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Mystery Motorola Device Coming on Father’s Day?

Sorry for the late start this morning, I’m still depressed after last night’s Blazers game. So to get the blood flowing again, I just wanted to drop some rumored Motorola devices on you that I’ve caught wind of over the last week.  And no I’m not talking about those ugly flippy covered ones that have been pictured across the blogworld.

The following info was sent to me from a new source, but one that appears to at least know what he’s talking about and also personally knows one of Motorola’s final stage engineers.  The second phone on this list, he had a chance to handle and was impressed to say the least.

While it’s tough to confirm anything without pictures, I thought I’d just drop the info on you guys and let you do with it as you please.  Who doesn’t love a good rumor or two?

Interesting stuff to say the least…

1. “Droid 2”

  • This is already in works.
  • 1gHz processor.
  • Same basic desgin as Droid 1 but BETTER keyboard.

2. Unknown name as of now (Possibly the “Shadow”)

  • 4.3″ Screen (not AMOLED)
  • 8MP Cam
  • Odd but so far not planned for 1gHz processor. This one had a 700 (or mhz)
  • Moto Blur 2.1
  • HDMI output
  • Records @ 720p
  • Physical buttons in front
  • Had physical keys (just like HD2)
  • The “camera button” (physical) is metallic red like HTC has been doing. Yes, its Verizon as it has the Verizon branding on it.
  • Its final build stages. Software still not final revision.
  • Very slick design & thin. The back is thin from bottom then when it gets towards top of phone, it bulges up to a thicker part (hard to describe)
  • To me, its the answer to HTC Evo.
  • This phone is slated for Fathers day release time frame (tentative).
  • 16GB onboard memory & 16GB expandable memory card (atleast his came with that capacity card).

Intriguing?  Anyone interested in Motoblur on 2.1?  How about a Father’s Day release?  We’ve heard the name “Shadow” before but was some odd looking Droid knockoff.  If I get any deeper details or pics, I’ll be sure to share them.  Until then, it at least gives us something to banter about.

  • xmetl

    its not motoblur its just a custom theme that looks a bit like motoblur, and it actually looks pretty nice and the phone is not ruined the Droid X is a great phone. oh and i hate to disappoint you but the droid 2 has this motoblur like custom motorola theme to.

  • andrew401

    MotoBlur ruined the Shadow for me, I was looking foward to it but now NOPE!!!!!!! The Droid2 is a absolute must tho hands down. I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy then I will have the Eris, Droid, Incredible, AND DROID2!!!!!!! sheesh new phone for almost everyday of the week

    • xmetl

      its not motoblur its just a custom theme that looks a bit like motoblur, and it actually looks pretty nice and the phone is not ruined the Droid X is a great phone. oh and i hate to disappoint you but the droid 2 has this motoblur like custom motorola theme to.

  • jbeise

    i have the same issue with my camera the photos wont show in the gallery until i go in and then exit and back in then the last photos show up.

  • cpeter753

    I wasn't a new subscriber. I upgraded from my old Moto Q with my New in 2 and I still got it. It was just a promo for people that got it when it first came out. And I am not “bastard” sir hahaha :p

  • Gunner

    Can I get #2 WITHOUT Blur….please?

  • brando56894

    I just got my droid a month ago and I'm already waiting for something with larger internal storage, more ram and a faster processor 😀

  • brando56894

    16gb internal memory and 16gb external memory?! Damn!

  • mkedroid

    Man, what's up with that?! I live in central Texas and didn't get jack. Not even a user manual. Only a bill for $200 bucks! Texas is a HUGE market, can't believe they would short change us like that. Maybe I need to go work for Verizon so I can get me some Android stuff.

  • slatejones

    I think you misunderstood, I wasnt asking for a discount. I was just making a statement. As I said, I will get one even if I have to pay full price.

  • slatejones

    I was searching the webernet, looking for info on the droid 2. Well….. take a look at what I ran across. It just goes to show, No matter how high and mighty those iPhone fanboys talk…. Deep down inside they all want to own a droid. 🙂


    • mkedroid

      That was awesome! Ironically, the Iphone fanboys called this download “Monster” Yes, Apple Iphone fanboys, be afraid, be very afraid……..

