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Tuesday Poll: Rooted? Not Rooted?

We asked you this same question almost 2 months ago.  Can you believe it has been that long?  Back then, this site was still pretty new and had almost no idea what rooting truly meant all while leaning on our few reader experts for help.  Actually, that was almost pre-rooting days when we had 2-3 custom ROMs to choose from, no way to return to stock, and all kinds of bugs. Yuck.  

Glad to see we’ve come as far as we have today, but you know that it’s time for us to ask one more time to see if the audience has shifted or remained the same. We’re in this for the long haul and are trying our best to evolve along with you…

As always, feel free to share the reason(s) behind your answer.

  • bobaloo44

    I also would really like to root but am a little nervous. one question i do have is once you are rooted and have changed your rom how do the ota updates affect you? Thanks

  • jmanin

    I just made the switch from the moto DROID to the Incredible and am loving the new phone. I was not rooted as a DROID owner and things on here do lean more toward the rooted user, but didn't really bother me. I learned a lot and would consider rooting in the future and I still love the site. Please follow the Incredible on here as well.

  • I finally rooted a few days ago. I've stuck with the stock Android 2.1, but I overclocked it to 1 gigahertz. It's great, a significant performance increase and as far as I can tell, the battery lasts just as long as usual.

  • Jer

    Rooted last night…Thanks to Kellex and the gang…wow…Cyanogen is amazing

  • aczm1988

    I was always skeptical about rooting since the begining. Ever since i found this blog and been keeping up to date with it since i have been rooted. Mainly i rooted for a rom that has more then one home screen as i cant stand the other home replacements and ive tried em all. Also since then the wireless tether and rom manager and setcpu have been awesome. Although im still nervous about using setcpu. But overall the benfits i feel out weigh the risks. And to be honest there was no risk, the dmupdater link i download was so easy to use to root my droid it almost did it for me. The chances of screwing up your droid are about the chances of winning the powerball lottery lol. The videos are so straight forward and easy to understand and there not “tech savy” although i am to begin with. Its basically rooting for dummies, if you can read you can do it. And as far as the warranty goes, i rooted my droid before and screwed it up, back when rooting was a new thing to do and no one had a really good method. I sent my baby back in and got a new one, i dunno how but they didnt say anything about a voided warranty. Anyways thanks for this awesome site it gets better and better everyday and everyone helps out everyone else.

    Fantastic Job Kellex Keep It Going Man!

  • Mattynabib

    When I was on 2.0, I rooted and went to Cyanogen, overclocking, etc. But after a while, it seemed that my phone got laggier and laggier, no matter if I had SetCPU running or not, regardless of clock speed, and regardless of rebooting. The screen felt less responsive, most apps took a long time to respond, the interface just felt slow and unpleasant. So I unrooted and went back to 2, and immediately was presented with the OTA update to 2.1. So I went there, put Helix launcher on, and I feel like I have my phone back, AND I feel as if I'm on a safe OS update path. Despite their general kick-ass-itude, I doubt I will bother using a custom mod again (though don't put that in writing)… but I might root the phone to get some custom goodness here and there. Looking forward to 2.2!

  • superchachi

    Nonrooted. But that doesn't mean I'm not mildly jealous of some of the rooted stuff. But really, with Helix Launcher (1 is better than 2) and the bits that came with 2.1, the only thing I don't have that I want is a black notification bar. Sure, I'd love more speed, but that desire is overcome by the very real chance (in my limited knowledge and experience) of turning my phone into a really good looking paperweight. This is one case where I'm willing to just marvel at the talent of people much, much smarter than me. You're an impressive bunch.

  • kris64

    speaking of bugs appearing after root. I am simply trying to watch the YouTube video from a recent Droid-Life post showing the smackdown between the Droid and the Incredible and everytime I choose to “play” the video (as opposed to downloading it) my phone freezes and restarts. Any suggestions on a fix for this?

    I am rooted, running the latest Cyanogen, overclocked to 800. Thanks and I appreciate any feedback.

  • kris64

    So speaking of bugs popping up after root, I am rooted and I simply am attempting to load the YouTube video from the newest droid-life post regarding the smack-down between the Droid and the Incredible. Upon selecting the option to play the video (rather than downloading) my phone freezes and then resets.

    I am rooted and I am running the latest Cyanogen with JRummy's red theme. Overclocked at 800. Any help would be appreciated

  • awpilot

    I rooted while the long wait for 2.1, then went back to stock anticipating the OTA. Had to wait almost a month at stock 2.0.1 before the OTA was shared here.

    I put off rooting 2.1 for a while – simply because there wasn't an easy way to do so at the time, and secondly 2.1 (along with helixlauncher) offered pretty much everything I needed. While saying I can wifi tether is cool, I have no need to do so as I live and work in a wifi rich environment. OCing the CPU isn't really needed, the droid is fast enough doing what it already does so that too falls into a “bragging rights” category, at least to me.

    But then I saw the dark SE 24K theme and that sexiness really pushed me over the edge. Bought ROM Manager, installed SPRecovery, and the rest is history. I still haven't OCed, I don't see a reason to and I enjoy having a unique and elegant looking phone again. Of course, this whole dance may be moot in a month when Froyo comes out and we're faced with the same issues rooting 2.1 had. While I enjoy having to recontruct my menus and downloading apps/games/wallpapers/etc to some extent – after a while having to redo everything is going to be a chore instead of a chance to organize better.

