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Manually Update Droid Eris to Android 2.1

Sick of waiting around for the Droid Eris and its Android 2.1 update?  Then manually install it!  While I have not actually performed the process below, it has been outlined and proven to work on various sites throughout the Android world.

It should be noted that this will wipe your phone and then install the 2.1 OS.  What exactly does that mean?

  • That you will have to re-download all of your apps from the market.
  • Don’t worry about the paid ones!  They are attached to your Google account.
  • Your contacts are also attached and will re-sync.
  • Your music and photos are all on your SD card and will not be lost.

Update: Users are reporting that this is NOT wiping their apps.  HTC was wrong.  Yay!

Instructions for installation…

1.  Download this file:   Droid Eris 2.1 (alt link)
2.  Rename the file to “update.zip” or just “update” if your PC does not show file extensions.
3.  Drop the file onto the root of your SD card.
4.  Power off your Eris.
5.  Hold the “volume down” button and then power on.
6.  Scroll down to “recovery” and press the power button.
7.  When you see the triangle and exclamation mark, press “power” and “home” at the same time.
8.  Select “apply sdcard:  update.zip” and your phone will load the update.
9.  Once it says “Install from sdcard complete” you are finished.
10.  Official 2.1 for the Eris in the house.

Let us know if you have success or run into any issues!

*Side note* – Anyone have a spare Eris that they want to part with?  I’m looking to add to the Droid family.

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Shahraj13

    thank you very much. Had trouble updating through Verizon.

  • Jerimiah

    I had the same problem. Press volume_up and power at the same time.

  • Kayla_is_kewl

    i luvv the new update i just upated my Eris!!

  • Angoby

    After updating to 2.1 it seems like it takes 10 sec or so for home/menu/back buttons to respond. Way way way to slow. It's like its still waiting for the screen to load or something.

  • dhaiden

    hey im trying to update my eris (the official one messed up somehow and it is not working). but im having trouble with my home button after i see the triangle and exclamation mark. the button doesnt respond and i can't go any further. someone please help.

    • Jerimiah

      I had the same problem. Press volume_up and power at the same time.

  • tripple60

    does anyone know what happens if the zip file is removed from the sd card, I am trying to put the phone back to 1.5 so I can get 2.1 ota, my phone seems all messed up. Or how do I put it into recovery mode

  • ajavgeek

    I am having trouble installing the update on 2.1 leak (non-root) version. It says “Installing Update” and next “Installation Aborted”

    Not sure where to start the debug process, any clues???


  • Frusrated Droid eris owner!!

    So after this update my phone will every once in a while not ring..it only vibrates when I get a call and then I cant hear anything on line..or cant make a phone call…it is timing it, but cant hear it calling anyone or any noise…very slow to any touch commands while this is happening…anyone else haveing this problem…never happened before the update.
    Also can not change the phone dialer default?? is there going to be a fix for this?

    • Arlene

      Same problem here. Very frustrating to have to power off and on when time is critical.

    • Steve

      I am also having this problem after the update and I noticed that when this happens and I check the task
      manager, that the Amazon MP3 store is running in the background. I tried to uninstall it using obviously the uninstaller and it tells me that it's a system built in app and can't be uninstalled or deleted. Even when I manually kill it with task killer, it eventually just turns itself back on. Don't know if this is part of the problem but, it does seem suspicious.

  • Noniibear

    This did not wipe my phone. 🙂 I do not like the notification telling me the text messages are sent successfully though. It bugs me.

  • Anthony

    This has totally messed my wife phone up. I do I remove it? I've tried going back into recovery but it's different now and pressing home and power at the same time doesn't do anything anymore. Any help would be great. The problems she's having are; she can't make calls without resetting her phone, her camera doesn't work, her clock widget doesn't work at all. I just to take the phone back to stock and wait for update from android.

    • Anthony

      okay, so instead of home and power at the same time it's now volume up and power at the same time while you're in recovery.

  • FinCa

    I downloaded the update to my Droid Eris on Saturday, and very slow ( even slower than before) it also is buggy as hell. It's lagging all the time. It always crashes with Google Voice and Google Goggles. The nav app is great.

  • fant0meris

    Stock 1.5.

    The only thing I don't notice is the Live wallpaper?

