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Download: HelixLauncher 2 V.07

Your favorite launcher which includes 4 persistent apps plus the 3D app drawer is back and available in the market for your Motorola Droid!  (I told you this was going to be a great week didn’t I?)  Yep, the HelixLauncher 2 is back and fully working on the Droid.

As you’ll notice from the screenies I just capped, the launcher button has in fact been moved back to the middle.  And why is that?  Because Droid Life readers said that’s where they wanted it!  You’ll also notice that you can remove the glass dock from the app bar which was a nice touch from Faruq.

Enjoy!  (And remember to donate if you haven’t already.)

*Note 1* – This app is for everyone!  Rooted and non-rooted users.

*Note 2* – If for some reason you are seeing force closes, try removing widgets from other launchers.


Download Link

  • gadgitgurl

    This app worked great for 2 weeks until it started force close loops with gmail and market. I couldn't read my email nor download new apps. I had to do a hard reset and and reload everything. Anyone else have this issue?

  • gadgitgurl

    This app worked great for a couple of week until it caused force close errors on my gmail and market. I couldn't get new apps or read my email. I had to do a hard reset on my Droid and reload everything. Anyone else have this issue?

  • mygixxer

    Anyone gone to GDE or Open home with Helix 2 being so slow? I dont want to do it but Helix is making my phone terribly slow

  • MG.

    My phone is not going into sleep mode anymore? I have helix2 installed on stock 2.1 DROID. I thought it mite be handcent but I had not issues until the upgrade from helix1. None of the timer options are working anymore. I have to push the power button for it to sleep.

  • 1xiii3

    i had go back to the v1 cause it was to damn laggy on my moto droid and i dont have that many apps on it

  • 1xiii3

    i had go back to the v1 cause it was to damn laggy on my moto droid and i dont have that many apps on it

  • I can't stand the 3D app tray — even overclocked to 1.1 with nonessential apps killed, it still runs very sluggish on my Droid (it's the only thing that does). Someone mentioned there was a version of HLv2 w/out the 3D app tray — link?

  • Michael C.

    Great update, but is causing major delay and issues. Needs improvement!

  • droiddidit

    Have you guys noticed any delay when you click on the “phone” icon with non-stock launchers? I find the dealy really frustrating.

    I wish the droid had a dedicated phone button or at least a built in dock available on all 3 screens.

  • mrgimpy

    What is the time and weather widget you are using?

    • mrgimpy

      nvm i found out.

  • LTD10

    hope everyone had a happy 4/20 😉 I did!!

  • Thegoldendroid

    I wish I could just get someone to root my droid for me… is anyone in new orleans?

  • Thegoldendroid

    Ok guys someone help me out.. I installed it but the notification bar is still white.. I want it to look like the one on the screenshots that kellex has up.. what am I doing wrong?

    • That the theme he has applied that makes the notification bar black (and the diff icons up there).

      Sounds like you figured out that it needs to be rooted to get there, though.

      • brisal73

        What are the steps to get this done?… can't figure it out.. and l like the of the black notification bar.

      • Thegoldendroid

        yea but on 4/20 I just cant seem to find th energy!

  • mnkyhead

    I love the new app drawer with the home button, would like to be able to remove the bounce. v2 seems to have slow my phone down a little; coming back from sleep takes a little longer, portrait to landscape is a little slower. hitting home while in some apps seems to take a little longer to respond. Thinking about going back to v1, but I really like the app drawer…

  • mayhem55

    Removed other widgets from other launchers and still get force closes currently using HelixLauncher1 with no problems. Have installed and reinstalled when home key is pressed screen goes blank.

  • AK

    damnit.. I just payed for the Clockwork Mod Launcher…But i love the dedicated icon option Helix offers.

    • Tom

      You are also supporting Koush with that small fee. Also he will continue to dev for it. so its all good.

  • ozzy0086

    has anybody noticed that it goes back to the old homescreen then swithces to helix

  • Is there any way to change the 'Launcher icon” with one of your own? The square boxes are way too simple.

  • n0m0n

    Well I again tried checking out helix2 but its SO SO slow when you call the draw up.
    The app's take what feels like for ever to populate.

    It'll it operates at a quicker rate its helix1 for me. 🙁

  • snodrtrider

    Link would not open using the barcode image so I used the phone and opened the link. It takes you to the market where I downloaded Helix2 and installed it. I thought I had the wrong (older) version that had problems on Droid but everything seems to be working fine.
    Under Application Manager it tells me it is Version 9??? Is this the correct one that everyone else is using?

    Stock Droid running 2.1


  • Juan

    Question guys.. I flashed sprecovery to the 2.1 update just like kellex showed on the video and down loaded simply stunning rom. But when I do the update.zip function it says that install from sdcard done but the progress bar gets stuck at like 25%. Any thoughts ideas on what could be the problem? Thanks Best site!!!

  • RLJSlick

    Good update, though it FC a few times, and it's sluggish. I think I will stick with 1 until a update or 2.

  • LTD10

    Im unrooted and tried the helix 2. It forced closed every other minute. I loved it when it worked. It was also very slow. I had to uninstall, after setting all my widgets and folders up. Miffed me quite a bit. Someone let me know when and if it gets more stable.

    • timarnette

      Did the same thing to me!!!!!

  • Drew

    Not sure if I just didn't notice it in 1, but 2 has the ability to turn off the app names, which I know I had at least commented on here about before. Would love to see the positioning of the icons change and maybe increase in size a little bit in relation to not having the names there, but loving 2 so far!

  • palomosan

    What happen to the 3D app launcher.

  • jerbush91

    got it rocks and the speed is doing great on the overclocked droid

  • WARNING!!!! Too many force closes. Especially when running live wallpapers, it force closes really often. When the phone in landscape mode, it force closes all the time. Please fix this issues. Thanks! BTW, I never had any problems with the previous Helix2 launcher.

    • Jer

      Ya, also having trouble with Beautiful Home…..anyone else?

  • fatboy1184

    how do u get the black notifacation bar do u need to be rooted or is it part of the live wall paper

  • dylan84

    How does this compare to Clockworkmod launcher, which I'm currently running.