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Release: Droid Life White Live Wallpaper

For about a month now, I’ve been asking people to make a black HelixLauncher 1 to go over the top of of a white Neural Network live wallpaper and no one seemed interested in the task.  So instead of waiting any longer, it was time to just dig right in and make it happen.  And here we go!  The first ever Droid Life White Live Wallpaper is ready for your use! Unfortunately though, this is only for rooted users at this time.  (The goal is to work with someone with some real app knowledge and get this bad boy released to everyone…maybe next week.)

Now hang with me on these instructions as they look quite lengthy, but really aren’t that bad.

Live Wallpaper Installation…

*Note 1* – This process is performed using Root Explorer.  Download it from the market.

*Note 2* – This process will replace the LiveWallpapers.apk in your /system/app/ folder.  It is a good idea to move the stock one to another folder for safe keeping.

1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions for rooting here.)
2.  Download this file to your SD card:  LiveWallpapers.apk
3.  Open Root Explorer and find the LiveWallpapers.apk you just downloaded.
4.  Long press on the file and select “move.”
5.  Navigate to /system/app/ and press the Mount R/W button at the top.
6.  Then press “paste” in the bottom left corner.
7.  If it asks you to overwrite a previous LiveWallpapers.apk, allow it to.
8.  Long press on your pasted LiveWallpapers.apk and select “Permissions.”
9.  Next to User, check the boxes for “Read” and “Write” and then “OK.”
10.  Hit the Mount R/O button at the top and back out of Root Explorer.
11.  Reboot your phone.
12.  Open up your live wallpaper settings and select the “Nexus” live wallpaper.
13.  Done!

HelixLauncher1 Black Installation…

*Note 1* – Before doing this, you need to copy your HelixLauncher apk to the /system/app/ folder.  You can find it using Root Explorer in /data/app/.

1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions for rooting here.)
2.  Download and install MetaMorph from the market.
3.  Download this file to your SD card:  HelixModBlack.zip
4.  Move the file into your “AndroidThemes” folder.
5.  Open MetaMorph.
6.  Click “Unzip/Extract new theme” and choose the HeilxModBlack.zip file.
7.  Select the “HeilxModBlack.xml” file.
8.  Choose the subtheme for whichever HelixLauncher you are using.
9.  Select “Apply it!”, reboot and you are done!

And like I said previously, the goal is to make this an installable apk for everyone to use.  Hang in there non-roots!

Side note:  Any bets on how long it takes before someone chimes in with a “white will kill your battery faster!” comment?

Credit: Themed HelixLauncher made by TekHawk

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  • alex

    I did this and got the same live wallpapers as before

  • I am also a XX fan who really like this! I also like XX, and purchase lots of it every time,
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    like-minded friends can have a look ,we can communicate by the way~~

  • alex

    I did this and got the same live wallpapers as before

  • Barlog

    PLEASE PLEASE Release this for us unrooted users 😉

  • Keith

    Why such a complicated procedure to install a live wallpaper? Other live wallpapers don't require root or all this mumbo jumbo..just install and go…

  • Amen 😛

  • trumpet444

    Oh yeah! Nice lwp too!

  • trumpet444

    I see you're using Mint.com as well. HUGE problem with it being a few days late, even with forced update. A lot of potential though, so i'll be hanging onto it

  • mortiz1978

    Like it but not into the pink 🙁 I know that's the Droid life colors! 🙂

  • jt

    didnt get the nexus wallpaper after the installation part 1

    • jt

      got the wallpaper now i cant find the helixlauncher.apk in my root explorer. wtf

  • ReebyWantsYoMom

    Where and how do I move my existing livewalpaperapk?

    • Ray

      You don't move the existing one you overwrite it with the new apk

  • heien

    Having a problem, when I try to install the blackhelixmod metamorph keeps saying that com.helixproject.launcher.apk doesn't exist. Could this be because I installed from the market and not directly from an APK file?