  • heres what i want in my Droid2.0:

    give me the look / feel / size of the HTC Evo 4G or the Imagio, but running Android and with a radio that WORKS (…effin' HTC and their craptastic radio)-and you have WIN! (include the awesome kick stand too!

    seriously Motorola..just totally rip off the HTC Imagio design, feel, and look. Pop out HTC's shitty radio for one of yours, and make it run Android 7.0 (or whatever)..and we have ourselves a WINNER.

  • slatejones

    Hopefully there will be a discount for those that bought the droid when purchasing a droid 2. Either way, If it is a dramatic improvement.. processor, RAM, internal storage added, etc. I will definitely be getting one even if I have to pay full price.

    • ..there won't be. stop asking.

      not to be rude. i just had a flashback to Crackberry.com's forums blowing up about “GAHH! WHY WONT WE GET TEH DISCOUNT FOR BEING STUPID STORM1 BUYERS NOW THAT THE STORM2 IS OUT!! BAHHH!!11oneoneone!!”


  • cpeter753

    Can the Droid 2 get rid of the chin too? lol i love the design of the Droid but that chin has always bothered me slightly. but then again it sort of gives it the unique Droid shape. They need to tighten up the slider of the phone too. after i took the sticker thing off of the back of the screen, the slider seemed to get a little loose. but i could be imagining things.

  • palomosan

    So the Shadow will be better than the Droid 2 according to those Specs, however the Specs for the supposed Shadow should be for the Droid 2…

    This is what I want in the Droid 2

    1- 4.3 Screen.
    2- 1Ghz processor.
    3- Led Screen, just like the Droid 1
    4- Froyo AkA Android 2.2.
    5- FM + TV Out via HDMI.
    6- LTE Ready.
    7- 1Ghz Rom + 748 of Ram.
    8- 8GB of Internal Memory + 32GB available through SD Card.
    9- 8Mp Camera in the Back and 2Mp Camera in the Front.
    10- A Better Keyboard.
    11- GSM through Verizon so I can use the Beast when I travel overseas.
    12- Black
    13- No Moto Blur, just give it to me with the stock Android.

    I think that's good enough, what you guys think.

    • cpeter753

      this is exactly what i was thinking only a forward facing camera too. i need to skype with the gf because she goes to college in a different state

      • palomosan

        That's what I meant when I said a 2MP camera, the front one.

    • BigMace23

      THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Let's hope this is what the droid 2 will bring us 🙂

    • mkedroid

      I think you hit it right on the nail,only that I want a 1.5 Ghz processor at least. Personally, I could do without the keyboard. I don't use it that much on my Droid. But I like everything else.

  • Ace Z.

    This is the DROID I'm waiting for…

  • dkrussia91

    gonna to be NEXUS 2 with Android 2.2 , for sure 🙂 …

  • I'm hoping NOT just the 1Ghz processor upgrades. Shoot, I'm already overclocking @ 1.2 Ghz.

    This is what I want to see the next gen. of Droid…
    1) 4.3″ AMOLED screen
    2) Front & Back camera.
    3) 1Ghz processor

    Droid does, OTHERS dodn't,……

    This is my dream…wonder what other people thinks of this…….

    • swannick

      Why wouldn't they put an Amoled screen on this phone? Anything else doesn't make sense.

  • Lane252


    ok INCREDIBLES….where are you @. alll you ppl that jumped on the ban wagon of the INCREDINOT, or as i like to call it ERIS 2.

    i told you guys just wait a few months or so and youd be getting a new moto droid, or something from moto that will BLOW us away.
    but no, most of you wanted to dry hump a new idea of a new phone.

    i love my moto droid, and im sure they will make the moto2 or w/e its name will be 10x's better.

    and like MrCapcom says the only thing will “pull me from my DROID, is a DROID with a Snapdragon, and a Keyboard”

    i feel a Droid Revolution being ushered in.

    • Dude I am not trying to get mad at you or anything, but you are not very nice in your posts. you need to settle down a little bit and just let people do what they want, don't rub it in there face. Besides the incredible is still a very good phone and the specs are just as good as the Droid2, but I am sticking with my Droid, so don't think I am for the Incredible, I am just standing up for them.

      • LordJim

        Lighten up, Francis.

        • kellex


          • I am sorry, I just can't stand people who are rude to people. This site is made to help fellow android (mostly droid) users, not make fun of them.

