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Video: Introducing the HTC Droid Incredible

Please welcome in the newest family member to the Droid community…

  • Jim

    Got the Incredible yesterday….LOVE IT.
    I haven't been able to figure out how to customize the 6 additional home screeens.

  • Jim

    Got the Incredible yesterday….LOVE IT.
    I haven't been able to figure out how to customize the 6 additional home screeens.

  • doomsjay

    I had a Motorola Droid for 29 days, and while I loved it for all it was, I now have the HTC Droid Incredible and all I gotta say is that it is so worth it. While the Sense UI feels a bit different from what was on my Moto Droid, it's extremely nice. I'm looking forward to your continued goodness on both phones. 🙂

  • Dafonse

    The diff between all droid phones and motorola droid, and incredible is the reason why this website should focus on these two phones and future awsome droid phones. The Moto Droid and Incredible are both powerful phones, when compared to all other droid phones these two pretty much rock, i know we could add the nexus one, but in my opinion that phone isnt as big as these two monsters. I agree that this site should add only the most powerful and popular droid phones to its website, all other droid phones, sorry but they suck and dont compare imo.
    P.S thanks for all the help you guys have given me, thanks to you guys my Moto Droid is a Beast. This site rocks

  • StephanC

    I can only guess what this will do to this site. I guess it means less “Droid Specific” posts. How sad.

  • Chris Nimon

    wife ordered hers at 4:26pm yesterday (4 minutes before cutoff) and had it in hand by am today. I like how it accesses your contacts. tried the tethering and didnt work. a quick search and i keep seeing that it wil cost you an extra $30/month. guess she'll have to wait till it gets rooted. Thats what she gets for selling her Droid. Didnt really notice a difference in speed or smoothness from my Droid (Cyanogen, Bekit 1.3Ghz kernel) when scrolling or loading pages.

  • jbfickler

    that silicone case you got on that…. do they make something like that for the droid? with or without the slideout keyboard feature?

  • rockymtnhigh

    Does the home page on that bad boy switch to landscape mode? It did not seem to when you were moving it around in the video?

  • melvin delvillar

    thanks for covering the droid incredible i gave my moto droid to my teen son and got me this bad boy love it.

  • Brendan

    you sold out man

  • Mrpicolas

    Hey kellex saying video not available on youtube

  • Rob

    Smart move incorporating a new phone in with your blog. As far as I am concerned… as a verizon user I am more interested in the latest in Android OS phone from verizon than just the phone I have. I wont be in the market for a new phone until February 2012… so I will follow the site and watch for changes over the years. Keep up the good work.

  • If your Droid is overclocked, will you do a speed test between an 1Ghz overclocked Droid and the Incredible? I would be very interested to see how that goes.

    PS – That shirt is badass.

  • deladroid

    I believe that it's a “wait 3 device model releases” process here to keep from going broke. The Incredible is slightly sexier to me, but there are some things that cause me to remember my good ole buddy, the Moto Droid. However, if the Droid2 “Shadow” is anything like that (I think it was at the Japenese moto site?) Droid looking phone, I'm all over the Droid 2– it looks very sexy (which is where I feel the Droid 1 lacks in bulky block'ness).

  • Little Brother

    Please don't stop the coverage on the Incredible, I love this community and don't want to leave because others refuse to want to look at New Technology in the same realm, it's not like your keeping us informed on a windows based phone, these are all the same OS. I picked up mine today and OHHHH this thing is HANDS DOWN a better choice phone. The processor speeds are incredible and I am already in LOVE. For those of you that are Bitter, Don't be.. Often times in life a little brother turns out a little more successful than an older brother and In my opinion this is the case here.. may be too early to tell but in 30 min of use I have already formed my opinion. I still love the Moto-Droid but this phone is my soulmate… At least until the nest better one comes out!

  • Javikid

    i just got my incredible. Now I have my Droid and The Incredible. My DROID is for SALE 🙂

    • ihoop

      how much?

  • Anon

    So what…? Did you sign up for another Verizon contract to have the Incredible?

    • javikid

      no, i got the droid back in Jan ($99)with my Dad's update and the Incredible with my NE2 🙂 ($99)

  • syntakk

    Wow, the screen on that thing is sexy. I don't know if maybe it's because the Moto Droid has a screen protector or smudges from frequent use, but the screen on Incredible just looks a whole lot brighter and more vivid in that video. I also love how snappy it seems to be, can't wait to see your full review on it.

    Question: Can you turn off Sense UI and just use it as stock Android?

  • dspinner

    Love my Incredible, Got my pre-order yesterday. Just a few problems with it that is probably only noticeable if you were a Droid owner.

    * The screen resolution difference is very noticeable when coming from the Droid. Noticeable when viewing the web.

    * The LED notification only does Green and Orange. And its also harder to see from an angle (like on a desk table)

    * The 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen are switched up some from the Droid. Causes me to hit the wrong buttons sometimes.