  • heien

    Having some trouble, when I try to apply the black helixlauncher metamorph keeps saying that com.helixproject.launcher.apk doesn't exist, but I have both helixlauncher and helixlauncher2 installed on my phone. Could it be because I installed from market and not directly from an APK file?

  • ronc8649

    my phone stopped asking me to file share? any help anyone? this is after i hit mount on the phone? i want this wallpaper too!!!!

    • ronc8649

      now i screwed something up, and cant get any live wallpapers….

      • ronc8649

        how do i turn my debugging off?

        • corydunbar

          i'd say just delete all recognition of your phone to your PC, then when it reconnects, it will start as if it was brand new, new drivers….

    • jt

      is ur usb debugging on if it is it should be off. maybe thats it

  • How do I change my costume theme if I installed a custom rom using SPRecovery? Do I just switch the “update.zip” file out? Someone help?

  • jt

    just went through the live wallpaper instalation. did anyone else not get the nexus wallpaper after doing this.please help

  • aczm1988

    Also i dont understand why the non rooted users arent rooted. You have a better chance of winning the lottery then screwing up your phone. The benefits outweigh the risks.

  • aczm1988

    If anyone could tell me how to make a live wallpaper or point me in the right direction that would be cool, just want to know how to make one on my own.

  • nothing worked for me i dl both files did the instructions to the “t” twice and could not get it to work and i want it so bad…ne one can help me try and fig. this out message me

  • Its cool and all that jazz…. just blinding. 🙁

  • im not gonna lie. i downloaded this..and i dont like the white on white. maybe make the beams red or pink? and you'd have an even more epic WIN.

    otherwise, it looks hot. save for the one aforementioned complaint

  • I did some photo editing and created a black version of the Droid Life Live Wallpaper. Here is a screenshot, http://ow.ly/i/1sTr If there is some interest, I can post the LiveWallpaper.apk file as well, so let me know! 🙂

    • evltwn

      that looks sweet.

    • Ray

      I like the black 1 better can you post the apk?

      • I've messaged kellex with the link to the download file, and I'll let him decide if he'd like to post it to the site. Otherwise, DM me on twitter and I can send you the link. (@droidcountry)

    • aczm1988

      Pretty nice, although the white is good for me. Off topic but it says midland on ur Beautiful widget, midland Pa?

      • Actually Midland, MI. Haha, home of the Dow Chargers and Great Lake Loons Minor League baseball team. 🙂

  • gameface

    im putting the “UPDATE.ZIP.” in the root and it keep saying no such file or directory the processis being aborted.

  • Curious what Theme/ROM you're rocking in those screenshots? It looks similar to the NexDeep theme, but yet different…

  • Unreadhyperion

    Well, just asking… but can't you rename the file to update.zip and run it from recovery mode? That's how Ultimate Droid adds LiveWallpapers or am I missing something?

  • I would change step #6 to “Pick existing theme”. Unzip/extract new theme didn't work for me.

    • aczm1988

      ya took me a minute to figure that out too lol

  • Steve-O

    I'm gettin 'The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable' for both files…

  • Ray

    Well don't listen then this site mostly covers rooted task if you haven't noticed

  • droid

    video tutorial please……

  • azurikai

    geez so many of the commenters are NOT rootded! i don't get it, its super easy, and well worth it!

  • ionathrows

    I keep getting a FC on the nexus live wallpaper after following the above instructions… bummer

    • turd


    • NecrosocpeV

      Same too.

    • Same.

    • aczm1988

      Did you guys change your persmissions on the LiveWallpapers.apk file in root explorer?

      • ionathrows

        yeah followed the directions exactly. Still getting a FC on just the nexus live wallpaper

  • dannydarko

    Can't access the files just tried it twice can you fix that Kellex

  • OK, so I tried doing the helix launcher part (because a white wallpaper doesnt interest me) *plus it will drain your battery faster* JUST KIDDING lol
    And metamorph is saying my HelixLauncher doesnt exist. Weird….
    Guess I will have to wait too 😛

    • kellex

      Did you move the helix launcher to your system app folder?