          • Lane252

            i understand….i just cant stand it when some ppl are like oh i love this, i would never give this up and then something new comes along thats a little different and they jump it. they are like man this is so much better, when in all actuality its not that much better. just seems wishy washy to me. you are right the incredible is a great phone, only 2 things i dont like about it is the size and the no physical keyboard. but ur right i wont be rude, just think ppl should wait before they just the gun on things.

            sremex, respect bro.

          • Yea I know what you mean. I am a Droid and will always be a Droid.

      • Lane252

        and im rude to those who bring garbage around, dissing the droid, or putting it down. if it werent for this phone the android os wouldnt be that big because not a lot of ppl like htc.

    • i've been saying that about the Eris on Roids for ages…horrible phone. all hype, no delivery

      • Lane252

        i can agree whole heartedly i mean touch is great, but when touch fails u need a physical keyboard. like the iphone when the screen gets broken it becomes hard to type over the cracks. 🙂

  • greatone_pro

    As far as I'm concerned. The Droid 2 is a 4G MUST! I prefer to remain content with the current droid and would prefer that most development holds off until Verizon starts rolling 4G out starting this fall. Go head to head with the 4G iphone.

    • with serious LTE not rolling out till next year still-regardeless of what Verizon is saying. I doubt the Droid2.0 will be LTE ready. iPhone? maybe. Droid2? Probably not.

      • greatone_pro

        That's why I think they should wait until LTE is ready before naming any new phone or using the Droid as a base for a second coming. Droid is the original iphone competition. There is no need to jump out ahead of themselves when iphone is not going to make a serious play until LTE is ready. For Verizon LTE will be available in 30 major markets by the 4th Qtr of this year.

    • Angel

      The 4G in iPhone 4G stands for 4th generation. I don't believe its slated to be released on a 4G network.

  • dont care for speed but would rather have battery life. Charging 2 times or 3 times day is no fun. I am one of those people constantly worried if I will run out of power what will I do creating – anxiety.

    • I agree, I'm either always charging my droid constantly or have my 3 extra battery with me all the time This ain't fun.

    • brando56894

      I have two chargers: one that came with the phone and one that came with the media dock. I keep the media dock at home and the original charger with me in my bag. I've never without a power source since I'm around computers all day 😀

      But I digress, the battery does get eaten up quickly and rarely ever lasts a full 10-12 hours.

      • cizzlen

        You guys need to go root. My battery is lasting 15-24 hours off a single full charge. 15 hours heavy use, and 24-30 little.

        • I dont agree when i was on a rom my battry died faster.. can explain yourself?

          • Derek R

            Things like SetCPU allow for increased battery life if you profile them correctly. I have mine drastically drop the CPU when the screen is off/charging/etc and only ramp it up when its really needed. I've definitely noticed a huge improvement on battery life. Also, what kernal/ROM/etc you are using makes a difference. How often you turn the screen off and on, how power intensive the apps are, how many apps are running all can run down your battery.

          • andrew401

            I am running Bugless Beast 1.1 and my battery life on my Droid is FANTASTIC! When I was stock it was so bad and I could not get through a workday without charging it. But now that I am rooted I can easily make it 12-15 hours with a lot of use like cizzlen said

    • jizzoizzm

      id love 2.1 or 2.2 on a 4.3in screen but not leaving verizon…droooooiid

    • DroidLocks

      Get an external charger for your droid and an extra battery and you'll never be powerless . I wont get am incredible until I can do the same as with my moto Droid

  • aarynk

    excited for Droid 2… Hopefully Moto doesn't put Blur on the Shadow I was liking the looks of that one but all the other specs look great but the exclusion of the 1ghz

  • as long as they keep updating the current “droid” i dont see me switching, i just signed a new 2 year contract!! and i know i cant afford paying full price for another new phone! lol

  • I have it from a good source that the Droid 2 will be coming out this summer. Should be interesting to see the differences.

    • kellex

      I've heard July. Might have some angry Droid 1 owners. 🙂

      • mkedroid

        That is waaay to soon. I'm just barely getting tapping in to the Droid's potential. (rooted) I mean. Ok, question, is there anywhere I can go to see what a custom rom looks like before I install it? Like all the ones that are in Rom Manager, instead of going through the whole process just to find out you don't like it. Of course this site does a great job, really like new theme fridays. I look forward to it.