  • I was worried that installing SPRecovery in a virtual box on my Linux machine would be unstable, and I also worried that I would be forced to intsall a new ROM just to root 2.1, but then I found:


    which gave me confidence that I could root my DROID in a virtual box would be OK (but I still did it on a Windows machine) and showd me that when I was booted into SPRecovery, I could use adb to push su and Superuser.apk onto my Stock 2.1 build. That would let me GRADUALLY experiment with rooting, and I've been very happy.

    When I have enough time to wipe my data, I'll give one of the ROM's on ROM Manager a try. Barnacle (a root app that gives WiFi tethering without a kernel module) has worked nice, but I'm looking forward to using WiFi tethering (I especially hope my phone can stay on its own WiFi while tethering to my laptop's WiFi, because there's an annoying network near me that is incompatible with my Linux machine's WiFi drivers but works fine on my DROID). Having said that, I've found lots of really nice root applications available to me without a ROM (LED hack, Swype HTC IME, etc.), and I'm sure I'll end up finding lots of nice things about having a custom ROM.

  • mcdoogles

    i cant believe its split so evenly. i thought there would be far more root than non roots

    • e3pin0

      and even more amazingly is that so many non-rooted visit the site and are active on it. I would've thought that with all of Kellex's great tutorials and so many postings about rooted droids that most non-rooted droid owners would've just gotten their info elsewhere

      • ericsorensen

        I'm non-rooted, and I enjoy this site quite a bit. I've learned a lot here. For me, I don't see a reason to root right now. Don't need wifi tethering if I can just use the USB. Different look? live wallpapers and helix launcher and beautiful widgets work for me. Overclocking? Might be nice for games.
        I am still waiting for the ultimate reason to root, but I havent' seen it yet.
        There is a lot of good info here – like the 2.1 download and app reviews.

        • e3pin0

          Listen, I'm not against those that are non-rooted, I waivered back and forth on the decision to root for a few weeks before finally doing it. Then the 2.1 update came out 2 weeks later, I went back to stock and didn't have the patience to wait for the update and read about what was updated and decided to re-root.

          For me, it's not just the overclocking and the launcher at this point, but with Cyanogen I've been able to overclock at lower voltage so I feel like I'm getting quicker response while extending batterylife.

          • ericsorensen

            Quicker response and better battery life would be nice. But now we have that 2.2 version coming out with Flash, too. I think I will stay unrooted. Plus, my wife uses the phone a lot and changing everything up and possible force closures with some programs would not be good. Right now, my unrooted Droid does more than my son-in-law's jailbroken Iphone! Maybe in a year when all the phones are way better, I'll root and get a at least the faster processor clocking to equal other phones at that time.

  • hinano

    when I had my hero I rooted it and never regretted it, loved the performance. I've been holding out with my Droid but I think I'm going to finally do it.

  • BHDave10

    What is the best kernel to install? P3 or betkernel? I'm looking for a 800 kernel.

  • Six Beasts

    The only reason I originally wanted to root was for the tethering feature you have access to. I don't have to though because I'm using the Easy Tether app. I'm using it right now to post this. Awesome.

  • I would've rooted a long time ago…but I like my warranty.


    • Lee

      That is not your reason, cause you can always have your warranty back by going back to stock software if you no longer want to be rooted. Once you go back to stock, remove any root apps, you have your warranty back. There is no way to determine if you were ever rooted.

      Now if you simply have no interest in rooting that's cool. It is for those people that enjoy playing with their phones.

  • Tom

    Rooted when I got tired of waiting for 2.1 OTA. I never looked back. I must admit, I was tempted to go to stock again for the 2.1 OTA, but I decided against it, because I liked being rooted. Even if I didn't use a ROM, I still wanted the Super User App and Console… So there is nothing but root now…. Now with WiFi tether, and overclocking… I see no reason to ever go stock again.

  • Dan

    I was rooted with sholesmod, but when i realized those guys had no idea what they're doing and were just a bunch of pricks, i decided to go back to stock and then 2.1. the only reason i would ever root again would be for the wifi tethering, otherwise, i'm completely happy with what stock has to offer.

    • Lee

      Wow, you are missing out! If Sholesmod was your only experience I can understand your wanting to stay away from rooting. Sholesmod was a mess. Then there was Droidmod which was ok for a 2.0.1 rom.

      But the new roms out there are not like what you got jacked up with before.

      But then again there is nothing wrong with stock if you are happy. I really appreciate those that are truly happy with stock while knowing they could root if they wanted. I have a hard time staying with stock for extended periods… 🙂

  • Kellex, I am now rooted with the Simply Stunning…It looks badass!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂

  • Bigtroublebt

    Rooting is so worth it and its pretty hard to mess up your Droid if you just go step for step with the videos on this site. I went into it with no knowhow feeling pretty intimidated. And came out with a rooted droid that has made me so happy, It was ridiculously easy its not a big deal at all. I encourage Anyone who is on the fence to go for it. Of course every site will say “AT YOUR OWN RISK” but honestly as long as you follow the video youll be fine and if you have a question or problem, someone else already has had the same issue, Just google it. You will be happy.
    – 1 month rooted been through 6 roms and have settled on Jrummy Red at 1100mhz

  • Justin

    WOW, results are 50-50 right now with 2134 votes!

