soon will be updating all his other color themes.

      • Where is the 3.2 at? This is the second mention in 5 minutes of it. Is it on Droid-forums? lol

        Thanks for the words. I really like this set up too. The speed is phenomenal just at 750mhz

  • I was jut going to ask what Cameron asked. Does this work with Bugless Beast? Or Cyanogenmod only?

  • pyroholtz

    Looks promising indeed.

    One question I have though, if these modders were able to change the look of the default Google search bar from the boring/lame gray to something a little more fitting of a custom Droid, why can't the cyanogen team or anyone else seem to use this more? I'd like the Google search widget to match all the other 'new' darker, widgets.

  • I am assuming this is for Cyanogen only? It's beautiful.

    • kellex

      Oh yeah, only CM ROMs. Let me add that.

      • Studlychris

        So Kellex? Sorry if someone has already asked you this and I missed it but, What are you running on your incredible. Have you rooted it? and if so do you still have the sense ui available in your roms? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks in advance.

        • kellex

          Incredible hasn't been rooted yet. 🙁

          • mortiz1978

            Theunloclr.com does it but you got too pay. 29.95 to get it done! They got to get the unlock code from your carrier. I hope when they do Kellex you make a video for us users!

          • Lord Fortisque

            Except theunlockr.com really only does carrier unlocks, and its for GSM phones only.

      • Thegoldendroid

        Kellex I know you'r ebusy but im running jrummy's red Rom and theme and I notice that while on calls my touchtone is disabled and its really weird.. like if Im on a call with verizon and I have to press zero for the operator or something it doesnt have a tone and it doesnt recognize the key entry.. its kind of irritating since I do alot of automated calling for different things.. Has anyone ever ran across this?