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ADW Launcher Includes SenseUI Homescreens

The newest launcher to sneak into the Android world packs too many options for me to even attempt to list out.  The ADW Launcher sort of found its way into a few forums over the last few days even though it appears to have been in several beta stages on the G1 without the mainstream world knowing.  My first impressions are, “Whoa!  It does that?  And that?  Wait…and that too?”  This is the most personalize-able (that a word?) launcher I’ve ever seen.  A mix of Helix, SenseUI,  Samsung Galaxy and so much more makes this thing easily worth an hour of your time.

Any bad news?  Yes.  At this time it’s only for rooted users.  While I know nothing of developing, this appears to need a couple of tweaks and it could be available for everyone.  Maybe once it steps out of beta?


  • Side-to-side scrolling in app drawer.
  • Adjust number of columns/rows in app drawer.
  • Persistent apps + hidden app bar.
  • Hide notification bar.
  • Press “home” key and see SenseUI styled screen preview.
  • Up to 7 home screens.
  • Way too many to list.

*Note 1* – The following instructions are performed using ClockworkdMod Recovery.

Instructions for installation…

1.  Download this file to the root of your SD card:  Version 0.7Beta7 (alt link)
2.  Reboot into recovery. (Power + X)
3.  Select “install zip from sdcard.”
4.  Select “choose zip from sdcard.”
5.  Scroll down and select “ADW.Launcher.0.7….zip.”
6.  After it finishes installing, hit the power button to return one menu.
7.  Reboot your phone.
8.  Choose the “Home” launcher when prompted.
9.  Done!

Comments or questions?

*Note 2* – Make sure to donate to the developer if you can.  Ander Webbs is his name as far as I can tell, and you can find his dedicated launcher page here.


Cheers Tim!

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  • chekorama

    you not need your cell now you can find it on de market totally free … awesome!!!!

  • chekorama

    you not need your cell now you can find it on de market totally free … awesome!!!!

  • Ernest

    wow..so i tried this out and now my phone won't work..yay..my phone won't boot back up..looks like i made a mistake..

  • cley

    I have samsung moment 2.1 recovery 2.1.3 root v7 then updated to recovery 3.0.8 root v7 i was wondering if itll work

  • cley

    Hi i have a samsung moment with 2.1 recovery 2.1.3 root v7 updated to 3.0.8 recover with root v7 and was wondering if itll work

  • Mike

    any ideas on how to get my wallpapers back

  • Alan

    Looks awesome! But a standard installation version would be nice. Does the system update installation method provide any benefit?

  • Robert

    don't works on 2.1 milestone

  • Dito_Muertez

    Just installed and only getting fc's with acore. I am running stock rooted 2.1, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

    • ryan

      exactly same problem I was having. haven't been able to figure out a fix. redownloaded file and reinstalled twice. same issue.

  • ryan

    wont work on my droid. once I reboot it just continually force closes and I cant even get to a home screen. had to reboot into recovery and do a restore to get back to old home screen.
    sucks cuz this really looks cool.

  • Mister Wizard

    I haven't been happier with a home replacement than have been with this one. Its fast, responsive, and goes above and beyond my previous replacement, the Helix 2. My phone is feeling snappier, and is running smoother than ever before. Thank you Kellex for the recommendation! Its things like these that make me happy that I rooted.

    • aarynk

      Same here I went from Helix 2 to this one and LOVE it… Phone a lot faster than when on Helix 2 plus takes up less memory on phone now that I deleted Helix

  • Rucifer

    I have this installed along with bugless beast I have been switching between ADW and Helix with each of these I am experiencing random force closes sometimes its vis voicemail or launcher or anything really. Does anyone have any ideas Im debating switching back to cynogan but not sure if anyone has experienced anything like this? I have gone from rooted to cynogan to bugless beast questioning if I should wipe the phone clean and start from scratch. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    • aarynk

      I removed all my widgets from my Helix 2 before I switched to ADW… usually a good practice when switching launchers since some widgets might be causing your FC

  • aarynk

    Just downloaded and I LOVE it so far… way faster than Helix2

    Only thing I need help with is does this one do the 3d app drawer? can't find setting for it yet

  • BrandyC

    Wow this seems like an awesome launcher. Im brand spankin new to all this customizing stuff. But im glad that i bought my droid and i can make of it what ever i desire. So once again awesome stuff here.

  • Hey Guys,

    I had issues with this on my phone. I'm running CM overclocked @ 1GHz. It was extremely laggy for me. Once I brought up the app menu, it would remain on that screen for a while. I killed a bunch of apps running the background, and the lag was still there. To my dismay, I wasn't able to bring back Helix Launcher. I tried going to the Market to download it again, but my phone said I still had a Helix Launcher installed. I didn't wanna lose my settings on HL, so I didn't download it again.

    Thank god for backups. I had to restore a backup on my phone to get it back to normal.. Also, when the phone was really laggy, the processor got pretty hot. I wasn't able to check how hot, but I was getting concerned. The battery itself wasn't too hot.

    To anyone new installing this, make a backup first!!

  • djenks24

    OK, giving it a try, but it seems like each time I try a home replacement I end up going back to Panda Home. Now I have Panda Home2 installed and really like it. (I love the 6 side docks). Only wish it had fully functional live wallpapers.

  • jizzoizzm

    now this is beautiful enough to make me feel like im missing something for staying with stock 2.1

  • dpu328

    I'm having a little trouble deciding between this and the black Helix

  • dpu328

    I thought I saw a reference to something about the orientation. does this mean I don't need screebl?

  • sarreq

    one note: this will not work if you do not have the stock “Home”
    it would be very nice if this had an APK installer

  • Tracker

    i dont see this option install zip from sdcard in my sp recover screen..

