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Dolphin Browser HD Released

Secretly, I’ve been playing with the Dolphin Browser HD for a couple of weeks now  (I know, shame on me for not sharing) and I’ll just say that it is definitely a browser worth your time.  The tabbed browsing of previous Dolphin browsers has always been fantastic, but the new HD version adds some extra UI flair.  A side-to-side swipe lets you quickly view tabs, you can toss in “add-ons”, download Youtube videos, multi-touch that actually works and so much more.

If the stock browser is starting to become a bore, then I would highly suggest you check this new Dolphin HD out for a couple of days.  While previous versions of Dolphin were not always high on my list of browsers, this one definitely cracks the top 3.

Oh, it’s only for 2.0+ devices.

And here is a tutorial from Dolphin…



Download Link

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • jamsil

    Loving this on my Bionic? sshhhh!

  • jayarmstrong

    last I checked, dolphin's privacy policy was quite intrusive, though it worked quite well. I'm still perfectly happy with xscope. Though once somebody offers bookmark syncing (fennec) or lastpass integration, all bets are off.

  • Alex

    Its very nice..

    the pinch to zoom is better then in skyfire.
    and the interfase is friendly.

    but is still prefer skyfire because of speed and flash support..

  • dpu328


  • Chris Nimon

    I saw this a couple nights ago and thought it was just the paid dolphin version. Its a bit slow but i really like the widget. 1 touch and im at a favorite site.

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Ok not exactly off topic (too much) but what would one suggest for a non-rooted user to maximize loading, searching, browsing and overall speed until I'm able to go beyond stock…? Any specific settings or browsers or other apps, etc I should look into…? Thanks in advance fellow D-Lifers 😀

    • X-scope is a good browser for speed IMO.

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Thank u sir, will definitely check it out… any settings suggestions out there…?

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      Lol, guess not… was it because I said the “N” word (non-rooted)…? 😉

  • Amber

    what is your take on Opera and Skyfire browsers? I like them both better than the original Dolphin browser (they're much faster), but I'll give Dolphin HD a chance again!

  • rdunseith

    I think the idea that they have is great Dolphin browser is great. But the implementation and gestures are a little to much. It's a small screen. We need access to all the tabs, favorites, forward, back, and other functions with maybe a bar that slides in. But other then my personal nitpicks. Oh, and video player like Skyfire is great. I don't want to have to download a video to watch it. But all in all a nice job.

  • RealGame22

    Only thing need fixing on this browser is the Pinch and Zoom. Other than that….It's Perfect!!!

  • supermandru

    Superior to stock browser. Superior to the original Dolphin. Superior to xScope. Superior to…well you get the point. This browser has it all, and is now my default. Good stuff for sure.

  • mintygum

    sometimes will not play youtube video and says it needs adobe flash

  • syntakk

    I used it for a while but I'm back to the stock browser now. I absolutely loved the tabbed browsing, but the browser itself seemed to be a bit slow. The part that really annoyed me though was the adds popping up every time I opened the bookmarks. Why should I have to pay to use a browser, wth?

  • pdash

    not feeling it, too slow. definitely sticking to xscope

  • Angel

    The multitouch is very smooth, the smoothest Ive seen on any bowser. The UI is very fancy and nice to look at. One thing that kills it for me is the speed. The menus are kinda laggy and the pages dont load as fast as they do on Xscope. I'm sticking with Xscope for now, but this version of Dolphin is much better than the ones Ive used in the past.

  • LTD10

    Better than xscope?

    • Needless to say, this has a lot more better things to look at that plain ol' xscope 😛

  • Again this is off topic but i was wondering how to do confrence calls on the droid????

    • Ray

      you can't miss the big add call button when your on a call.if it was a snake it would have bit you in your ear! Just joking

  • jonathan

    i like the idea of it, but its a little slow (not loading, just doing menus and such). rendering sites, i see no increase from stock. the gesture idea is cool, but all it showed me is that it makes things take longer. hitting the back arrow on the droid is faster than drawing a symbol and waiting. hitting menu-bookmarks is faster than drawing, waiting for it to see what i meant, and then bringing me to bookmarks. the gestures are also pretty strict and unforgiving, the same letter can be unrecognized for the slightest differences.

    i'm still sticking with stock. other than opera for speed, no other browser has really justified its existence, its all overhype, and just different, not better.

  • jiggaman508
  • azurikai

    switched to this a few weeks ago when i found the APK 🙂 definitely a great upgrade from any other browser you can find in the market.

  • Winterfresh

    It's pretty nice, idk if its just me but it feels a little slower than the stock browser, but that's after like 10 mins of use. ill keep using it to see if I like it, at least until fennec comes out =P

    I do really like the tabs though

  • PsychoticPenguin

    Very nice interface, I'm still sticking with XScope.

  • Its an improvement but still liking the stock browser more. Already found issues with the plugins. Find it weird that I have to go to bookmarks to access the plugins. Should be a separate button under menu.

  • whowland

    Loving this!! Very nice…

  • I checked it out, and it was pretty nice, not my personal favorite, but it's tab system is one of the better implementations I've seen.

    Still a huge XScope guy, love the single finger multi-touch and the clean/no frills interface that was recently updated.

  • Ok i tried the back up and it is still giving me boot loops. Any Suggestioms???

    • Ray

      Have you never backed up your rom? If you haven't then there is nothing to restore

  • They had to step it up cause of skyfire!

  • Ray

    Am I missing something? Not sure how its hd but the interface is much easy to navigate through that's for sure.

  • aarynk

    Still liking the Skyfire beta more right now… good work from Dolphin though. Going to be interesting to see who has the best browser soon: Skyfire, Fennec, or Dolphin.

  • s8anicslayer

    I have it on My Incredible and love it!

  • I know this is off topic but i was wondering if some one could help me or point me iin the diretion of help. My phone is stuck in a reboot loop. I am on bugless beast 1.0

    • Ray

      What you want to do is boot you phone kin recovery you do this by powering you phone on while holding the x. Then do a nandroid restore of your last restore that worked correctly. That should get you back to your last restore

  • mortiz1978

    Omg and its free! OMG

  • I was browsing the market and found it last night. I must say…..I LIKE IT! 🙂 Looks sweet. And good functionality.

  • NewDroidOrder

    Funny thing is I saw this thing a few weeks ago also in a screen shot and thought nothing of it. Last night while cruising the cyanogenmod forums, I came across it. Still need to test it out. So far I like it, however I am so used to Xscope that I'm not sure if ill ever make the switch.

  • NewDroidOrder

    Funny thing is I saw this thing a few weeks ago also in a screen shot and thought nothing of it. Last night while cruising the cyanogenmod forums, I came across it. Still need to test it out. So far I like it, however I am so used to Xscope that I'm not sure if ill ever make the switch.

    • Rose4uKY

      I am getting the HTC EVO come June. I have a Touch Pro 2 now and am used to Opera and have used Opera mini before. This browser seems cool but if the one that comes with my phone works well then I will use it. Some say this one loads a little slow and they like X scope better? I am guessing that is another one you can download too or is that one that came on your phone? Mine will come with an HTC browser with pinch to zoo, I read. But this one sounds pretty cool too. Android will be new to me so I was just wondering if I even need another browser besides the one on my phone. But I guess it's personal preference.