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New Droid Commercial: Dust

In the second of two new Droid commercials, the app Runstar is the focus.  The idea?  Continuing to show the world that Android has the ability to run more than one app at a time and is also starting to receive some higher quality apps to match those of the iPhone.   Battle your friends at Runstar?  Ok.

  • Jeff

    hey Kellex, check this out..
    bottom of page, how to take screenshots for non-rooted phones.

  • sonicboomin

    i love these commercials

  • BrandyC

    Very good commercial, thats one of the reasons i bought my phone. I felt super important. lol. my old phone was a samsung blackjack lol so im just starting to realize what i was missing.

  • Tom

    I must give props to the Verizon marketing team. They have the best commercials BY FAR. Every other phone company tries to be cool like Verizon, but fails….

  • John L.

    Superior phones
    Still no voice dial over bluetooth !!!!
    DROID only DOES…..99.998 %

    (exception for Devour and Milestone, which Does have the Voice dial over bluetooth.)

  • ErikJDurwoodII

    Hey! My old Seattle residence is located on that map of Green Lake they showed. That 3.4 miles is spot on for that jogging route!

    Hmmm… I wonder if these commercials are being made at a Seattle production house…

  • Ray

    when are they going to market the incredible I have only seen 1 commercial for it.

    • rals

      I think it's more or less the fact they are showing off the apps than the phone itself. Just like Apple commercials do.

      • Crezel C.

        I believe you're right about that, rals. Long live, DROID. Welcome “DROID INCREDIBLE”. Can't wait to see the Shadow and DROID 2