  • I am not rooted because my Incredible arrived today : )

    • kellex

      Keep rubbin' that in. 😛

  • palomosan

    I'm not rooted at the moment because I'm giving my Droid to my Wife to make room for the Incredible, however, I'll root again 'cause even though I'm giving it to her I'll still keep poking my Droid.


    do you know if there is a way to get the cdma split on the default messaging app. I don't really like handcent or chomp to much. I'm not rooted

    • jdon285

      Just curious. Why not Handcent? I love that app, very clean, crisp and friendly

  • changed my answer. I just rooted. My Droid has never been sexier (running JRummy's Red Theme) and soon it will be even faster.

  • Roro

    I used to be rooted back on 2.0.1 and was running cyanogen mod but once I updated to official 2.1 I haven't rooted since i'll root my phone once again, when the Zeusdroid team and Greek something are done with their sense ui Moto droid rom

    • Brendan

      they released their alpha if you want to check it out at alldroid i am running it right now

      • Roro

        Yea i'm aware of their alpha how does it run? is it worth installing it right now or should i wait for full release

        • Brendan

          it runs pretty smoothly its very fluid. you still cant make calls when the datas on though

      • Robby

        Whats the link for the alpha?

  • Not rooted… I am not sure why but I just can't bring myself to do it… I know there isn't really anything wrong with doing it, but I just have a feeling I would somehow brick my phone lol

    • Brendan

      its really hard to and with kellex's instructions you are safe

      • Jonathan

        Agreed…I was a little overwhelmed and in the dark. But I finally bit the bullet after not being really impressed with the 2.1 update. Followed the video…had a few little bumps (just because of things with the wrong name or too many .zip-s) otherwise it was generally a smooth process and now I love it. I just can't wait for a Swype Keyboard Theme (other than the HTC).

  • nline

    I'm not rooted but I do have sprecovery. The only reason I have not rooted the phone is because there is no way for me to restore my data. All current methods of rooting a stock 2.1 droid require a wipe of data. I can backup my mileage data but I can't restore it and I would like to avoid having multiple sets. The program uses private data and I can't figure out how to extract it from a nandroid backup.

  • morpheus282

    I flashed my old Windows Mobile phones several times, but have yet to root the droid. Might get around to it sometime, but for now I'm satisfied with the stock Droid.

  • iammebane

    im so lost with the kernal thing… im rooted, but i need to change my kernal???? i have the instructions to do it but what exactly is this kernal thing….hmmmm i may make some popcorn…

    • Brendan

      its really quite simple the kernals are used to overclock your cpu (i.e. 800mhz,1000mhz). After you are rooted download the app Rom manager you could get the premium or free version it doesnt matter. Some roms (i.e. cyanogen mod) in the download roms section will have overclocking kernals will be downloadable then you can go into set cpu and overcock your device.

  • darkcomartist

    I'm rooted but in my case it was a pain in the @$$. After I rooted I installed rom manager and installed cyanogen but when it asked me if I wanted to delete all data and cache I opted not to and when the rom started I lost my root and super user ninja was no longer there. I had to root again, download and install rom manager and setcpu again and now I'm rooted (stock, no rom) and oc. the funny thing is I have it at 800 mhz but when I actually open setcpu and refresh it says 400-550 mhz most times which is not part of my profiles. When it is running at 800 it shows and it is cool. It's not as easy unless you're used to doing it and understand somewhat what your'e doing, otherwise you'll find yourself questioning everything and probably make a stupid mistake (like me) just by being nervous.

    ps: Thanks to Kellex and others in here for helping me out and get it to work. If you want to root, this is the place to do it in my opinion. The instructions are easier here.

  • GoneFishing

    I am quite surprised at how close the voting results turned out. I would have thought the “Rooted” vote would have been much higher. K- You spend so much time putting together detailed video tutorials, which make it so easy to root and take advantage of the full function customization of this “Computer of a Phone”. I have cut my computer time at least in half, having my Droid. I have found so much support that I truly have no fear of doing something wrong that can’t be undone. You stress so much safety, with multiple backups and not pushing the limits to its extreme. If someone is following this site on a regular basis, I cannot understand why you are not rooted. K- I’m not even sure why you put so much time and energy into hosting this site, but I’m here to offer an overwhelming “Thank You”. For all of you that are still on the fence……….Just do it !!!!!……It is extremely easy and safe with the guidance and support of Kellex and the whole Droid-Life Family. !!

    • kellex

      Our original poll was 71% unrooted. So it's come a long way to be 50-50.

  • dpu328

    Wow that voting is pretty equal. Very interesting

  • TeairraMarifan

    Rooting looks great, but for me, the risks outweigh the benefits. I'm sure I could do it if I tried, but I'm perfectly happy with the speed, features and customization options I have on stock.

  • dpu328

    I'm rooted and now begin told I need to do a factory reset to get my option to sync with Picasa and view photos in the gallery. Supposed to be the option to check under sync accounts. It's not there no even under add an account. Threads say to do a factory reset. Any clue what that initials or is there a workaround? I rooted using the SP recovery and then the Jrummy rom

    • kellex

      We got him fixed!

  • srleadjb

    You should do a poll of how many people have actually bricked their phones out of all the root users. People really shouldn't be afraid if you can follow directions. You've made it so easy with the vids.

    • Brendan

      i dont think there would be one bricked phone, the motorola droid is a pretty hard phone to brick.

      • kellex

        Brendan is right. There would not be one bricked device.

