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Download: Seesmic 1.4 Beta

The new Seesmic 1.4 Beta was released to Google I/O attendees today and we got a hold of it.  What’s the big difference between the market version 1.3 and 1.4 beta?  It appears as if they’ve included Google Buzz support.  Sweet.

Anyone want it?

Download:  Seesmic-1.4-beta_Android.apk (alt link)

Outside of Hootsuite, I would have to say that Seesmic is my go-to Twitter app.  Enjoy!

  • I wish if Android developers got rid of those huge tabs in the tab bar. It's taking a large section of the screen that can be used for viewing more tweets and posting tweets. This is a bad UI design that for some reason I see it adopted on many other Android apps.

  • mani1234



  • fred114

    Love me some Seesmic, definitely my client of choice.

  • Tom

    Welcome back to my home screen Seesmic, you have once again proven yourself the best Twitter app. Still keeping official for the Android integration.

  • audio

    I'm a big Touiteur fan but I'll have to check this out.

    • audio

      Yup, Touiteur interface is much cooler looking and better to use IMHO. Seesmic and the official Twitter app are just “meh” for me.

  • aarynk

    Wouldn't work for me kept FC when trying to validate my Twitter account. Nice Idea will just wait for the MArket version to come out

  • erichoffman

    Thanks for the file – I'm on the “Team Seesmic” list, but I guess they just dropped this one at the Google I/O for the Buzz integration. Took a couple of tries to get Buzz authorized, but I guess it is a Beta…great new feature, thanks again!

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    I REALLY NEED HELP!! Today my top piece of my protective case came loose on me and fell off. Since it was off I figured i'd take the other side off too and do a good housekeeping while I had the chance. Well out of nowhere it struck me, My Droid is NAKED, and you know wat? I kinda dig it, lol… But I'm also confused:: does that make me an exhibitionist or a voyeur ?? (I told ya I really need help) 😀

    • Oooops, didn't mean to click “like”…..lol

      • mkregs

        Nothing to be embarrassed about Tim…

        I like my Droid nekkid as well. No protective case…no screen protector…just a lil stud rockin' what his momma gave him. 🙂

    • kellex

      Its all about the nekkid Droid.

      • azurikai

        nekkid all the way.

  • aarynk

    Will have to try Seesmic out again… I'm really liking the integrated Google Buzz

  • Hey Kell, what ROM and or theme are you running here 😛

    • kellex

      Droid Incredible. 😛

      • Boooo!! 😛

      • azurikai

        wait, you're on an Droid Incredible, or you're using a Droid Incredible inspired theme/rom?

        • No he's ON the Incredible…
          I think he is using the same technique as non rooted Droids use to make screen shots…

      • mortiz1978

        Yes great phone and I am not waiting for the next “Droid by Motorola” 2. The incredible is a fast Machine, There will be a number 2 on that device!

  • Cool that you got a hold of it!!!!!!!!

  • Cool that you got a hold of it!!!!!!!!