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Dropbox Finally hits Android Market

The Android Dropbox app finally launched today for free!  Yay!  You can now access all of your Dropbox folders while on the go, share files, and even upload new stuff.  I’ve only had a chance to do a quick run-through and so far the app works flawlessly.  They’ve also announced a group of “partner apps” to enhance your experience.  Nice work team.


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Source: Dropbox Blog

  • WWW

    Dropbox is the best online sync and storage (up to 18.25GB) tool until now. If you want to get 250MB(or 500MB if you are using a university email account) bonus, you can register my link below

  • one greeeaat app “)

  • oconnellshane

    I am using dropbox with documents to go – when I edit a spreadsheet on my droid in doesn't seem to update in my folder. Does this take a little time to go through?

  • audio

    Okay, I'm having an issue with simply uploading an excel file. I click “Upload” from the menu and it only has options for pictures, video, audio and text file. I choose text file and it says “No Applications can perform this action.”

    Is it really that hard to just choose ANY file to upload to your Dropbox?

  • I've had this App since March.

  • Sweetness.

  • Fawzi94

    Docs to Go is only 5.55 today instead of 30 and it works great with dropbox!

  • friedricho

    I use dropbox on a daily basis and this is the one app I could not wait to get! Mint and Dropbox in the same week? You can't get any better then that.

  • kulz

    i love clouds 😀

  • Bob
  • Josh

    Here is my referal link if you would like to join dropbox. If you use my link we both get an extra 250mb of space:


    All You need to create an account using my link, and then download the desktop dropbox, install and signin on the desktop dropbox app for the credit to be applied to both of us.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who uses my link.

  • timarnette

    This is off topic. Can anyone tell me how to find out how fast my Droid is clocking? Thanks

    • kulz

      get setCPU from the market 😉 i think it cost like $1.99

      • timarnette

        Thanks a lot. I got it. What should I be clocked at?

        • kulz

          800mhz is what is recommended but with all the different ROMs and kernels out there, it really depends on ur configuration. what are you running?

          • timarnette

            Beastly beast

          • kulz

            bugless beast? it depends on the kernel you chose. 1ghz seems to running pretty smooth on bugless beast. i have mine on 900mhz (just cuz i don't want my phone getting hot) and it seems fine.

          • timarnette

            Thank you a lot.

          • kulz

            no problem. it wasn't much but hope it was helpful ;p

          • timarnette

            Very helpful. Thanks a lot.

  • Droidlover

    correct me if im wrong, but isnt this the exact same thing as zumodrive?

  • wow, this adds another dimension to my android experience. thumbs up!!

  • mrtrumpet

    I've been using Sugar Sync fro several months now. They have a similar setup and offer an Android mobile app too. It's been very reliable for me.

    2 gig is also free there.

    • skeezicks

      What Sugar Sync doesn't tell you (until you look in the fine print of their referral terms: https://www.sugarsync.com/referral_terms.html) is that this free space will disappear on January 1st, 2011. That's a shelf life of 7 months. Who cares if it's free if it disappears forever come the new year?

      • skeezicks

        Just an update to my original post: SugarSync has responded to users' complaints by changing the terms of this program. Now (as of May 19, 2010) any bonus space you earn remains yours for the life of your account. With this issue resolved, I heartily endorse this program. The UI is excellent, and unlike Dropbox, it allows you to choose which folders you sync.

  • Ray

    Works great I just wish more than 2gb were free.

  • junkyarddan

    Looks nice I'm goin to have to try it out

  • aggressor2323

    I don't like the fact that you need a yearly subscription for minimal storage. I would buy a flash drive instead.

    • rockymtnhigh

      2GB is free. Refer people and you can get up to 5gb free. I pay the $100 per year, but that is for 50GB of storage. Investment well worth it.

      And try using the usb flash drive with your droid. 🙂

  • Keith

    I might have missed it but is there a way to delete a file from dropbox using this app?

  • zerolozen

    Transfers photos fine. But I can't seem to transfer music files. Any ideas???

    • zerolozen

      can send music file from PC to Droid..but not Droid to PC??????????????????????????

  • rockymtnhigh

    Ok, this app rocks. I downloaded it, logged into my Dropbox account and in seconds had access to 10Gb of files I have in my account. I click on a powerpoint, and it downloads immediately and opens in Documents to Go Slideshow. I go to a folder with music in it, and click on the m4a file, and it starts STREAMING – yes, I said STREAMING the file to the Droid's music player. No download needed. Just starts playing music from my collection. Need to put a video clip in my dropbox to see how that works.

    I click menu and upload, and am able to upload photos directly from my gallery to my dropbox – or take a photo and upload it immediately to my dropbox.

    It needs further refinement in a few areas (like specifying where files get uploaded to), but this application is just perfect. It makes my Droid even more valuable. All of my files that live on 3 PCs are now instantly available to me on my Droid. Awesome.

  • dpu328

    Yeah I was all over this last night. Need help though. I have it installed on my Droid and my IMac. I can't install it on my work PC per Administrator crap. I can upload files through web page, but I can't figure a way to upload whole folders initially. From there I can simply update each file as I use it. Ideas?

  • I used it today to post my screen cap in the Droid configurations thread from my dropbox public folder. It works flawlessly from my Droid.

  • mojo