  • I'm not rooted. I know I will eventually. Especially after kellex laid it out the way he did. But at the end of the day my stock Droid Is the best phone I have ever had. Right now using helix with nexusmod 2.0 as my wallpaper. I am more than content. Really digging the green lantern keyboard that Wes put together. Thanks Wes. And as always thank kellex.

  • srleadjb

    HTC Legend/Desire Rooted and available tomorrow. Should also be the same for HTC incredible, according to developer! Yes!!! Now I can root Incredible and wifi tether like I have been on the Droid!

  • GoneFishing

    Need a Little HELP ! I'm Rooted running Cyan w/JRummy Remix @1000MHz thanks to this site. I loved the custom roms and being able to over clock. QUESTION: Can someone walk me thru wireless tethering?? Can't seem to get connected… I have no problem using EasyTether Pro, but it's wired. I would love to be wireless…. Thanks, P

    • Tom

      You are using JRummy…. Why are you using EasyTeather Pro? JRummy has its own WiFi tethering app, works quite well. Have successfully tethered several times using it. Just open that and go through the settings. I'd suggest setting up a WEP key, just so that when you do use it, you don't have people stealing it.

      • LTD10

        what is wifi teathering? Is it just wireles teathering? Sorry, I'm just trying to get all this info into my noob brain!

        • Tom

          Exactly so. You have a choice to tether over WiFi, or Bluetooth.

      • GoneFishing

        Tom- Thanks for the reply !! What am I doing wrong? Can you walk me thru setup? Maybe I'm unclear as to how this should work. Am I setting up my Droid as a hot spot and then finding it on my computer wifi?? The app runs and says tethering, but my computer doesnt show it as an available network to connect with. Im sure its something small that I am missing. Any help…..Thanks

  • NewDroidOrder

    I am truly amazed by how close this Droid-life community is when it comes to being rooted, and being stock. For those of u scared to root because u think it will be too difficult, I will tell u this, it is so easy that anyone can do it. All u need is ROM Manager and BAM there u have it, root!

    Droid-Life for the win!

  • jpv

    UD10 1.3 kernal!

  • Bill C.

    I've been following this blog since early December, shortly after getting my Droid. I've learned a lot, tried some new apps, and generally become a more knowledgeable Droid user. Lately, though, Droid Life has become less of a destination for me, primarily due to the rise in posts that are geared only towards those with rooted Droids. Don't get me wrong, some of the things you can do with a rooted Droid seem pretty cool; it's just not for me. Basically, I don't have the time, technical know-how and (let's face it) balls to root my device. That's why when I saw this latest poll, I was inspired to write. I'm hoping that Droid Life continues to strike a balance between the rooted and un-rooted user base. One man's ramblings.

    • dodger55fan

      Hey man, I feel you but with all the recent stuff that's been released rooting is really not very difficult or time consuming at all … it can be done in about 5-10 minutes with little to no technical savvy, and if you mess up, it is really easy to restore right back to stock using the built-in recovery… it's totally understandable not to want to, but if you're wondering about it, it really is not very hard/time-consuming at all anymore, just my 2 cents

      • Justin

        Ive been bouncing around with the idea of rooting.. I have a bulletproof warranty on my phone so Im not worried about bricking it.
        I do wonder if I really would enjoy the phone more (the benefits of) having a rooted phone ?!?!
        I do wish I had some of the “rooted only apps”…

        • I LITERALLY just rooted…and I all I can say is “wow” lol It looks amazing! 🙂 Go for it! If you need help, the awesome people here are sure to have answers!!

    • Michael_NM

      Like you, rooting isn't for me just yet. I'm still too scared too. However, one day I'm sure I'll bite the bullet. I don't mean to start an argument here, but I think the number of posts about rooting is completely appropriate. It's a great niche Kellex has developed. One of these posts is going to show something so cool (black status bar almost did it for me) that I'll decide to root. Additionally, I can feel like I can live vicariously through those courageous enough to root. It's pretty cool to see what Droid Does!

      • Biting the bullet on rooting is definitely worth it. I even had to replace my droid while it was rooted and unrooting it (even on ESE81) was a breeze. Sure, it made me sweat at times (like unrooting when it said something failed, but the phone really just restarted and it was back on 2.0.1), but I would never go back. Just tell them you factory reset everything because you don't want people looking through your stuff when you exchange it if that ever happens. So, I'm excited for you when you do decide to take the plunge. It's like opening your eyes to a whole new world :P.

    • b00ky

      To all of you who are on the fence about rooting, here are my thoughts to share. (Sorry for the length, but I think it is all pretty helpful)

      I rooted a few weeks ago around the time of Cyanogen (I think) and when Droid Life had posted some info about the JRummy v5 ROM too. I am pretty technically oriented so I wasn't worried about being able to do it, but after going through the rooting process I can say it really was pretty painless – even for the beginner. If you are comfortable using a file manager in windows and on your Droid you can do this without much of an issue. Many compliments to Droid Life and the team of people at Cyanogen for (and other Android sites) for being so helpful and doing such great jobs.

      My feelings about being rooted AFTER being rooted… The biggest thing to me is the feeling of having much more control over your phone. You truly feel like you can do what YOU want to do with it. The biggest perks for me personally have been
      1. Overclocking – which I feel does improve performance, but you need to find the balance between speed, battery use and “bugginess”
      2. FULL Backups – Being able to make full backups of my entire image with Nandroid and also on-the-fly backups of apps, app data and settings with Titanium Backup has really made me feel at ease. It is VERY simple to restore your stock rom, previous roms or apps & data.
      3. ROM Manager for easily finding and installing ROMS
      4. Clearing Cache – I don't know if everyone would agree, but I do feel that a simple press of the Cache Mate widget helps with overall responsiveness.