      • No 🙁
        Guess I will do that as soon as I get the Root Explorer then :-/
        Thanks for the help! I wanna see an ALL BLACK theme. lol

  • StingRay

    crap….force closes

  • So……..I'm not one of the cool kids cuz I'm not rooted?
    Throw me a frikken bone here…… a little something for a stocker please. :-/

  • scorpion77

    side note if your not rooted what are you doing here ?? lol i just saying … you might as well gotten an iphone or something .. 🙂

    • Michael_NM

      As one of the “unenlightened” (a.k.a. not-rooted), I'll offer one man's view. I applaud Dr. Droid for his efforts here. I am very tempted to root and thoroughly read the Thursday post explaining how to do so. However, after seeing the number of posts about problems, I'm still on the fence. I cannot avoid Murphy's law so I'm still un-rooted. Ultimately, there's nothing “wrong” with my Moto Droid. Even un-rooted it's the most capable electronic device I've ever owned. I enjoy seeing what else it's capable of doing, but this site still offers tons of useful info for those of us who are still “chicken.” 🙂

      • I felt the same way you did at first, I always thought i would brick my phone, but never did. Sure I have run into fc and reboot loops by messing around with roms, but they can easily be fixed. I have yet to hear of anyone who has bricked their droid. The hardest part now is rooting, because you must have a windows computer, but the steps seem very simple, and if it breaks and you have warranty, verizon will never now you have rooted. If you are still uncomfortable with rooting, do not do it, because it is risky, but the reward is so much greater.

        • scorpion77

          fair enough.. there is just sooo much you can do with the photo after rooting … just jump in with both feet lol you will be fine .. 😉

          • Yea the ocean is only 4 feet deep, even though it looks 1000, but there is so much room to swim. Like my analogy lol

          • Michael_NM

            I like that analogy. I'm sure I'll hop in one day soon, and I appreciate the “pushes” from you and scorpion77. 🙂

          • Dracul

            Micheal, I really know how u feel. I found out bout the Moto Droid back in Dec 09 and I've done my fair share of research b4 deciding what I wanted 2 do w/ it (root or not 2 root). I started looking @ youtube videos and reading the comments on this site, not just bout rooting or not, but everything. Kellex and the Droid-Life team r the best that I've seen n all the Droid Forums. The ppl here that post the comments r very helpful and r willing 2 help. Like everyone here, I have had my far share of FC's or Reboot loops & if I couldn't figure it out on my own, I can turn 2 this site for help. I can tell u that when I did take the plung into the rooted/custom rom world, I haven't looked back. I tip my hat 2 Kellex and the Droid-Life Team and everyone that posts on this site. Thank You All

      • kris64

        Michael. I am a serious noob when it comes to all things phone. I have succesfully rooted however. You commented about reading about problems had by others…..I have read hundreds of those same comments and i think i can safely say that 99% of the “problems” that people are describing are due to the inability to follow instructions and to pay attention to detail.

        It has been my experience that if you read a lot, and read carefully, you will be fine. Also ROM manager is your best friend and the ability to make backups using ROM manager will save you if you get into any trouble. I have certainly had some funky things happen to my phone since rooting (nothing too major) and i wouldnt be able to begin to explain why certain things happen the way that they did in those instances, but i have come to understand that as long as i know how to boot the phone into recovery and i have a trusted backup saved (my failsafe is one that i made immediately after rooting before i changed kernals and roms and messed with oc'n) that everything SHOULD be fine.

        Just some words of encouragement for somebody who sounds like they are in the same boat i was a couple of weeks ago……If nothing else, have some cocktails to build up the courage and false sense of security needed to get it done.