  • Jman

    FYI if your contacts get wiped with the 2.1 update, go to settings>accounts and sync> sync now. It'll reload all of your contacts because they were saved to a gmail account when you got your eris.

  • mjccpa

    I downloaded an update this morning (5/17/10). It deleted ALL of my contacts! I had just added some contacts yesterday & did not back them up anywhere, so those are lost. I am very mad!! Frankly, this problem alone causes me to not recommend this phone or platform to anyone.

    • Tom

      How is that even possible? That is unless you turned off sync with gmail… Which would be your fault, not the phone's. I've done full wipe several times and never once had to worry about my contacts, because once I signed in with my google account, my contacts, and recently, with the new CM builds, my apps as well showed up in minutes. Don't blame a great os/product for something you likely caused.

  • is there a way i can go from rooted 2.1 to the official 2.1?

  • hchipley

    I haven't read all the comments and it may have already been addressed, but I am having issues linking my contacts with their facebook pages since the update….any suggestions?

  • josh

    where exactly is the root of my sd card?

  • josh

    do i need to unzip the file before putting it on my sd card?

  • Kair2016

    When I Power on my Eris while holding volume down, i get to a screen with HBOOT FASTBOOT AND RECOVERY. I press the volume button (either up or down) to go to recovery, and i get a picture of a phone with a red triangle and an exclimation mark. I press the home touch button, and power off button, and nothing happens.

    Any Suggestions? I really would like to install 2.1.


  • Matt

    I have a prereleased version of 2.1 on my Eris but its software version is 2.26…etc. But I noticed that the new realeased one is version 2.36…blah blah. I've followed all the steps that have been layed out but when I get to the triangle, I hit the power and home buttons at the same time, and nothing happens. Is there supposed to be a screen changes or haptic feed back from the home button or what's going on? if someone could post a video or explain what I should be looking of feeling for please reply.

  • Doug

    I did it… deleted all my apps but no problems. Not everything works, so when verizo fixxes that will I get that automatically or do I have to do it manually. Did I void my Contract?

  • Falcon34

    So I had downloaded the file and was just about to put the update.zip file on the sd card of my wife's phone when I noticed a different icon in her notification bar…SHE HAD RECEIVED THE OTA UPDATE FROM VERIZON ALREADY! She said she saw the notification a few days ago and forgot to tell me about it (she never downloads anything without checking with me first).

    Not that doing the update manually is a headache or anything, but knowing the OTA update is officially released means if she has a problem with her phone we can take it in now.

    Hey Kellex, maybe we can put an update on this post or create a new topic saying the ERIS OTA update is released? Just a thought.

    • Droid in Oregon

      My wife's Eris received the OTA update yesterday too. It seems to be running smoother, voice nav works, leap works, but no 3D gallery, or pinch to zoom in maps (installed update)?? Also no live wallpapers or friendstream, but were those supposed to be a part of the update anyway?

  • moos3y

    make sure to rename just “update” only or else it wont download correctly

    other then that, took about 7-10 mins

    do update your apps such as google maps so you get navigation and such

    no deleted apps
    all my contacts were in sync with my gmail so i got them all back within minutes
    and pictures stayed in as well!

    best part u can cancel the vibrate on the “home” “menu” “back” and “search” buttons!!!

    (cant wait for 2.2 = froyo now ><)

  • emaninthenation

    TWEETS TO VZWSupport on Twitter —>url http://twitter.com/eMaNinthenationVZWSupport

    @eMaNinthenation Yes. *AN
    about 6 hours ago via web in reply to eMaNinthenationeMaNinthenation

    @VZWSupport I know that voice-to-text is an enhancement but will the OTA update for the Eris have this enhancement?VZWSupport

    @eMaNinthenation Those are enhanced features that are added. *AN
    about 9 hours ago via webeMaNinthenation

    @VZWSupport Does the new update for the HTC DROID Eris have pinch-to-zoom for Google maps and voice-to-text?