      *For reference, I had 2.1 (Stock) on my Droid so I had to downgrade to 2.01 then upgrade to a rooted 2.1 using the methods from this post: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/05/how-to-roo

      What I learned and would share with those who are thinking of rooting:

      1. It isn't as hard or scary as you may think. You CAN do this. Just research the various posts and decide which route you want to take. Almost all of the available options include some sort of backup of your phones pre-rooting image. See #2 for more info on backing up.

      2. Make sure you backup your Apps, App Data, and even your SD Card to the best of your ability. Use an app like My Backup or something and backup everything you can. I made the mistake of rushing and I backed up my entire SD Card, but I forgot about some of the App Data that resides on the phones internal memory. Grab that if you can.

      3. Choose a known, stable ROM (or rooted stock rom) for your first rom. When you finally make the decision to root, you want the experience to go smoothly. If you switch right to some lesser-known rom just because it looked cool, you may have a less than ideal experience and think rooting was an awful idea. Rooting can and does work – and well. As you might expect, I recommend one of the latest Cyanogen Mod. I keep trying JRummy's roms, but for some reason I experience some issues with soft reboots and force closing more often than I will like. His roms are great though, so I will keep trying them as new versions come out.

      3a. Additionally, it is usually recommended that you choose the options to wide your data and cahe when switching or upgrading roms. These is essential. Some roms so you don't need to, but when in doubt, make a full backup of all your apps & data (Titanium Backup or similar), then install the new rom making sure to choose the options to make a backup of current rom and also to wide all data and cache. Then when the new rom is done, you just download Titanium Backup from the market and restore your apps and data. I do not recommend restoring system data since this usually causes some sort of issue. However, I do recommend restoring the SMS/MMS system data to get all of your SMS/MMS messages back as well as your call log.

      4. Based on how you deal with #2, don't be surprised if some settings from some apps doesn't carry over when you initially go from unrooted to rooted. I am sure if I wasn't so excited and I took a little more time I could have reduced or eliminated that problem. In my case, it was dumb stuff like saved progress in games…sure I was bummed, but nothing serious.

      Wow! I either helped or annoyed a lot of people with that post. Sorry for being so long winded.

      Good luck to everyone and thanks for all of the help.

      FYI: Currently running CM with 5-Slot LV at 800Mhz (good performance/battery ratio for me)

    • kellex

      I definitely appreciate the opinion Bill. This was one of the major reasons for running this poll. To get a feel for everyone. Thanks.

  • friedricho

    Rooted for the wifi tethering and most importantly SETCPU. My battery lasts so long now with the usage of profiles.

  • ummmm

    until sholesmod comes out with an easy way to root from stock 2.1 or 2.2 for that matter like they did for 2.0.1… im stiking with stock. dont want risk the brick going back to 2.0.1, and ive been satisfied with my droid running helix 1 with nexusmod wallpapers and swype keyboard.
    keep up the good work brosif

  • monstergamer

    Non rooted here. One of the last few LOL.
    just don't feel like doing all of it, call me lazy

    Done the whole root/jailbreak so many times it not funny. Happy with the way my phone is and performing.

  • mexi414

    I finally decided to go through with the root and I do not regret it at all. With the videos on this site everything is so easy.
    I'm hoping the community can help me out with something though. Everything works great with the Cyanogenmod. HOwever, when I install the themes from JRummy, setCPU tells me that apps don't have root access, Root manager lets me download roms but when they finish downloading it asks if i want to back up or wipe cache and I say reboot, nothing happens, phone will not reboot. NOt only that but Superuser permissions is gone. I tried to reboot myself and install superuser in the recovery menu but that doesn't get the root access back. the only way I can fix it is by removing JRummy themes. To check that its those specific themes I installed the KrazyKrivda’s DarkSE 24K and that worked fine minus some widget problems, but i had root access.
    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • slatejones

      If you want to use a jrummy rom, you dont have to mind you. If you do I would suggest installing it as an update.zip manually and doing a full wipe data and cache. Make sure you back up your current rom first. Sometimes you have to wipe it clean just to clean out all the bugs.

  • Lane252

    this is a pretty intense vote wow.

  • Justincase Milestone

    really want to Root my Milestone, but a bit affraid to brick it 🙁

    im running 2.1 EU update with bootloader 90.78 ..

    What should i do?

  • G35

    Was rooted with cyanogenmod but decided to go back to stock 2.1 and use the Helix Launcher 2 for the extra home screens because phone became a little buggy but especially because the alarm wouldn't work sometimes and made me late for work a couple of times. Will probably root again though. Maybe when 2.2 roms come out 🙂

    Keep up the good work Kellex. Best Droid site out there!

    • Justin

      Do you have any problems with Helix2 lagging? Sometimes I go to the home screen and there arent any icons there for a few seconds.. sometimes the page swipes move slow or erratic

      • zerolozen

        get rid of the facebook widget if u are using it…i experienced similar problems running my phone the same way u have your's set up…and have 0 problems now

      • b00ky

        I have this issue sometimes with Helix 1 & Helix 2. Even if I use the “Run in Memory” option. Helix 2 looks great, but I feel like the 3D Apps panel is a little too slow and less fluid.