  • ugadroid

    How do I get my stock Home launcher back?

  • Rodeojones000

    I've been messing around with this for the past two days (heard about it on androidforums.com yesterday morning). Initially I was put-off by the two mini-icons that are on the bottom. But the more I play around with it the more I'm enjoying it. It just took a little getting used to. I've already uninstalled Helix 2 and plan to use this as my default for a while (at least until I get bored with it or something new comes along). It's amazingly fast while running with NexBeast and a P3Droid 1.2Ghz kernel.

  • mkedroid

    the sense part is that when you long press the screen, it shows all of your other screens. Then you can touch one to select it. Thats about it.

  • dfitz52

    I like the side scrolling app drawer…that's about it compared to helix

  • jdixon74

    didn't see my post but Kellex how are your icons on the shortcut bar here in color? Mine turned grey when i put them on it.

    • xsoldier2000

      Swooping in for the help again….only because this bugged me also….under the UI settings, uncheck the Tint AB (Action Buttons)

    • musicandnumbers

      ADW Settings–>UI Settings–>Uncheck the box next to Tint AB

  • dipsetdroid
    • andrew401

      ROM Manager will let you go back to stock unrooted if you want ( dont know why you would but to each their own i guess )

      • wont lie. when 2.2 comes out, i will probably unroot.

        totally unrelated ?, does anyone know if you can disable Motoblur on devices? Im liking everything I'm hearing about this June release Motorola phone, EXCEPT Motoblur.


  • Angel

    Looks good, I love the fact that it uses about 25 less MB than HelixLauncher2. People please play with the options menu before complaining about missing features. This launcher has it all!! =) I love being rooted!!

    • Angel

      As much as i like it…I'm probably gonna go back to helixlauncher just because of the speed from switching between home screens. Helix is still faster at that!!

  • C Wade

    I cant find the zip file at all when i reboot into recovery and go to choose zip.

    • Rechbo

      Mine was put in xscope/download. I had to move it to the root of my sdcard.

    • musicandnumbers

      Arrow key all the way down if you have a lot of apps 🙂

  • woodstck14

    hmm… when i tried to reboot i came to a screen w/a triangle and exclamation point and a pic of the phone….what happens then?

    • You are either not rooted or you do not have recovery image. The easiest way to get a recovery image is to download rom manager and then flash the clockworld recovery image.

      • woodstck14

        ok thank you

  • radioactive2008

    Any one got this one working on rooted Stock 2.1 ?

    • jhietter

      Same here. I'm running rooted stock 2.1 and although the install seemed to go just fine, it's not there after the reboot. Perhaps this is only for Deodexed ROMs…

      • Rechbo

        I had the same problem…I installed twice with no luck…after some searching I had to go into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. Tap Menu -> Filter -> All; then found Helix 2 and touched clear defaults. Then I was able to choose my home screen again.

        • jhietter

          Are you running 2.1 stock rooted? If you had to unfilter to see helix2, then I'm guessing your on Ultimate Droid or the like. I'm able to switch homes after the install, but AWD isn't there and neither is my stock home (which was there before the install).

          • Rechbo

            I'm running JRummy's stock theme. I made Helix 2 my default, so after I installed this launcher it wouldn't replace Helix 2. After I went through the above steps, AWD was there.

          • radioactive2008

            I am running Stock Rooted 2.1. Once I install , Phone is not coming back. I have to recover from backup.

          • pissed


  • Mrpicolas

    ive been running it for 3 days now not one force close realty like the launcher

  • bsteen

    I'm running the neat white-on-white Droid Life live wallpaper posted here recently. Am I going to lose that if I install this, and if so, will I be able to get it back by going through its original installation steps?

  • lugzey

    It works great, but I lost access to SetCPU, more accurately to my profiles. It's like I'm not rooted, but I am. I'm on the BB v1.0. Please assist if you can….thanks.

  • lvdroidfan

    Running Over BB 1.0 – works great. Really impressive launcher. Much faster then Helix 2.

  • z32589

    Really works great. Just wish it didn't overwrite the existing wallpapers. Does anybody have links to the “stock” wallpapers included in Bugless Beast 1.0? If so, I'd love to just download the images. Thanks.

  • pyroholtz

    So I just installed and I'm liking ADW more than Helix2 but I do miss the 4 persistent icons at the bottom, two is good but 4 would be better than the N1 dots, I think there is plenty of room since the icons are sized down.

    I am having force closes with the Galaxy style app drawer on rotate from portrait to landscape while in the drawer so, I instead disabled Galaxy.

    It does seem much faster than HelixLauncher2 and so far, I'm impressed. Memory usage is less than Helix2 as well, I'm now normally hovering around 100MB free after a background kill on all tasks with TaskPanel.

    • Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. Tap Menu -> Filter -> All. Then find the name of the app your using and touch clear defaults. You'll then be given the option to choose your home screen again.

    • Zander_206

      You have the ability to have up to six persistent icons at the bottom if you'd like… all you have to do is long press (or just hold for a sec) your “tray launcher”,which is the middle button that launches your apps and simply flick up …… and there you go up to six icons !!!! Then if you change your mind or need your tray launcher just hold the tiny arrow pointing down, above your persistent apps, and flick down boom back to two persistent apps and your tray launcher … i love ADW it is my favorite launcher by far THANKS once again KELLEX!!!

      • sundawg

        this was a useful tip, thanks for sharing

  • Ray

    Tried it but didn't like it

  • Hep

    Work great on Cyanogen w/ JRummy Green V07. SO FAR, no issues. I just wish I could figure how to add more icons to the dock bar, like Kellex is showing 6 in one of his pics.

    • pyroholtz

      Good tip, I was wondering the same thing.