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Buy Android Apps with Paypal Account?

We could be just a few weeks away from removing credit cards from Google Checkout and attaching Paypal accounts to the Android Market on our smartphones for future purchases of apps.  The Next Web is reporting that one of Paypal’s managers made the announcement at the end of last week during a conference in Amsterdam.

Android users will also be able to use Paypal as a payment method in the Android Market, adding an alternative to Google Checkout transactions.

At the time of writing there are very few details explaining how Paypal’s surprising new service will work. It seems incredible that Paypal have managed to gain approval from both Apple and Google to provide a payment method that directly competes with proprietary services on both Android and iPhone devices.

There has been no official confirmation from Paypal at this time with a release date of any sort for Android, but the rumors floating around keep saying “2Q 2010.”  The iPhone deal sounds much more realistic and you can find all sorts of information leaning their direction, so stay tuned for Android news.

While this doesn’t effect me all that much,  I know that many Android users have long awaited this day.

Excited to hear this news?

Source:  The Next Web

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  • Support

    Alternative Android Apps market http://android.pdassi.com does already support Paypal payment.

  • Greg

    How do you use Paypal?? I want to use paypal, but I can’t find it as an option…

  • Royalty137

    I would rather use paypal to pay for my purchases

  • Parker

    Many people forget that android is international.

    A an American living abroad, I don't like using my US credit card… Paypal it's perfect….

    As there are more than 300, 000 activations of android a day, and a huge percent is here in China, it is sad tha there is no option for a Chinese credit card!

    Parker Fairfield

  • Parker

    Many people forget that android is international.

    A an American living abroad, I don’t like using my US credit card… Paypal it’s perfect….

    As there are more than 300, 000 activations of android a day, and a huge percent is here in China, it is sad tha there is no option for a Chinese credit card!

    Parker Fairfield

  • jazzy1ms

    From what i have seen this is for in app purchases….

    In app purchases are against android market developers agreement…

  • Lee

    I used to like Paypal. However I now I will avoid using them whenever possible. It wouldn't affect the small amounts involved here I'm sure, but I no longer care for their policies. Last year I sold something on Ebay and the buyer paid me to my Paypal account. I know they would get their share and I accept that, but what I will not accept is them putting a hold on MY money for a week. It is now their policy to put a hold on your funds and that is a no go for me. So I cancelled the Ebay sale and returned the funds they had a hold on and I sold the product by phone and accepted their credit card directly. (I own a business and accept credit cards) So because of their policy of putting holds on funds, both Ebay lost their cut of my money and Paypal lost their cut of my money cause I sold it directly. (Of course Ebay owns Paypal so they double dip)

    I will choose Google Checkout over Paypal every time just cause I am fed up with all the changes Paypal has made over the years. Most of which was since Ebay got their mits on them.

  • More choices = better for consumers.

  • brain550

    This would be sweet! I've been waiting for this since I traded in my Blackberry for the Droid.

    • brain550

      What would be even sweeter, is if the market had an easier search engine/rating system. Some of the best apps I have found, have been 60 or 70 apps deep in a category but still rated 5 stars, it doesn't make sense that the market doesn't have search filters or something to that affect.

      • I agree. The market is lacking in so many ways. I wish google would use its sophisticated algorithms to offer more personal recommendations of apps. It should know what apps I have on my phone and compare that to other users with similar tastes to offer me relevant/accurate recommendations.

  • Google Checkout > Paypal, but….. as long as they are adding options and not forcing us to use Paypal, I am ok with it. 🙂

  • Doolidg

    Awesome….. I have had my pay pal account for close to ten years… I have never had a problem with them.. customer service is stellar….

  • LTD10

    I've used both for many things either works for me as I use my debit card. So, no buggy for me I guess. Might make things easier for some to use though.

  • Great, another company saying they want our info. NO THANKS!!!
    Google is much more secure. Whens the last time u hear on the news sum1 hacked Google's finances???? Funny, i dont remember hearing it either. but i know ppl who have had their paypal hacked…..

  • jerbush91

    Freaking about time is all I can say!!!

  • It's about damn time. I hate Google Checkout. No type of customer support whatsoever.


  • masterxchief

    Hmm does paypal handle the conversion of currency so I don't have to pay an $5 for conversion fees?

    • G R E A T Q U E S T I O N !!!

    • Eric

      You pay $5 on conversion fees? Time to get a new creditcard. I only pay 10 cents per dollar.

      • masterxchief

        Well they charge me $2 for every conversion plus like 17% or something per dollar. Which credit card are you using?

  • Static_prone

    Paypal is an good option to have as part of the marketplace. I hope that with multiple payment methods it will encourage more people to buy apps thus making more developers move to android. If only google would make having apps save to an sd card a reality instead of just an announcement that would be great

  • Brad Russell

    They should have an option to just put it on your cell phone bill. Wouldn't they sell more apps that way? Why is this not an option?

    • Static_prone

      Its more of a logistical issue, with so many cellphone carriers that are handling so many android phones cell companys dont want to put in the money allow it to bill to them, in addition to this if a customer chooses to dispute the charge the cell provider will ultimately credit it and it makes it so the developer loses out of the money the customer get a free app. it would be a poor system in my option especially for the developers.

  • nkhex19

    I will stick with Google checkout most likely but definitely like having different options in case I wanna switch for any reason.

  • syntakk

    Glad we have that option now, but I never use PayPal (other than buying Titanium Backup), so it doesn't really affect me either.

  • rebelz13

    I'm good with Google, no need for PayPal fo me, but it may allow for more purchases.

  • pyroholtz

    Not an issue for me, although I can see the appeal.

    I must say though, I'm very surprised Google would allow PayPal in on any profits. It seems Google Checkout is in their best interest and not to team with anyone else.

  • DeeMat

    Not a fan of PayPal. As you said, it does not affect me. However, PayPal was the only reason I never bought anything from the BlackBerry app store (since it was the only option).

    • kellex

      It doesn't effect me cuz I have my Paypal card tied to my Google Checkout. 😛

      • DeeMat

        Ha, I see.

  • Nölff, esq.

    I'll stick with Google checkout.

    I once had my PayPal account hacked.
    That's the only time something like that has happened to me.
    PayPal fixed the problem, but once is too much.

    • Anonymous

      i haven’t bought any apps yet on google checkout. I don’t like the idea of one button and pay. i want a pin number or password login before i checkout in case my phone is stolen. maybe it’s just me but i don’t like the sound of people getting not only my phone but buying apps with my CC# for my phone. screw that! More steps the better. Password lock is only good if your screen is wiped down well on touch screens. if you got oily hands somebody can rip those finger prints right off if you used your phone recently to put those digits in. Especially that swipe pattern lock leaves a nice smear that you can see pretty easily.

      i want a pin number i have to manually put it in everytime before i buy.

  • I love this idea.

  • I love this idea.