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Thursday Poll: Android 2.2 or Flash 10.1?

It seems like just yesterday that the official Android 2.1 OTA update was rolling out to our Motorola Droids doesn’t it?  And over the past week, we’ve seen a ton of chatter surrounding a 2.2 update plus the release of Flash 10.1!  In fact, both are rumored to be showing up sometime in May which seems fairly unbelievable, but at the same time, very believable.  Pure craziness.

So we want to know though, which are you more excited about?  I know that Android 2.2 is quite the mystery and may just be a bug fixer, but the thought has to have you somewhat giddy.

As always, feel free to share your reasons.

  • tonytbone7883

    will flash 10.1 work if I install Droid black ultimate?

  • dalewisguy

    WELL I don't know about others but i think this 2.1 update is horriable….. it slow.. many bugs to be worked out

  • brando56894

    I would like to have flash more than android 2.2 but then again 2.2 will most likely include JIT and better ram management via the use of a new linux kernel.

  • LinZbee

    No contest – Flash 10.1. I had wanted that over Android 2.1, but alas, I didn't get my way…

  • LinZbee

    No contest: Flash 10.1. I had wanted to get that over Android 2.1, but alas, I didn't get my way…

  • Say cheese……now watch for the Flash

  • BOTH & ASAP 🙂

    just be/stay competitive to the iPhone market 😀

  • chilepablo

    I'm a newbie to the ROM hack with SPRecovery. I've seen it asked a few times…do we get updates like 2.2 or Flash if we are rooted this way? If not, what would we need to do to see that we get this stuff?

  • pyroholtz

    I'd like to say I'm looking forward to Flash but I'm worried that this will bring about more ads and just another way to drain battery. I'm not convinced Flash will really enrich my experience all that much. To be honest, I wish they'd skip the Flash bandwagon and bring about HTML5 support. But, then again in order for HTML5 support to make sense, more sites need to implement it.

    I'd like to see the OS upgraded to support more features that the custom ROMs do. And, auto-update sounds like a great idea, why not just provide an 'update all' option? Maybe I don't want to get updates for certain apps because they have known problems. But sitting through the update process one at a time for 5 or more apps is agonizing.

    Just my $0.02

  • mkedroid

    ok. dumb question. Since a lot of us here are rooted, what do we need to do to get the 2.2 update if and when it rolls out? Kinda new to this.

  • palomosan

    By large we need Flash on out phones, 2.2 can be ported or something like an upgrade, pretty simple.

  • ViggS

    Flash!!!!! Baby

  • robinfriday2

    and why is it every other phone has an easy way to watch movies..heck even vcast..but all i am stuck with is you tube?? any help would be appreciated..isnt there a simple site i can just go to to downoad them via my droid??ugg

  • robinfriday2

    anyone see the ipod running android..now thats an impressive hack

    • andrew401

      that's about the only good thing the iphone can do. and even then it's still a little gay

  • robinfriday2

    did someone say landslide? looks like 2.1 was pretty unimpressive…downgraded the gallery to add a gimmick..helixlauncher 2 is better than the whole 2.1 update…bring on flash

  • Only way I'm getting excited about Android 2.2 is if all capable Android phones get it @ the exact same time without any of the delay that came with 2.1. Other than that, Flash is much more important.


  • Meticode

    Hell, I'll take having access to the Flash 10.1 Beta over having 2.2.

  • hawgpapa

    It's like my Harley – I am always wanting something bigger, faster and better looking. Problem is there isn't much farther to go up! Bring on Flash and 2.2. My insatiable appetite for more will never stop. It is too addicting…

  • darkcomartist

    I don't know, I wasn't so disappointed with 2.1. I've never rooted so that's probably why but I'd prefer something that enhances my everyday experience in mulitiple apps rather than something that only enhances my web experience (with the exception of games). I'm hoping 2.2 will be what everyone thought 2.1 would be.

  • maizekidstill

    If your rooted then we will have all the 2.2 stuff soon
    So bring me flash

  • berto79

    Mine would be 2.2, I hope the 2.2 also fixes the 16bit (gallery)and brings it back to the 24bit..or whatever bit it was cuz after hearing people talking about it(which I never notice until Kellex brought it up) I started looking at my pictures and I can hella tell….the flash would just sweetin up the deal.

  • I read somewhere where 2.2 will include more RAM

    • leo7747

      That would be sweet!

  • I'll use Family Guy as a reference:
    “A boat's a boat, but the mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat! You know how much we wanted one of those!”

  • MichaelC

    How about OS update that will come with flash? and this is totally off topic here, but what's up with no speed dial on keypads? Such a hassle creating folder with “Direct Dial” shortcuts in it!

    • stang6790

      There is an app called quick dial (free trial about $4 for the full version) which I think is awesome. I hated not having a speed dial and tried all methods including the direct dial shortcuts until I found this app. You can have up to 36 speed dials with photos for each contact. You can make a call with two clicks (1 on the quick dial icon and the second on your speed dial contact). As a bonus you can also get rid of the annoying call log in the options.

      • MichaelC

        Thanks Stang6790! I think its retarded how Motorola engineers left it out. Or does this apply to all Android phones? hmmm…

  • 1barlog17

    I had such high expectations and waited so long for the 2.1 update, only to be let down.Almost wishing this update didn't come out. I've had so many bugs after the update. I was under the impression the update was going to improve our Droids not downgrade them. Don't get me wrong the new features are cool but they seem to slow the phone down, and I know this badboy has the power to run all this stuff,so why can't they get it right? I think the flash upgrade will be something that will improve our Droids way more than what I've seen with the Android updates.

