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Droid Incredible Would “Definitely Outsell” the Droid?

Big Red’s CEO, Lowell McAdam, came out on Friday and claimed that the Incredible, sans shortages, would “definitely outsell” the Motorola Droid.  (What!?  How dare he!)  He even went as far as calling out part/component makers for the shortages that now have the device delayed until June 4th.  Yikes.

Let me just say that if the Incredible did not have the “Droid” tag slapped onto it just weeks before launch, “definitely outsell” might be fightin’ words!  OK, we’re just playin’, it’s a fantastic device.  Check out the full details below…

In particular, McAdam said Verizon is unable to keep up with strong demand for the Droid Incredible smartphone from HTC, due in part to component shortages such as the advanced screens made by Samsung Electronics.

Verizon sold 100,000 of the phones, which run Google’s Android software, in the first two days after launch in late April and is now mostly restricted to online sales because it cannot keep the phones on store shelves, he said.

The Incredible would “definitely outsell” the Motorola Droid if it didn’t have supply constraints, McAdam said.

“When a shipment gets to a store now, it’s gone in a matter of hours,” he said. “We’ve had to pull way back … Right now supply is a big problem.”

It’s a shame to see the delays on the Incredible.  Beastly devices like these are exactly what we need to continue to see to help with Android world dominance.  I’m starting to feel like the Incredible’s release date might have been pushed up after rumors of the Motorola Droid 2 and Xtreme started hitting the interwebs.  Interesting…and sad.

Via: BGR
Source: MSNBC

  • The incredible screen is amoled not super amoled there is a difference…thanks! very helpful post!!

  • defiant

    what does root mean please someone tell me and yes i do have the blackberry storm and its time for a new phone i want one phone that will carry me through the phone war i am down to 3 the droid the incredible and the htc4g i am not a zombie it must last a year and a half

  • defiant

    it seems like you are all being played for fools sorry to say but a new phone comes out every few months and you buy it likes zombies i was in the zombie club to now i am awake now stop acting like a consumer dammit

  • evltwn

    menu>preferences>number of screens.

  • RealGame22

    If you want Droid Incredible speed on your Moto Droid (screen wise). Search for “LauncherPro” in the market…Super Fast & Smooth

    • Calidog50

      Thanks for the tip…but how do you obtain the 7 screens with the LauncherPro?

      • evltwn

        menu>preferences>number of screens.

  • I love it how people talk about the iphone is all that. But looking at this The Droid is giving Apple run for their money. I have Moto Droid and it rocks. I am getting Incredible soon I order one but I don't know when I will get it.

  • Jarred

    You know what I think? I hope it does outsell the Moto Droid, anything to make the iPhone take a backseat.

  • bothee

    I played with the Incredible at the VZW store today but just couldn't get into it. I wasn't a fan of the optical joystick, and I'm still pretty partial to having a physical keyboard. I am jealous of its speed, but there's no way I'm giving up my Droid…

    unless Droid 2 comes along soon :p

  • Sheed

    I grabbed the Incredible last month and sold my Moto Droid on eBay. I've had a few signal strength issues and the battery drains pretty quickly. The signal seems to be getting better or at least manageable and I'm buying a stronger battery. Everything else about the Incredible is better.

    Also, when you talk about all of the apps and all the things these phones are capable of doing, speed is VERY important. The Incredible crushes all tasks while my Moto Droid always got bogged down with just 2 or 3 apps running. Speed is everything when you are comparing the same OS in my opinion.

    I think the Incredible is a more realistic competitor for the iPhone and could easily outsell the original Droid if Verizon decides they want it to.

  • aarynk

    One of my sisters broke her Storm 2 last night and can upgrade if she wants. Trying to talk her into getting the Incredible so I could take it but I don't want to give up my Droid. Any suggestions from anyone who has had both? Also any word of the Incredible being rooted yet??

  • wolve24

    i dont think it will out sell the motorola droid, because if the rumors are true about motorola droid 2 coming out fathers day and with the back log of the incredible and the fact most of the people are still under contract since the release of the motorola droid back in nov makes that a bold statement

    • kellex

      Completely agree with you.

  • LinZbee

    Well, you're probably right that it's mostly a guy phone, but I have had mine since January, and this girl LOVES her Droid! It was truly love at first sight. I really don't know why more women don't have them, I can be so creative with it and it just does more and more almost every day. BTW, I have several cases I got on eBay and I have the pink plaid one on it right now (also have a red one and a black – I'm getting an Ed Hardy “Eternal Love” tattoo design case next). Can't wait for Flash Player 10.1!