      • G35

        Yes but the only time I have a lag both with the Launcher that comes with Cyanogenmod and Helix2 is when I take my phone off of the dock. It freezes with no icons for about 15sec or more. It seems to do this even being stock 2.1.

    • b00ky

      I'm not sure if it is related, but I have read some posts about overclocking where users have mentioned that their phone is unresponsive or slow to respond to phone calls when they have the low end of the CPU set to speeds below 400Mhz. Maybe that was part of the problem with the alarm. For that reason, I keep my min CPU at 400Mhz and my max at 800Mhz (OnDemand). I haven't had any real issues. One possible related issues is that my contact photos don't seem to always show up right away when I receive a call. Anyone else experiencing that?

  • Not rooted. Reason: At this point I absolutely cannot be without my phone, and while extremely minor, bricking is a possibility that scares me. I think during the summer when I'm out of school I may be more bold and take the plunge. I REALLY want to overclock as my droid has gotten quite sluggish.

  • Konspiracee

    Would like to be rooted but I am not quite an expert on how to do it and do not want to brick my phone.. O well i guess rooting is out for me…

    • maizekidstill

      Neither was I and still today I do not claim to be but with kellex and the droid life tutorials I feel I know what I'm doing now. Read the post do the research, you won't regret it.


    • goose50

      I felt the same. Just follow Kellex's videos and read the comments. It's well worth the effort, and I've only scratched the surface of what's out there.

  • Static_prone

    ill root someday, just a little nervous about the whole thing.

  • Wireless tether and overclocking FTW!!!

  • brain550

    I still say rooted, but I've been having trouble with my phone rebooting without warning and sometimes getting stuck in a reboot loop. So far a battery pull takes care of the problem for a while. Was running Jrummy's stock v7.0. Could this be caused by overclocking too high (1.1 ghz)?

    Has anybody else had these problems?

    Now running CyanogenMod, gonna see if this helps, might have to go back to stock with root.

    • Kevin

      Yep, intermittently. 1.1 I never had luck on. I stick around 800 MHz and never have a problem.

      • brain550

        Thx, will try that.

        Did you ever have problems with the browser shutting down automatically without warning as well?

        • nkhex19

          Haven't had this issue but did you see what your battery temp was when you were running at 1.1ghz? When your battery gets too hot you will have minor issues like that. I usually run at 800-900mhz and everything runs smooth with no issues and im running JRummy's blue theme v0.7 maybe set your battery to a lower temp under the failsafe profile in SetCPU.

          • brain550

            My battery temp rarely gets that hot, but just installed a new kernel, gonna try 900mghz and see how that does for a while.

            Side note, should I use the Auto-refresh option in SetCPU or not? I really don't know what it does.

          • nkhex19

            I personally have never used it but you can try it and see if it changes anything. I actually never even noticed that option was there. I just check set on boot. I am running at 900mhz right now and its smooth and probably the perfect set speed for me. Not too high but I see a difference from 800 to 900. I

    • I run JRummy's Green at 800 mhz. I get less FCs than I did with stock and never have had a reboot or reboot loop.

  • aarynk

    Stupid me unrooted for the 2.1 official update… wish I was still rooted with all the ROMS out there now and the themes ohh well.

    • slatejones

      aarynk, just go back to root. If I could do it anybody can do it. It only takes about 10 minutes and you could have 2.1 update1 root.

  • chaozu

    Rooted running Cyan w/JRummy Remix @1000MHz thanks to this site. I loved the custom roms and being able to over clock. Then I discovered tethering and that's what really did it for me. I am moving out soon and was thinking about having to get internet or try to steal a wireless connection for my desktop but I can just tether to it. I love this phone and this site. I'm a fisherman and use to visit fishing forums everyday… now I come here! Hahahaha… Thanks Kellex!

  • RaceMan

    Well I did it just today , I was scared but it went fine Thanks to all of you !!!!!!! I had to figure out some things like how to get my ring tones back and etc, but I'm happy I did it.

  • dylan84

    Droid-Life was actually what convinced me to root once and for all! Once I saw the video/pics of Kellex using the JRummy Remix Cyan theme I was convinced! Best decision ever!

  • maizekidstill

    Went back to stock before the 2.1 update…….cried….. rooted now with cyanogen dark droid theme could not be happier…… never going back to stock again.


  • trumpet444

    Wow, would've thought there would be more rooters. Prob more on d forums, maybe

  • storm33x

    DroidLife Is my favorite Droid website. I rely on this site more than any other site. Awesome app reviews. Up-to-date information on new stuff. love the facebook updates. I love this site and i will totally support this site!!
    great job guys!!

    Dan (storm33x)

  • StephanC

    Rooted and proud of it!

  • PsychoticPenguin

    Rooted last weekend, overclocked to 1gHz phone runs very nice.

  • 1barlog17

    I really want to and tried to do it the other night but I couldn't figure out how to download the stuff to my computer? Every time I'd download the sd lite file and try to open it, my PC said it could not open file? I was watching the droid-life videos as I was attempting to do it. I'm getting really good at using my Droid but I'm still not very good with computer stuff : ( Maybe someday I'll find someone who lives in my area to show me how to do it?

    • droidaholic

      had the same problem.. any answers??