    @eMaNinthenation Yes you still will get the update. *NK
    4:55 PM May 14th via web in reply to eMaNinthenationeMaNinthenation

    @VZWSupport I was also wondering will a leaked Droid Eris get the OTA update?
    4:51 PM May 14th via HTC Peep in reply to VZWSupport

  • tosjduenfs

    Having some trouble. When I got the recovery console I have the option that says apply sdcard:update.zip but at the bottom of the screen it says “E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command” and then when I select the update it tells me:

    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update Package…
    Opening update Package…
    E: Can't open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
    Installation aborted.

    Any suggestions?

  • This just did the same that the leaked 2.1 did to me; sound just stops and needs to be restarted almost every day. Anyone else getting this? I had Verizon send me a new phone with the 1.5 so I could get the official update.

  • fireproof1905

    Updated my sister in laws eris updated without a hitch besides not being fimiliar with the eris contact backup…. Only thing i've noticed is that the youtube playback seems to be fixed.. I saw earlier that someone mentioned the nexus mod that does work with the eris then? So what else was it supposed to fix? is there a way to get the 3d gallery and maybe the 3d app drawer? Curious also what's friend stream? Thanks guys for the update.. it did take awhile to install but there were no issues i tested outgoing and incoming calls all worked flawlessly.. all apps were still in tact sms works…. so far so good… I suggest doing the update….

  • wgg

    Please help… it does this

    + goes to the droid with “!”
    +apply sdcard: update.zip

    then when i select update.zip it does

    –Install from sdcard…
    Finding update packae…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing update…
    Installation aborted.

    I dont know what to do please help me…

    • driverx125

      same thing happened to me

      • surge

        didi you get past that installation aborted problem i cant seem to figure it out

        • wgg

          Unfortunately no. I gave up because I couldn't figure it out. It's odd. I'm really good at most tech issues, but for some reason this one was too difficult. Sorry.

    • serg

      did you get this issue fixed, i am having the same problem

  • I would update my wife's Eris, but she couldn't care less about the update and is content to wait for the OTA.

  • tripple60

    Updated the wife's eris, everything works great except now she can't make calls or receive. Well she can call and all, and it dials normal, but there is no sound and the receiving end hears no sound as well. And having it set on ring, it only vibrates. Any ideas or did I brick.

    • christina

      I'm having the same issue with my eris since i got the 2.1 update and I don't know what to do!

      • tripple60

        The problem ended up fixing itself after a reboot, then it happened once
        more 1 day later, other than that it's working fine. How long ago did you
        do the update?

        • teddy

          I'm having the same problem as well.. reboot is the only fix I see so far.. don't feel like waiting at verizon to get some person that is just going to look at me when like I'm stupid when it doesn't do it when I'm there…

          • elena

            Same thing happened to me. Does anyone have a solution for this??

          • Supreme7981

            Hard reset is NOT the answer, according to a Verizon tech I spoke to the other day Since the update, I was having the dead incoming/outgoing call issue, loss of touch tones/ring/notification sounds on my Droid Eris. The only solution was to power off my phone and turn it back on. Verizon sent me 2 replacement units, both of which experienced the same problems. My solution was to go into a Verizon store and get a new unit with 1.5 on it. Since then, I have had no problems, but now I have to wait until the supposed patch that the techs are working on to come out before I can update to 2.1

    • Same issue here.

  • jesisit

    When i click volume up to go to recovery mode i get the triangle and ! but after that nothing I can't get it to do anything else. Anyone else having that issue or do I just need to wait longer?


  • Chris

    Updated from stock 1.5. Works great! One thing, after the update, I kept getting the android.process.media force close issue. I backed up my sd card, formatted it, and then restored everything (minus the update.zip) to it. Now it works perfectly.

  • flyfishrman

    Just ran the update. Phone locked up after the initial reboot at the home screen. Powered down and restarted. Stuck on “loading….It may take several minutes to complete, please wait.” for about 10 minutes. Finally up and running, didn't lose any apps. The new interface looks good. Thanks for posting the how to!

  • I updated the kids Eris and when it powered back on I went to the market place to update google maps and started getting FC's, but only in marketplace, should I run the update again?

    • I did what chris did and reformatted and reimaged the sd card and all is well.

  • dedeeeeeee

    Well, I kept all my apps. I guess that's a plus.

    On the other hand, all but 3 of my contacts were deleted. Yay!

