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Google Launches New Latitude API

Google announced just minutes ago that they have released the Latitude API which will allow developers to create apps that can use your Latitude location in new and innovative ways.  They even went as far as listing out some pretty interesting ideas…

  • Thermostats that turn on and off automatically when you’re driving towards or away from home.
  • Traffic that send alerts if there’s heavy traffic ahead of you or on a route you usually take based on your location history
  • Your credit card accounts to alert you of potential fraud when a purchase is made far from where you actually are.
  • Photo albums so your vacation photos appear on a map at all the places you visited based on your location history.

Location-based apps are taking over the world and it’s a joy to see.  With Foursquare and Latitude currently running our lives, this new API is surely going to allow for more location app obsession.

Source: Google Mobile

  • Since installing Bugless Beast 1.0 the latitude widget doesn't show anything and the refresh continually spins…. any ideas???

  • You CAN simply turn off the “show location”.

  • rizzet

    At first glance…I thought that was a pic of a white bikini'd babe bent over! lol….one track mind I guess!

    • Stephen

      Ha, not gonna lie, I did too!

      • lakerzz

        F'n perverts!!!!! Eehhhh…same here (as he hangs his head down in shame) 😛

  • Have they fixed the problems a lot of the people were having when they updated? I am leery on updating my version.

    • Stephen

      I'm definitely still having location issues. It takes a few minutes, if ever, to find my proper location. It's consistently saying accurate within 1200 meters…

  • I like the photo album idea also…as far as the stalker issue goes, you control who you allow to see you…I like it because my wife travels with her job and I know where she is or when she gets to her destination…great app..

  • kulz

    google has SOOOOOO many great *ideas* in the pipeline. how many of them will actually materialize successfully?

    shitttt…im talking about GOOGLE…they have the money, the resources, and the following. i just hope they can make it happen….in timely fashion of course ;]

  • Guest

    I think this is a very dangerous and frankly stupid app. Stalker girlfriends & boyfriends were just empowered like no other. Better hope none of your “friends” are sketchy and would ever consider robbing you. One glance and they can tell you are a long ways from home.

    • kellex

      I have no response…speechless.

      • Guest

        This is a site that was up and running for a while… showing people's twitter updates letting everyone know exactly where they were. The people just did it to bring attention to the potential downfalls of allowing others to know your location at all times. They are no longer posting the twitter messages, but they have a great point.


    • Maybe, but it's a great idea if you are the stalker, robber, or other type of shady villain.

      Just playing devils advocate.

  • joed5122

    Hmm.. I'm going to hold out for Longitude.

    sorry, bad joke I know. 🙂

    • kellex

      Hah +1 for calling yourself out.

      • joed5122

        Yeah, it was one of those “i know this is a bad joke but I can't resist” moments.

  • These are all big ideas. I'm in full support of Google's future plans for Latitude. {{-_-}}

  • Mrpicolas

    I like the thermostat app idea and the photo album idea