  • See only thing that will rip me away from my DROID is a DROID With a Snapdragon and Keyboard lol

  • Chris

    Too many great phones….it would be awesome if Verizon installed some sort of Trade-in policy for your current phone so we wouldn't have to shell out $600 if our plan wasn't up.

    • I know what you mean, you can always call customer service and try to work magic on them, it sometimes works

      • But you've got to make magic in order for that to happen! Some of those reps are brick walls. Typical Verizon cocks.

        • True that, I don't care much for verizons customer service reps

  • a1locjaw

    Hey guy.. just noticed a camera glitch that started this week and this was the only way to send you a note (I didn't see any direct email to you) and I wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem.

    I have a stock 2.1 Droid…..

    I take a picture and it takes sometimes over 5 minutes for that photo to show up in the Gallery. Rebooting the phone didn't seem to improve the performance…

    Also, both in the Camera app and the Gallery app, I'll email (gmail) a note with a photo attached, and the note arrives to the addressee without the photo attached.

    Anyone else have this problem? Just seemed to have started this past week.


    • I've had that problem since 2.1 started.. very frustrating! I even did a factory reset on my phone, and it did help, but it still lags sometimes

    • Angel

      I have the same issue, the most annoying thing EVER when you are trying to see a pic you just took!!

    • jbeise

      i have the same issue with my camera the photos wont show in the gallery until i go in and then exit and back in then the last photos show up.

  • nasunog
  • Ray

    Does anybody else think that the screen should take up the whole front part of the phone verses the quarter of and inch stick out with the talk piece.

    • I've heard that the antennas are in that part that sticks out and reception would be worse if they were under the screen.

  • BRIM

    Its NOT motoRoi…its indeed the SHADOW

  • my Moto Rep did say something nice was coming out around the end of Q2 2010. 🙂

    • kellex

      Tell him Droid Life needs a name 😛

      • i had to harass him for THREE WEEKS to get me a Droid t-shirt. at the time, I was the only one in the store with a Droid! i should of gotten one on that principal alone! im not sure if im prepared to do what it would take to get that information out…

        • kellex

          Haha I hear ya. Wait, I want a Droid shirt. 😛

          • Phase3d

            You deserve one Kellex for everything you have done for Droid here on Droid-Life!

        • mkedroid

          Dude, you cannot come here and say you have a Droid T-shirt and not expect us to want one!!! HOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

          • cpeter753

            wait you didn't get one in the mail? i got a long sleeve t-shirt in the mail after i got my droid. i thought everyone did. lol odd

          • kellex

            That was an east coast promo. I'm guessing you love somewhere northeast?

          • Moeyknight

            I didn't get a shirt. I got a reusable shopping bag. Just as well. They wouldn't have been giving out girly t-shirts anyway.

          • i had to fight with the moto rep, and talk someone out of buying a Blackberry and getting a Droid-RIGHT INFRONT OF HIM just to get the shirt.

            to the best of my knowledge, only NEW subscribers on the East Coast got the “Welcome” package.


          • cpeter753

            I wasn't a new subscriber. I updated my old Moto Q and I still got it. It was just a promo for people that got it when it first came out. And I am not “bastard” sir hahaha :p

          • lol…awesome work.

            Wouldn't it be “bastids” in the NE?

          • cpeter753

            STOP STALKING ME!!! AHHHHHH lol jk yea i do, i didn't know it was only a promo for the NE. i guess i was lucky enough to get one, even though i don't wear it out. i mean dont get me wrong i love my droid but thats like wearing a t-shirt with you're kids face on it… not for me haha

          • mkedroid

            Not cool. I want a Droid shirt. Anyone know where I can get one

            MIGUEL PERALES

  • radioactive2008

    It could be MOTOROI which was released in Korea few months back..

    • whowland

      That's a nice looking phone…

    • deladroid

      ZOMG. If it's that phone, that's what I expect from Motorola. It now makes me look at my Droid as a primitive block of beta'ness when looking at that one… Ugh.

  • Rachel

    I can not WAIT for the Droid 2 to come out…Thats a Definate must for me.lol

  • mcdoogles

    the “shadow” sounds amazing! i didnt really wanna have to go to sprint to get the evo. this is a great solution… if its real and coming out that soon.

  • darkcomartist

    I love my droid to death, but if there's a droid 2 in the near future I may have to get it. May be I can set it up so I can give my droid to the mrs and get the droid 2. Damn, decision, decisions.

