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Cellular South Confirms Motorola Milestone

It started as speculation last week, but Cellular South confirmed today via Facebook that they would be including the Motorola Milestone in their lineup of Android phones.  Not exactly seeing the confirmation in that message?  Grab the first letter from each sentence and you’ll get it.

Why the Milestone?  Because Verizon and Lucas Arts have control over the “Droid” name and as you’ve probably noticed, this device is known as the Motorola Milestone everywhere else in the world.

Source:  Facebook

  • Justincase Milestone

    @Droid life

    i guess your wrong man, because there ARE specific differences between the Motorola DROID and Motorola Milestone (as you say it's the same phone, just an other name)

    As you guys all experiencing the DROID is free to customize how ever you like, with custom ROMS and other stuff. My phone (Motorola Milestone) is totally locked down, the bootloader is signed by Motorola and we are not able to load any custom rom what so ever. The only thing is possible (and so did i) is to root it so you can control CPU etc. But no custom roms 🙁

    We have an petition going on to free our bootloader, you can visit it here http://www.petitiononline.com/freeblms/petition

    Is it possible that you can support us ( i know and see how many Android lovers visit this wonderfull page (i am one of them for a couple of months now )

    Can you publish an article for us with a link to this position please, the more people sign the more we attention we get 😀

    Well i hope you can help us =)

    The Motorola Milestone owners community who want an open bootloader..

    • kellex

      Well obviously it's not the same exact phone, but you know what I meant. 🙂

      • Justincase Milestone

        Haha yes you're right for a big part, because most people don't know 🙂

        But as i refer to the petition, could you help us please? 😀

  • Celluar South? Never heard of that carrier. US?

    • terry

      yea I called them the other day and they confirmed to me they were getting the droid. They are in the south of the USA.

  • RealGame22

    No matter what….people still going to call it 'Droid'.lol. Like how regular people prefer Android as Droid.

  • dpu328

    Okay so I just got my Droid a few months ago. My Wife just got the Incredible. We use Verizon. If I wanted the next best thing, should I hold out for a 4G phone? Is it a few years down the line so meanwhile i should look forward to this phone your talking about now? I can't handle all the decisions. AHHH. Please help


    • If you already have a Droid, then there really is no “next best thing”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
      OR; Yes you can wait for a 4G phone 😛

      • kulz

        thats IF it comes to vzw ;p

  • Well stop the press!!! 😛

  • Well stop the press!!! 😛