  • MrGrimxX

    1.5 to 2.1 Worked Perfectly. Didn't time it but I would say about 10-15 min from shutdown to up and running. Apps are all there just had to re-add them to my home screens. Seems a bit quicker.

  • mpm4301

    I got the update through a system update last night. I was so excited I did the install without checking if it would save my data. All my contacts I imported from my old blackberry were deleted. All my downloaded apps were still there. Any idea on how I can restore my contacts without having to go to a verizon store to do the transfer?

    • JRAD

      If you exported them from a blackberry or originally from the Verizon website it should have saved as an type of excel file (.csv) on your computer that you can import to your google account. Im not sure exactly what it would export as from a blackberry but from the verizon website if your go to your contacts, select all, then export as CSV then you should be able to save the file on your comp. Then Go to import under contacts in your google account and open the file. Your phone with automatically sync with your google account. That way if anything gets erased on your phone it will just auto sync with your google account and you wont have to reenter your contacts.

  • BJToile

    done….seems to move faster right off…will elaborate more in a bit

  • Girlfriend hates that it deleted the little droid waving when you power up ….hers had some freezing issues sometimes but seems to work good now….

  • BJToile

    ok…just got the nerve to do this…downloaded file, renamed it, dropped it on the sd card (nowhere in particular, just with everything else) turned off phone, did the whole “get into the setup” deal & when i chose to update from sd, it said the file was not there?????? I am now thoroughly confused. Anyone want to offer me some help? Thanks in advance.

    • BJToile

      nevermind…looks like it was the whole “update.zip.zip” thing. for those that have a stupid moment like me, just name the file “update”, your computer will take care of the classification.

      …deleting files as I type

  • ajavgeek

    My wife has Eris and I put a non-root leak 2.1 version on it. Can she upgrade to this official 2.1 version?

    Has anyone tried going from leak 2.1(non-rooted) to Official 2.1?

    Would like to know the success story, Thanks

  • xFenixKnightx

    Updating the wifes Eris right now…

    • BJToile


      • xFenixKnightx

        It works, easy as pie too. The wife is happy, which is all that really matters. Im not. No Google Earth, no Flan 3D Gallery, no live wallpapers or friendstream? No news and weather widget? Anybody know where I can get the Flan Gallery for the Eris? Its one of the things she wanted. The phone is running really well and she likes that the icons and market were updated as well.

        Kellex, it would be great if you supported this phone too. Thanks!

  • junkyarddan

    kellex, i have an extra eris so drop me an email and we'll talk.

  • Just updated my wife's Eris … Thank you again Droid-Life.com … awsome as usual … voice navigation works great, no pinch zoom in google maps (even with update) … still exploring … will post more good/bad later

  • Kevin

    One word for applying the update. Patience. It was deleting files for a longggg time. Then, once it finally restarted, the Verizon logo was up for a longggg time. Works perfect though and totally worth it. Eris seems to run much faster now and is more responsive.

  • mattd

    mine says E: Can't open /cache/recovery/command
    system aborted

    i cant find the root of my sd card and i think that is why can i get some help

    • Just copy the file and then paste it to the sdcard … it will be in root of sd card

    • The root of you sd card just means you put it right on the sd card not in any folders. Also make sure it is update.zip or else it won't find it. Hope this helps!

    • wgg

      Mine says the same thing in yellow letters at the bottom. I dont know what it means or how to fix it though.

  • Cowtipper

    it says there is no signature and that it can't be validated and then it says that the install is aborted. any ideas?

    • did you click continue? or abort? continue should have installed it even if it was not verified, or you may have to allow from your settings

  • mbrookh

    Awesome!!! I've been chomping at the bit for this update! It worked perfectly, and I don't usually mess around with my phone like that. Your instructions were practically fool proof! Thanks a lot DroidLife!

  • Rob

    Anyone having issues with voice to text in messaging? I am. help

    • Falcon34

      My wife updated her phone and it does not support voice to text at all. It was the OTA update.

  • teejaytm

    O and I literally JUST gave an eris I had laying around to a family member a week or so ago. I wish I would have known sooner or I would have sent it right over

    • kellex

      No worries. 😛

  • teejaytm

    Just did it on my fiancee's eris and it worked perfectly AND did not delete apps

  • chad

    I did this earlier today and it worked! I can confirm some things. It does NOT wipe your apps. It does give you software version 2.36.605.1. It is a tad faster/smoother. It is a simple process really. I will say that as of now google nav. is not using a pinch zoom…not sure why. It take some setting up, but no more than when you purchased the phone – minus the application downloading.