        • Michael_NM

          Thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to get a six-tonight and give it a try. An interesting coincidence… this is my 99th comment, so… I promise not to make comment 100 until I'm rooted. 🙂

          • Good luck! Please let us know if you have any questions!!! 🙂

      • Unreadhyperion

        Here's the deal Michael… and I'll be honest.. rooting is a give and take. This first time you root you'll be nervious and excited… worried that you'll brick your phone.. however, if you take your phone and follow along with the videos and pause them while you complete a step you'll be fine! Keep in mind I can really one think of two main reasons to root:

        1.) Overclocking – Prime example.. I run Bugless Beast 1.0 at 1ghz. My wife runs a stock Droid. When accessing a book in Aldiko I'm off and reading while she's still loading the chapter ^_^ (if you do any video watching keep it at or under 1ghz, I've found that anything over 1ghz makes video playback unstable)

        2.) Custom. I don't know about you, but I love to customize everything I have. Boot animation, wallpaper, homescreen, etc and etc all changed around. Maybe it's me… but I got sick of the stock grey notification bar…

        If you're not concerned with either of those two things… I don't really see a reason to root. Scripts aside ( and most of them are to remove apps and what not), it's all about changing the look of the droid and making it run smoothly.

        Whatever your choice.. if you follow the steps and atleast preform ONE backup or can find a stock ROM to download from the net, you really are pretty safe. All your contacts are backup to google cloud (if you enabled that) and the market remembers what you paid for… so good luck..

        P.S. and if something (for some unknown reason) does go wrong, theres about a million people on the net willing to help!

  • non-rooted

    I only care for non-rooted info's

    • Ray

      Well don't listen then this site mostly covers rooted task if you haven't noticed

      • mar1no

        There was a time when this site wasn't all about being rooted. Oh well.

  • scorpion77

    “the file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.” 🙁

  • dpu328

    eeew. Na.. Not for me.

  • bcbaker919

    Man that is so sweet looking, too bad I am scared to root. Keep up the good work, you guys almost have me convinced to root. Until then, bring on Froyo

  • Ray

    Works pretty good but would probably look a little better if you threw some more pink in there its hard to see the white lines when you touch the background

    • kellex

      Yeah some tweaks are definitely in store. Just a first attempt here. Appreciate all feedback though.

      • Thegoldendroid

        Kellex its damn gorgeous!

      • scorpion77

        Nice Job man you might want to tell people that Root Explorer is 1.90 UKL

        is there another way of doing this , that i dont have to buy Root Explorer i dont know what i would use it for after this …

        • Ray

          You will use it every now and then if you want to do certain things. But my suggestion is just buy it today and then after you do this process just get a refund.

          • Mike

            my suggestion for you would be to drink bleach…seriously. why would you do something like that. if your going to use it, pay for it.

          • Ray

            First of all I make 100k so it was a suggestion for him not me I think I can spare $2

          • kris64

            First of all, somebody that actually makes 100k wouldn't be so eager to tell everybody about it.
            Second, you are a prick for trying to rip of developers.

          • kris64

            'scuse me…..rip off developers.

          • Ray

            Yeah whatever suck a penis

          • Mike

            i don't care how much you make, it's still not cool to do something like that. if you can't afford the $2, then either find a different way to do it for free or wait until you can afford it.

          • Ray

            And who is going to make me do that I do what the F I want

      • teejaytm

        Does that black helix only work for helix1?

    • EndiSky

      Ok, boys and girls, back on topic… I REALLY dont feel like having to actually do work in editing these posts!

  • Brian

    Thanks for yet another temptation to root before froyo, I love Droid-Life

  • aarynk

    I like both but seem kind of complicated to do… I'm rooted but will just wait for the APKs hahaha

    • Ray

      It takes 2 minutes its basically a cut and paste and reboot

  • Crezel C.

    That is so fresh. Too bad, i'm not rooted. Hopefully, someone will create this for non-rooted Droids

  • Crezel C.

    That is so fresh. Too bad, i'm not rooted. Hopefully, someone will create this for non-rooted Droids