    • kellex

      Fantastic stuff there Linz. 🙂 My wife is a Droid machine as well.

      • Thanks Kellex. And even though the Incredible seems like it has a lot of kewl features, there's just something about the Droid that's unique and totally irresistible.
        Thanks also for this wonderful place you've created for us. The best Droid site out there. Always cutting edge and a constant source for the latest news and most interesting apps.

  • salient7

    The Incredible's sales is riding on the success of the Droid, Android OS, & Verizon's excellent marketing. Back in Nov09, we could only anticipate the groundswell of users and support for the Droid. We kinda blazed the trail for our younger talented brother. I'm sure I'll upgrade to one for the family plan, but I'm holdin on to my precious Droid till, maybe D2 comes along.

    • chops5648

      yup agree with you droid 2 will only be the phone i will give my motot droid for no that hunk of plastic

  • black743

    The big question I have is whether or not this phone will get updates or if it will become obsolete when 2.2 comes out? HTC hasn't been the fastest to update their phones and I would hate to invest in something and not have the opportunity.

    • mortiz1978

      We will have to wait and see there Droid Eris was a month and so after the droid did. They will do the update too because many people will buy it as they did the Motorola Droid!

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    i think its just hype from verizon to make the phone seem like it's just an amazing phone, don't get me wrong, its a great phone, but the droid is simply the ish. it's a guy's phone, just as simple as that. so what it's fast. im not looking for incredible speed, in that case i would get on my computer, to me the motorola droid is just more fun to play with.

    • Hey… its a girls phone too! 😉

      • hawaiianbrowneyez05

        yea it's a girls phone too but it's not a pretty phone like the incredible it's more rugged

  • mortiz1978


    I thought the same thing and I had a Upgrade available and I got the “Droid Incredible”. I love it so much and its fast! OMG. No lag whats so ever. The only thing is the Battery needs improvement, but I see HTC making improvements on that soon!

  • jizzoizzm

    I never thought id give up my Droid but I'm ready wen I get the oppurtunity!!!!

  • jizzoizzm

    I want an incredible now! I'm a monster texted and I'm using my keyboard less and less BC of sore fingertips. I text multiple Ppl about 12 hrs a day 7 days a week

  • Sorry to go way off topic. Just installed the update on my wife's eris. In menu, it has a show “flash” I checked it and hulu works now! Albeit, it takes forever to load and most say my connection is too slow to stream. Can you check this out?

  • Sorry to go way off topic. Just installed the update on my wife's eris. In menu, it has a show “flash” I checked it and hulu works now! Albeit, it takes forever to load and most say my connection is too slow to stream. Can you check this out?

    • That would be insane!

    • Falcon34

      I noticed my wifes' Eris has flash now as well. My big complaint with the Eris update is no voice to text entry. It says right in the Verizon pdf that it is supposed to have it. Other then that the update was pretty awesome. My favorite new feature is the new “Home” option which change all 7 of the home screens depending on which “Home” you choose.

      Honestly, the Eris is now almost exactly like the Incredible! The only real difference now is hardware (i.e. processor, camera).

      Since this site has adopted the Incredible, it is good to see the Eris included, albeit in a limited capacity so far. My wife will not be changing phones for a while, so support on the Eris is appreciated.

      • chops5648

        eris always had flash lite same as the incredible

    • kellex

      Wait seriously? Must be Flash Lite. That's the first I had heard of this. Very nice.

      • aarynk

        Yeah I was trying out the upgrade on my sister's Eris and noticed I could watch videos on ESPN now with the stock browser. Definatly must be flash lite though

      • Kinda weird. I thought u guys could look into this more. I am still having connectivity problems to stream but it is not the old ” a new version of flash is comingscreen.” I think because htc updates around once a century, they might have thrown it in. I will wait and see if you guys report more. I was surprised that I am the first to notice this. Figured either I just broke a new story, or I am a fluke.

      • Falcon34

        I agree with Philip it is strange. I noticed it yesterday and he had already posted about it around the same time. I know flash is working much better now. It's working for every site I have tried so far. Adobe, ESPN, NFL, and Hulu are the only sites I have tried (my wife took her phone back after I discovered Hulu worked – lol).

        Whether the Eris had it before or not, it just works now and that is all that matters. My wife told me it is like having a new phone now.

        However, she still points out the biggest disappointment is no voice to text. It was the one feature she cared the most about getting with the update. But I guess you can't have it all.