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Official: Droid Eris 2.1 Update Coming Tomorrow 5/11

The update for the Droid Eris was rumored to be coming “soon” and it looks like “soon” meant May 11th.  Initially, we weren’t sure if it would be coming with 2.1 as the Verizon site failed to mention anything about the OS on their official page.  Luckily they include that info when informing their employees.

More info coming…

  • MsABQ323

    Receiving the update now in New Mexico. Worried about what might not work once it's done. Also says your contact addresses have to be resync'd and I have no idea what that means? Any help with that, please?

  • MsABQ323

    Receiving the update now in New Mexico. Worried about what might not work once it's done. Also says your contact addresses have to be resync'd and I have no idea what that means? Any help with that, please?

  • folks99

    Update is in progress. Sacramento, CA

    • folks99

      Update hasn't arrived on my wife's Eris yet.

  • caryni2q

    I'm downloading the official update as I type this

  • not here yet, western Pennsylvania

  • pdxhitchcocks

    I have a Moto Droid, but my wife has the HTC Droid Eris. Her update just came through, it is rebooting. Can't wait to see what happens 🙂

    We live in the Portland, OR metro area (south of Milwaukie, OR – 97222)

    • pdxhitchcocks

      Wow, that took a loooong time to come back up. Got several splash screens — Android, HTC, and then Verizon – that last one was on for about 3 minutes, I was afraid it was bricking. Finally came up with her wallpaper (photo of the cat) and now says 'Loading… It may take several minutes to complete, please wait”.

      Firmware Version: 2.1
      Baseband Version:
      Kernel Version: 2.6.29-8a03cb9a [email protected] #1
      Build Number: 2.36.605.1 CL165907 release-keys
      Software Number: 2.36.605.1
      Browser: WebKit 3.1
      PRI Version: 2.11_002
      PRL Version: 51731
      ERI Version: 5


      • JPS

        Did the update wipe the phone data? Apps, texts or anything else? My wife is still waiting for the update on hers. I hope it speeds up loading and deleting of long text message threads. That is my wifes biggest complaint about the phone.

  • On another website they have a list of newly supported items for the eris. One being: camera- flash support? Seems kinda hard to support when there is no flash on the phone?!?!

  • Aggie Man

    So will the Eris update have the news & weather widget like the Droid 2.1?
    Also..is btunes a 2.1 app? Can't get it on the Eris.

  • kellex if you see the update can you post it on here i have to droid eris's i have to put it on and i would love to get it from a good source

  • Valiko

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    4) Для духовных учителей спецпредложение – астральное прокси и чакра-паблишинг на базе Micrsoft Sacral Security and Acceleration Server 2004.
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    6) Чистка реестра кармы вручную.
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  • my leds dont work with the BB v1.0 with the black helix launcher and white droid life lwp could someone please just point me in the right direction. i have led hack and that didnt help…pls help me out …. also does anyone know how to get the black bg and white arrow lwp i have nexmod 2 and i cant figure out the white where do you click for white

  • chops5648

    lol wheres my post i posted before it said it had to go through a admin?

  • wolverinefan

    Hey any news for the new Android 2.2 if our droid phones are getting it, and if will be able to use the SD card for APP storing???

  • Thegoldendroid

    Ok its me again Droidsters and I need your help.. I rooted last week and Im have just a couple problems… Sorry to take over the Eris update thread but I thought if I did it here someone would help me faster..
    1. Alot of my friends are saying they called or text and Im not gettin them. (it says system down when they try)
    2.when Im on a call with prompts and try to press a number ( like press #1 for english) it wont recognize it…
    3. when I try and update (*228) the dial pad doesnt come up.
    4. Phone lags in between screens.

    If some could please help I would appreciate it…cause at this point Im just ready to go back to stock

    • aarynk

      Did you do the baseband update as well? check yours in settings where you would find the software version. If your baseband ends in anything other than 03 do the update in ROM manager… What ROM are you running?

      • Thegoldendroid

        The baseband is c_01.3E.03p Im running jrummy's remix v0.7 cyanmod

        • Lee

          I would do a re-install of the rom and wipe data and cache. I assume you wiped data and cache when you first loaded it right? I've had various issues with every rom before and in every case doing a fresh re-install took care of it. I have used jrummy's remix .7 and it was flawless so you should be good after a fresh install. (don't forget to wipe data and cache since you are having problems)

          Good luck!

  • There should be a poll to see how many guys got their wives/girlfriends the eris just to justify their moto droid purchase. Lol

    • cylentz

      haha thats good. My wife actually did get the Eris about a month and a half ago, I tried telling her to get the Droid, though like women, they do there own thing

    • *sigh* I had to get my mom one. Now I pay for both data plans and all she does is the same stuff she does on her old phone (play solitaire). In addition to complaining about not knowing how to use it all the time. It's annoying but in the end it's worth it to own a friggen droid.

    • got my wife one … but honey, yours is free if I get the Droid, no shame here … LOL

      • pdxhitchcocks

        Same here! Exactly the same! LOL…

        BTW, the update just came through on her Eris…

        • not here yet, western Pennsylvania

          • Di Dee

            Not in Upstate NY yet

          • Di Dee

            Not in upstate NY yet

    • Jason

      Guilty as charged. She loves it though.

  • dpu328

    uh…….who cares about the Eris? LOL

  • Impressive Kellex you beat out Engadget to reporting this. Major props!

    • kellex

      Nice. 🙂

  • The admin is gay for deleting my comment stupid noob

  • aarynk

    My sister will be happy… she has been jealous of my Droid for a long time now and this will kind of give her some of the same stuff

  • andrew401

    lol yeah lets face it tho the Eris is very outdated. It's a good little phone but is just way too slow. I guess it's a good phone tho for people who don't mind the lag. Because, other then that it's great. I just could not take it and had to switch to the Droid. Even my Droid overclocked to 1.1 GHZ is not fast enough for me haha

    • Avery42

      hmmm good point who cares bout moto droid ? lets face it the incredible is out and faster than moto droid. fyi my eris has no lag

  • Ziv

    Any idea why the Eris doesn't support Google's speaking nav app? I was hoping that this update would..
    Do I need to root my parents' Eris phones, so that they would get that functionality?

    • brandonmee

      Yeah because voice navigation wasn't part of android til 2.0.1 so this should fix that. If it is true full android 2.1 they will have the voice navigation.

      • Ziv

        Awesome. Thank you for the reply 🙂 We'll know in a few hours 🙂

  • HopefulEris

    Is this the same (or close) build as the 2.1 Root version floating around?

  • Bullshit! I dont think they should be upgraded to 2.1! Maybe 2.0

  • debrihmi

    If there's one thing that I've learned about Verizon's updates (rooted my Moto Droid) it's that you don't believe the update is coming until it's done installing on your device. I think I'll hold off on telling the wife she's got an update coming until it ACTUALLY shows up..

    • I told my wife to make sure she's all backed up, just in case. It might happen, I just saw a flying pig!

      • Tru1151

        No update…

  • Mrpicolas

    Wow only 2 weeks before the froyo debut

    • wolverinefan

      So that means what we getting the 2.2 with the flash, and the SD app storage or those are just rumors

      • Mrpicolas

        Suppose to be debuted at mobile conference later this month and public beta
        in June if it goes thru vzw could be longer not sure about the Eris though
        far as I heard nexus1 and Droid Google's been handing these out to
        developers like crazy for the upcoming confrence

        • wolverinefan

          Thanks man, they are just to confusing one day is coming one day it isnt they need to make their minds