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Mint.com App Released on Android

Everyone’s favorite online personal finance service hit the Android Market today and is available for free as expected.  This puppy gained fame on the iPhone and has been one of the most anticipated Android apps to date.  Finally, a quality app!

It even comes stocked with a few Android specific features…

  • OS Search: Easily search for and find recent transactions, anytime, anywhere.
  • Mint.com widget: Access a snapshot of overall cash flow in real-time.
  • Android Live folders: Get financial updates on the phone’s home screen without launching the Mint.com application.

All Android OS are supported.


Download Link

  • coacha82

    was it pulled from market? running android 2.1 on my motorola citrus and the qr code above doesn't work, the 'download link' is broken and i can't find anything mint pertinent on android market…?

  • Joe E.

    I am concerned about safety of my account info…..has anyone ever heard of ANY issues at all? I would love to make use of this seeing as I am constantly checking my funds online, it would be nice to have yet another feature to my already amazing DROID! Great site…..keep up the good work……DROID-LIFE!!!

  • sdierks

    Oh so happy when I saw this posted on techcrunch and finally to get the word from here that its finally live on the droid. been waiting a long long time for this.

  • Drew

    A couple things I'd like to see added in the near future.
    1) Trends. Love being able to see groupings of what I spend my money on. I think it'd look really snazzy on the Droid.
    2) While this would take a change in the way Mint works, I'd love to be able to input cash transactions also so I could track those. It would have been a pain trying to remember them and put them in online, but now that I have an Android app for it I'd love to be able put it to it's fullest use.

  • that guy

    yo guys you need to download skyfire web browser some flash sites work on it! navigating is slow but video speed was good worth checking out oh and its free on the market

  • slipstream20v

    How safe and secure is this? My bank uses an https connection for online banking, but I don't want to run the risk of being hacked if the connection isn't secure.

  • Jess

    Yes, yes, yes! Mint is the only thing my iphone boyfriend has that I don't (no, no, wait – DIDN'T). I've been waiting for this app for a while and can't wait to download it!

  • droiddadi

    Very nice app

  • Anroid FTW!!

  • TeairraMa

    For some reason I cant get this page to load in the market. Everytime I click the link or do a search I get a message saying a error has occured, but Im on wifi and all other data is working fine. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • aggressor2323

    Just downloaded it and it's very polished and so far an amazing app!

  • Androidzzzzzz

    Isn't available in Canada.

  • John

    How is this for tracking daily transactions? I.e. How many days will it take before I say f**k it and stop entering that I bought lunch for $6 and a Gatorade at 7pm for $1?

    • Mint hooks up to your bank(s) online account access. So it's not like quicken. You don't enter your transactions into it because it just goes and gets them.

  • Drew

    Yessss! Finally! This is the one app I was looking forward to most that we didn't already have.

  • leo7747

    kellex, were you tying really fast and type in “anorid” when you meant android?

    Is that a new os platform google is rolling out? 🙂

    • kellex


      • leo7747

        Fixed, that was lightning fast and incredible! just like the android phones!!!

        Oh man

  • Joe

    Sweet! Have been waiting for a long time now.

  • rals

    Awesome find my man, I was looking for something like this. See this is the reason why I love coming to this site….I learn something new everyday. Keep up the good work man!!

    • true…on other sites you have to wade through the poo throwin' to get to the info you need.

      • kulz

        definietly like the structure here…click F5 and VOILA~! more info lol