    * The Power button is on the left side instead of the right side. I keep hitting it when i don't mean to.

    Other than that, this phone resolves all the things i hated about the Droid.

  • pipester

    Hey Kellex… Feeling brave? Try a helix launcher??

    • Helix 2 works amazing on the incredible.

      • Pipester

        Really……… well that changes everything!

  • Ray

    Hopefully we can get some new roms out that bite of some of the goodness of this like the pinch to zoom home screen and the sick widgets

  • Wow, you really threw the droid aside.

  • I have never been one just to drop a phone because something “newer and better” came along. And I sure as heck ain't gonna start now. My Droid has become my best little buddy. And nothing will change that. Until Droid2…..

  • Hep

    I get that it's a “Droid” labeled phone, but so is the Eris, where is that on this site? Also, I get that the apps work the same, as with every Android phone, but the Incredible has the HTC Sense UI, so rooting and background hacks can't possibly work the same for both.

    It looks like a cool phone, but it's sad to clutter the site with another phone besides the Motorola Droid 2. I know this site is going to explode when 2.2 comes out, so I hope it's well organized about rooting, ROMs, and theming when they are hitting the scene with 2.2.

    • kellex

      I promise you that nothing will really change all that much. You've got to trust me on this.

      • mkregs

        Good to hear!

        Ya know, R2D2 was the $h1t throughout the whole saga despite the introduction of more advanced and feature packed models. I hope that the Moto Droid will maintain its iconic rep for years to come as it is a proven game changer.

        MotoDroid still does!

  • droiddog22

    Hey kellex, do you think we can see a rom of the sense UI on the droid now?? There have been others but they have a lot of bugs in them….

  • nkhex19

    Even though I am keeping my Moto Droid I do think its really cool you guys are expanding the coverage on this site and it really will help the community grow. Like many have already mentioned, I am gonna wait it out and see if they release a Droid 2.

  • kulz

    went to the VZW store today to play with the phone and damn…its fasssst~! the Sense UI is a deal breaker for me. i actually like the stock android ui…

    DROOOID v2…where are you 😀

  • Thanks for covering the Incredible ! I love this phone and can't put it down !

  • good job making the decision to cover my new phone! i love this phone!

    thanks again kellex. youdaman!

  • Napes

    My roommate pre-ordered. The phone flies, but I really don't like the HTC Sense. Also, Droid screen blows away the Incredible's.

  • A buddy of mine just ordered one. Real interested to see what he thinks. Almost makes me wished I had waited on the Droid purchase for this instead… almost…

  • machinegun68

    If there's really a Droid 2 coming, then I'll wait. That is cool though.

  • rals

    That thing fly's through screens. I like the pinch to the zoom on the home screen. Very nice phone indeed, but not enough to give up my droid and pay full price.

    • kellex

      This phone is unbelievably fast.

      • Ace Z.

        Hey Kellex…just a question did you purchase the phone at full price or did you cut out a deal with Verizon? Verizon wouldn't allow me to upgrade since I'm only 9 months in with the company.

      • aarynk

        That's the only thing I have been hearing about this phone that would take me away from the Droid… have a buddy at VZW that will give me the upgrade if I want it but I want to see what the Droid2 has or the Shadow… DONT LET ME DOWN MOTO!!!

        • lakerzz

          I agree…wait, no I don't…wait…uuugghh…I can't make up my mind…the Incredible looks effin awsume…can't wait for Droid-2 though…

          • aarynk

            I know what you mean… went to the VZW store to play with one today and I have to say it's pretty awesome. Heard that the helix2 launcher works on it. Hey Kellex want to try it out for us??

            Still not sold on the incredible but once Kellex gets a hold of it and it's rooted it might change my mind

      • Ray

        Its looks crazy fast I'm tempted to ride down to verizon and get another line just to get this.

      • javikid

        yes it is,,,,,,,wow

  • RealGame22

    Played with one today. I'll say its fast. But, um not giving up my Moto Droid yet.

    • Mrpicolas

      Just played with one and it is fast but not enough whistles to switch although tether option is nice but if have and feeling vz is gonna tack on a charge for it

      • Doolidg

        Yea nothings free from verizon…

        • Mrpicolas

          Well your free to pay your bill lol…

          • Doolidg

            Lol… good one mrpicolas

  • What a great phone.

    • kellex

      Hah was just about to post that.

      • I know this will make me sound like a complete nerd….but i love that commercial.

        • shane0790

          I love it and all, but there just isn't much to it. I do love the 3d on that tho

        • Ace Z.

          WoW! I love that commercial makes me want to purchase that bad boy at full price.

    • Ray

      what a horrible commercial its kind of hard to sell something new to people without ever letting the see what their buying. Idiots…not everybody is a tech geek and can picture what a phone will look like but Aa that's just my opinion.