  • droidocd

    I read somewhere if u root using SPrecovery, u block future ota updates…anyone know if this is true?

  • ssjnimma

    totally of subject but how bout that sweet NFL app that came out… not even working for the most important part of the season the NFL DRAFT!!! HAHAHAHa wow…

  • Angel

    Live wall papers were the only good thing?? Really!?!? What about multi touch?? Hello!?!?

  • morpheus282

    I'm waiting for native Android support of Exchange security. If 2.2 will get me a little closer to it, then bring it on (along with 2.3, 2.4… whatever it takes). Flash would be great, but unless it'll get me a little closer to not using a third party app that doesn't fully integrate with the phone in order to sync with my work e-mail then I can wait a little longer.

  • DroidnewB

    i'm fairly new to the droid os. was real excited when moto droid came out…had to have one, got one on release date!!!(came from blackerry) was pleased with what it had to offer and its future potential in it's customization. #1 reason i purchased droid was for the flash player, but bummed when it wasn't avail on rd. so i highly rate flash 10.1 as priority 1!!!
    i stumbled upon this site a few months ago, and this is my go to site for moto droid news, updates, tips&tricks, awesome apps, and anything else droid. i'm on here everyday now! DROID LIFE is the s**t!!! keep up the good work!!!

  • DudeManCentral

    Hmmm. lets see on one side the finishing touches to getting the full web experience or some update that might or might not degrade the our gallery quality again or maybe music this time.. oh yeah, we'll be able to to auto update apps…gee, thats kinda big I guess..?…..
    Flash 10.1!!!; its the only thing I've wanted since I got the thing.. well maybe now, I'd like my old gallery back. And how did that deciscion get made in the first place?? I used to show off the beautiful pictures at full 24bit now I hide and hope no one asks… I'd give up the stupid 3D affect to get the old decent gallery back ANYDAY…… no brainer it would seem…

  • Billyhouse

    If this update means unrooting again for bug fixes I'll go with flash. Hope it's not part of the update.

  • country83

    I really don't care about what roms they come out with. I've been running cyanogen mod for a while now and i don't see myself going to stock ever again. Bring on the FLASH!!!!!

  • Moeyknight

    Where's my FLASH, AAAAAAAAAAAAH! guy?

  • Flash is actually something we can look forward to (actually being some what reliable) Verizon with their updates…… not so much

  • Jeff

    Flash will only be exciting if it doesn't suck. Truth is, Flash is a resource pig. I was pretty excited about before, but after seeing it actually running on the N1, I have to say…Meh. I think 2.2 will bring more to the table in terms of usefulness.

  • iApex

    Flash, for the games!

  • antrison

    Hulu. I want to watch Hulu on the phone. Just because I'll be able to. Come one Flash!

  • mcdoogles

    No contest Flash… Google needs to get all phones up to 2.1 before sending out a new OS that only 2 phones are gonna have and the rest have to wait 28956389128641 months to get.

    • JC13

      Google isn't in control when it comes to getting “other phones” up to 2.1 (unless its the N1)

      • mcdoogles

        thats not true… at all… google still have to write the code to work on every phone. the manufacturers then take it and add whatever they want on top of googles base code. htc, moto, and dell rnt writing theyre own base android code. if google doesnt write the code the manufacturers cant update the os.

  • nkhex19

    Well if 2.2 is mainly gonna be bug fixes (from what we speculate, still no clue what it will include) I have gone with the minor bugs and such this long that I would rather have flash and get to experience video streaming and online gaming and such then to just have a few add ons and fixes.

  • kind of hard to vote for something when you dont know what it will include but we do know what flash will include…tons of videos and games…the possiblities are endless

  • Jonathan

    My thoughts are that Flash will open up so much more accessibility for web stuff on the Droid and like you said, 2.2 is still a mystery right now, except for the potential Auto Update (win!). So right now I'm more excited about Flash.

    And with Apple doing SO well with their developer relations…(sarcasm…) I love how they keep excluding potential by making things Apple only. That just opens the door for so much more on other devices, particularly the Droid.

    Soon Apple won't…but Droid still will.

  • J. glenn

    I want to hurry and get the Flash so that I can show it off to all my iPhony friends.

  • machinegun68

    I'm not even sure what 2.2 has to offer, but if 2.1 was any preview….bring on flash.

    • US_Marine_beta

      HAHA. Definitely

  • erica

    They need to fix the whole randomly deleting my messages and pictures showing up late in the gallery in 2.1 one. The only good thing about 2.1 is the live wallpaper. Other then that… oh wait, no thats it!

    • I had this problem as well a couple times….SUCKS

    • Moeyknight

      I agree. The late picture thing is annoying.

  • funkyg

    Where's the BOTH button!!??

    • kellex

      Cuz I want you to pick one over the other. I'm semi-evil like that. 🙂

      • funkyg

        Yes… Yes you are…

        • cylentz

          yes, both would have been a good one. But yes you are evil like that, kellex, lol

      • adams

        i choose both :p

  • kellex

    Ooh Flash off to an early lead. Understandably so.

  • kellex

    Ooh Flash off to an early lead. Understandably so.

    • tkimball00

      why don't they just add flash to the 2.2 then we wouldn't have this problem

      • I'd rather not have any application updates bundled with OS updates. Nothing is worse than waiting for an application that could have independent to be updated because the device manufacturer is dragging their feet and the only way to update the app is through an OS upgrade.

        • tkimball00

          that is a very good point

      • Flash is probably too big to be included in the system files. There isn't much room left in there.