  • Avery42

    update worked fine but were is friend stream?

    • kellex

      Uh oh Friend Stream gone?

      • Avery42

        Don't see friend stream anywhere looks like everything else is good but no friend stream weird

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

        —– Reply message —–

      • Avery42

        If you find anything out bout friend please let me know..thanks

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

        —– Reply message —–

  • Keep getting the message “can't verify file signature (paraphrase).” Help?

  • james

    wont work for me

  • james

    i have tried update update zip and nothing works for me just says cant read even before i try to install

  • Yagermeister

    Flashed my wife's stock 1.5 successfully but no Pinch to Zoom in Maps (and I did go to the Market and download the update.No additional voice to text functionality either.

    • Falcon34

      I replied to somebody else as well, but my wife's eris did not receive voice to text either.

  • Chad

    Consider me a newby to some of this…is there any downside to doing this myself vs waiting for OTA…I really want the update…any reason to think there will be differences or anything I could mess up?

  • Does this update include all the improvements mentioned in the press release?

  • aarynk

    Just finished my sister's phone… update went through no issues here. just waiting on power up sits on VZW logo for awhile first boot up

    • Falcon34

      How did you get nexus mod LW to work? The app doesn't even show up as an option for my wife's eris.

      • aarynk

        It showed up on my sister's Eris but FC right away deleted almost instantly… A lot of 2.1 stuff seems to be FC like crazy and NO Google Earth shows up so far

  • Jon

    It Wont Let Me Press HOME

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    just did my fiancé's phone, so good so far, even though it took a while to load with all the splash screens. i will let you know if any different.

  • driverx125

    It says installation aborted.

  • Don D.

    What are you supposed to do if it says: can't open/ sdcard/update.zip… then it says (no such file or directory) installation aborted… Any help for this?

    • kellex

      That means you changed the name to update.zip.zip. Try just naming to to update.

  • cory

    didnt delete my apps

    • kellex

      Thats good news. Thanks for letting me know!

    • jarrod

      It wanted me to delete apps but idk what it was doing, my phone had some issues and tried to apply the updates 2 time and then i finally got it installed on the phone and then every thing worked except it took it 10 mins to load and then it had to contact the google server to get all my numbers back and 1 or 2 other things but other then that i am really happy with the update and i really love the new market layout its much easier to maneuver and i found apps i wold have nvr found on the old one. Also I think it has flash in it so thats a plus besides being able to get the fullest experience of app and other things now

      • aarynk

        I was noticing the Flash as well… I think it's just Flash lite though

  • cory

    works fine. its the real deal

  • rdunseith

    Got my daughter the Eris when I got my Droid. Eris is a great phone for the non rooter. Even though she's been running 2.1 since the first leak was posted. Never rooted her phone, checking now to update to the new release from the old one she's been running. And messing with the Eris is a pain in the ass compared to the Droid. You have to do complete wipes. HTC has is pretty much locked down. The phone sucked with 1.6, but 2.1 made it faster. If I decide to keep my blackberry as my second phone, I'll be more than happy to send the Eris your way.

  • mayajw

    Just installed this on my fiance's eris. Worked fine. Couple things I noticed:

    Takes a very a long time deleting files…be patient!
    Spends a few minutes on the Verizon splash.

    Excited to try this out. Thanks again Droid Life.

  • Mike S

    Why would running the update wipe the phone if the OTA doesn't? The link to the instructions from Verizon (http://support.vzw.com/pdf/system_update/eris_i…) do not speak to the phone being “wiped” and I would hope Big Red would give users a heads up

    • kellex

      HTC claimed it would wipe it.

  • fant0meris

    trying it now. will let you know when I'm done.

    • rdunseith

      Are you coming from stock 1.5 or leaked 2.1?

      • fant0meris

        Stock 1.5.

        The only thing I don't notice is the Live wallpaper?

  • Is this Verizon's official 2.1, just like I got 2.1 for my droid as it was posted in this blog?

    • kellex

      This is official.