  • kenny78

    After 2 days of trying out stock 2.1 update, i took the risk and flashef sbf and BAM.. Back to rooted droid Running Cynoagenmod with Nextheme. I will not go back to stock again….

  • eh i didnt get help so i lost my momentum to root my phone =(

  • rooted about a month ago and never looked back. thanks kellex

  • Crezel C.

    Not Rooted, and i can still sleep through the night

    • You must be the gifted one

    • kellex

      Hah love it.

  • Mrpicolas

    Was rooted and loved it but due to boot loops and reboot loops with 2.1 I have went back to stock using red lite funny thing was though I did not have to reactivate my phone and as soon as I powered on I got my ota update

  • completely lost here =( cant find the video how to root even tho i am using 2.1

  • Ray

    Rooted for life! You don't no what your missing until you actually try it.if your a root virgin its really hard to understand

  • onetime420

    can someone please help me root again(kelix) lol long time reader love the site learned everything from it but now im lost my original phone was stolen. so the insurance sent me a new one and it sux lol.. ok here is what i got i have the 2.0 software not 2.0.1 or 2.1 and i dont want to update to 2.1 untill i know what to do i want cyanogen like had before with the 3d app drawer and wifi tether and so i can overclock please anyone with anything will be great

    • 1barlog17

      I was wondering did Verizon insurance give you a brand new phone or there factory certified aka refurbished ones? They told me they only give factory certified, which pisses me of seeing how much we have to pay for insurance. Just curious 🙂

      • onetime420

        I'm pretty sure its refurbished

      • onetime420

        Do you know what I need to do to root

  • gary

    Trying to go from cm 5062 back to stock 2.0.1 so i know how to do it and seems i need to use dm updater from the videos ive seen but when i load it i get message that my” sd card is not mounted” so im stuck, any help, or is there a better way just using rom manager?
    thanks in advance.

    • evltwn

      I had the same problem you were having and Kellex helped me out with this. He even posted the instructions here on the site. Here is the link….http://www.droid-life.com/2010/03/30/returning-to-2-0-1-stock-manually/ I went back to stock 2.0.1 and with in minutes received the 2.1 update notice from Verizon. Word of warning…make sure you want to go back to stock. I am running stock 2.1 update1, but I wish I had just stayed rooted. If you want to root again, it's a little harder than before. 2.0.1 software was perfect for going between root and non-root. Hope this helps you.

      • slatejones

        Its actually really easy to go root from 2.1 update1, I wasnt rooted till after the update. I waited paitently for the update and immediately after I started looking for ways to root. Kellex has a very simple process lined out. I think it took me all of 10 minutes to go full root with JRummy remix installed. And its all on top of the 2.1 update.

  • Winterfresh

    I rooted the first weekend I had my phone. so I couldn't tell you the subtle differences between stock and a custom Rom for a while =P now I can though.

  • onetime420

    can some one help me root my droid again my original got stolen so i got a new one. right now i got the 2.0 software i did not update to 2.1 again its the 2.0 software not 2.0.1 or 2.1 im so lost

    • jdon285

      You should be able to go into phone settings-about phone-check for updates and upgrade to 2.1 then go here to root http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/20/video-inst

      • onetime420

        So I should update it? Because I'm runing 2.0 not 2.0.1

        • jdon285

          yes, much easier

          • onetime420

            hey so after i root my phone how can u get cyanogen again

          • jdon285

            Get romantic manager from the market, cyanogen can be downloaded in the free version.

          • onetime420

            ese81 is saying it cost money to download why

          • jdon285

            Doesn't sound right.

          • Anonymous

            the insurance sent me the wrong phone lol it was a test phone of some my phone started bugging out last night and then the battery startedbubbling upit all happened after i tried to update to 2.1

  • Brendan

    rooted and running htc desire rom!!!!! it is amazing!

    • David

      where did you find that rom at?

      • yes, where did you get that? I want it!

        • Brendan

          go over to alldroid's forums go into droid roms/releases go to zuezdroid and go to desire rom alpha release download using the sprecovery method the instructions are in the comments, good luck and by the way if you like flash it includes flash lite.

  • kellex or any1 can u direct me to ur video how to start with the basic root and everything

  • ddroid

    i have flashed sprecovery, what do i do now? can i just download rom manager and be rooted? any help would be great.

  • BHDave10

    I'm surprised more people aren't rooted. Best decision I have made was rooting.

  • ddroid

    i have flashed sprecovery on my droid, what do i do next to get a custom rom? can i just download rom manager app and be finished? any help would be appreciated!

    • mkedroid

      Try downloading one of the JRummy rom themes. They come with 2.1 root acess. there is a video on this site that tells you how. After that, download rom manager and pick a rom you like

  • Rooted all the way….. Currently running 1.3 Ghz, lighting fasttt……

    • PsychoticPenguin

      How hot is it running?

  • mindyourself

    not rooted since they i have a telus milestone in which the bootloader has yet to be cracked. waiting for the bootloader to be cracked before i make the jump to root.

  • nkhex19

    I like being able to overclock, trying out different rom's and also having pretty much all access to my Droid, it really does let you pretty much customize anything you want as long as you know how to do it. I can definitely understand now why people didn't wanna go back to stock when the 2.1 update was being released. If it wasn't for flash coming on Froyo 2.2 I honestly wouldn't even consider going back to stock.