    • lol thats exactly what im gonna end up doing. ATM she might be getting the Incredible and I keep the droid and then be like baby you need a keyboard lets switch

  • Wow looks like a lot of good Android phones coming out….glad I got a 1 year contract when I got my Droid!!

    • dsturman

      Great point! I too also only bought a one year contract and with the rate at which technology is changing, I am glad I did that. Everyone should buy down to a one year contract- its not that much more expensive.

      • Josh

        do u get a free upgrade every year by doing that?

        • dsturman

          As far as I know-Yes. Because you have to “buy-down” to a one year contract. If I recall correctly, it cost me $50 extra to “buy-down” to a one year contract. Since Verizon took my $50 as consideration, all my rights and privileges should be in tact including “free” upgrades- the same as a two year contract. This is something that the iPhone and AT&T will NOT let you do, once you sign, they “own” you for two years, bad cell phone coverage and everything.

          • Josh

            ok cool so basically u spend a lil more for the phone cause i just checked verizon's page and on average its about $60-70 more and u can get that discounted price every year hell thats actually a much better deal then the 2yr contract why wouldn't everyone do that cause seriously i have had 6 phones in 3yrs some i just bought of ebay tho

          • dsturman

            Yeah good! So my memory of $50 extra to “buy down” to a one year contract about nine months ago is accurate, given inflation and negotiating skills.

      • Josh

        well not free but a discounted upgrade every year?

      • darkcomartist

        I'm with Verizon on a 2 year contract but as long as I have internet on my device I can have an early upgrade in 1 year. I think there's a $10 hit I have to take but I'd rather do that although to be honest I don't know how much it would be for a 1 year contract so it may be the same or cheaper. Either way, it's another option.

    • loooney2ns

      If you are a “My Verizon” customer, you are entitled to one year upgrades at the current promo price, the same as if you were a new customer. All you have to do is sign up on the website, which makes it easier to manage your account anyway.

  • ajavgeek

    Wish it also has FM Radio. Great choice of day for launch 🙂

    • and/or an HD radio. HD radio is a lot like HD TV — you don't know what you were missing until you get it… and Microsoft devices do HD radio. It appears like some cell chips do FM automatically — it just has to be turned on in software. Not sure why more phones don't do it.

  • EarthlyRay

    Will there be a web camera in our near future? It would be the perfect marriage with Skype.

    • Seriously…..there needs to be a camera on the front of these bad boys…Like Tony Stark has in Iron Man! lol

      • ..you'd think Tony Stark would of been rocking something a little bit more high end than the LG VX9400.

    • kellex

      We can only hope for such awesomeness. The EVO definitely has 2 cameras. 1 front, 1 back.

  • I love it when you link to posts that have been up before so many people visited the site. 0 comments….classic!
    I'm excited for the Droid 2…

    • kellex

      Well a lot of our old comments were lost in the move to the new site. Plus that post was one of the first ever I think. Its ancient!

      • Oooooh. I see. Either way, pretty cool to see the old posts 🙂

  • nkhex19

    I hope thats true about the Droid2, that is gonna be awesome!!! This other phone sounds really cool too. But I will definitely be waiting for the next model of the Droid and like you mentioned in your post I hope the design stays almost the same. Wouldn't mind a bigger screen but the better keyboard is definitely a plus. Guess we will wait and see.

    • kellex

      Apparently the Droid2 will be updated with new goodness, but will have the same basic design which is fine by me.

      • Sounds good to me. im a fan of the white version i've seen w/ the strap loop. That'd be REAL nice!. 🙂

  • Ray

    The droid 2 probably won't come out until at least a year after the orginal though. But I hope it has hdmi output that would be sick.

  • Adam

    Sounds great, but the MotoBlur 2.1

    • motoblur is such an insane fail. seriously. i hate it so much

      • Josh

        can always root it and use a custom rom

        • yeah but theres no EASY (ie: through DroidMod) way to root 2.1 yet. at least one that doesnt involve reflashing the one using RSDLite and all that other crazy jazz.

          Koush should add the ability to Root to ROM Manager dammit!

          • mortiz1978

            I will buy the Droid 2 and give My droid too my fiancee!!

          • i thought about that..then i realized. the wife already has a droid…..

            damn it.

            guess I could always start the kids off early…..