    • nkhex19

      Also it feels nice knowing I can try out all those cool Rooted only apps Kellex puts up on the site. I remember before I rooted I used to get all anxious and excited to try out some of the apps posted only to realize it was for rooted Droids only.

  • mindyourself

    not rooted since i have a telus milestone but like how this site helps me with keeping up to date on all the apps and android news! now if only they can crack that bootloader on the telus milestone.

  • kulz

    55% rooted vs 45% rooted…nice mix..although i must suggest…ROOOOOOT~! d;D

  • Moeyknight

    Not yet. I need some quite time to do it. Hopefully soon.

  • scuzzullbutt

    rooted last week. It was life changing.

  • villian1998

    Just rooted, I can't wait to see what this phone can do

  • storm33x

    I was on cyanogenmod using jrummys remix. I have tried the red, blue, and green themes.
    I just switched back to the stock 2.1 rooted by pete.

    totally stock look but with wifi tether!! AWESOME!

    • kellex

      Tough to beat that. 🙂

    • ddroid

      thats what i would like to do

    • Jim

      On the wifi tethering…Was using wifi tether last night for the first time, was tethering a laptop and a pc which were streaming videos and music. This morning I got a voice mail from verizon with questions about one of my lines. Not sure if this is related to the increase in bandwidth. Are they watching?

      • storm33x

        It shouldn't be because of the tethering. I use it a lot and haven't had
        that problem

      • Dad Man Walking

        It's almost certainly got nothing to do with the tether. I doubt that anyone is getting daily “usage reports” of any sort that would trigger an immediate outbound call to the customer. It is more likely that they are calling about some other usage pattern they have detected over time where they think you are not on an optimal service plan. I have received several calls over the years on my Verizon land lines, always related to long distance/international calling patterns. Sometimes the plans they offered made sense for my needs, other times they did not, but they were always thoughfully calcuated by the computers and presented by the agent. As much as Verizon might gloat over a one-time revenue pop because I blew through my LD plan terms (or made a lot of calls to Mexico or something like that), they really want that revenue as long-term stable revenue, and don't want me shopping for another provider before they can lock me to something better. So they'll keep the ill-gotten gains but still come forward with offers that say “if you sign up for this new plan it won't hurt so bad next time.”

        Don't worry about it…if they need to talk to you they know how to get you.

      • chris nimon

        ive been using mine to watch netflix movies online and have never got any thing from them. between me and the kids weve probably watched 100 movies in the last 2 months.

  • LTD10

    I would still like to know what and if there are any downsides to rooting. And if I should just wait till after 2. 2 Comes out?

    • mkedroid

      I have been rooted for a couple of months and have seen no downsides to rooting your phone. Is there something specific you are concerned about? I'm pretty sure Kellex and his crew will find a way to get us the goods coming with 2.2 and still be rooted. They have always come through so far. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

      • LTD10

        So.. it doesn't negate your insurance? I'm scared of that too. I'm basically a tech noob. Kellex has taught me so much about my phone, that my friends all think I know everything. Haha.. it's our little secret right?? Anyway. I'm getting my nerve up, just wonder if I should wait or not. I'm excited to try it though.

        • mkedroid

          I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way. I just couldn't help it
          though, I had to try and prove it to myself I could do it. I'm soo glad I
          did. I'm not too worried about the warranty issue but you definitely make a
          good point. You should try it.


  • Fawzi94

    I just rooted a few days ago

  • I must admit, I was hesitant at first, but after the most recent video on how to root 2.1 [by Kellex], I was sold. I've been rooted – and loving it – ever since. It's opened a whole new world for me and my Droid. I've since tried several custom ROMS, custom kernels, and overclocked. FUN!

    Thanks, Kellex. Could've have done it without you!

  • Zander_206

    I'm going to wait for the 2.2 that is ever getting better then probably jump on the boat once they find a way to root it 🙂

  • How do I know which bit drivers I need for the SPR recovery? 32 or 64 bit?!? That's ALL I NEED TO KNOW! Thanks!

    • kellex

      On your PC go to Control Panel/System> and there you go.

    • nkhex19

      Go into your control panel on your pc and then click on system properties. You should see it then.

    • mkedroid

      Depends on what operating system you are running. Windows xp is 32. anything after that like vista is 64

      • jdon285

        That's why I run Windows 7 32 bit? There is not an OS that is only in 64 bit, all versions of Windows from XP on are available in 32 or 64 bit.

  • syddakid

    Hmmm….I can see why some people would feel that it was difficult to root the phone but once you play around with it it's not too bad. I think that it could be really simplified as far as digging through wikis and sites for info. I love getting rid of useless apps and customizing but if you don't care about that it does seem pointless. I guess that is why it's 50/50. Half do, half don't.

  • dquicknc

    I was rooted and enjoyed trying several ROMs out, but went back to stock before 2.1 was released. I've remained non-rooted since. Mostly enjoy 2.1 and staying up to date with the help of Droid Life.

  • i would root my phone but i dont wanna break it cause then my parents would break my neck 4 breaking my phone which they paid full retail price 4

    • droidaholic

      thats the same reason im not rooting mine.. man ive gotten really close a few times though


    first to choose, first to comment. its a pretty good day so far.

    • kellex

      Nice work.

      • OBEEZIE

        thank you

  • drewr1992

    Kellex, wheres our 'Droid-Life app' poll?!?!

    • kellex

      On hold. 😛

      • drewr1992

        Just totally got an idea…..we need……'Droid-Life LW'! For the win.