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Enter the “What’s your favorite app?” Contest

Want to attend a red carpet event that is yet to be determined?  (I know that sounds weird right?)  The VZW Droid peeps are running some sort of contest which simply asks, “What’s your favorite app?”  If you follow this link, you can fill out a basic form, choose 1 of 6 apps listed, create a story around that app and you are entered.

Apparently the ads for this contest were first seen in magazines and may have even featured your name if you were a subscriber.  Gotta love marketing.

I checked out the prize page it it seriously doesn’t specify what red carpet event you’ll be attending.  It could be your local Har Mar Superstar album release party for all we know.  Still, it’s free to enter.  Think about it anyway.

And if you don’t feel like entering the contest, feel free to share with the rest of us your REAL favorite apps.

Mine would be…

1.  Hootsuite
2.  Foursquare
3.  Timeriffic

  • ripple1973

    1.Beautiful Widgets

  • ripple1973

    1.Beautiful Widgets

  • jotsikitas

    i would probably have to say the swype keyboard

  • Brando

    In no specific order:
    1. Rom Manager
    2. App Organizer
    3. xscope
    4. Discovery Channel App
    5. E! Channel App
    6. FML
    7. Gentle Alarm
    8. Mixzing
    9. Shh! Auto Silencer
    10. Engadget

  • NewDroidOrder

    Ok, lets see here:
    1. Handcent SMS
    2. Quick Settings <— this is awesome! allows u to control a lot about your phone and you can have it in ur notification bar for easy access even when in other apps. This is a win, it should be my #1 but I text all the time
    3. eBuddy <— keeps you in contact with all your messaging needs (facebook, msn…ect)
    4. Seesmic/tweetcaster <— yes, I use both.
    5. PhoneMyPC <— Remotely access your PC from your phone. So if I need to, this is my way around not having flash on my DROID yet.
    6. SetCPU
    7. ROM Manager
    8. Titanium Backup
    9. Astro
    10. Load Monitor is a pretty cool app I found, it can be placed in the notification bar and lets you see how much stress is being put on your system.

    And of course there are a ton of other apps that I use on a daily basis:
    -xScope Browser is my new favorite browser, the themes and all that really make it cool and its fast as hell.
    -TempMonitor (paid of free, doesnt matter) lets you see current system temperature at all times by adding it to you notification bar. I really rely on this from time to time when I'm using new things on my phone like CPU speeds and other things that have to do with being rooted.

    check'm out guys!

  • Doolidg

    You know I was just thinking….we need a Droid Life app that would be in the top 3 for sure…hey Kellex you should hit koush up for it….

  • Doolidg

    I would have to say my top three would have to be

    1.advanced task killer
    2.voice search

  • peggsie

    My favorites
    1. Handcent
    2. Swype
    3. Shazam – never could remember song titles
    4. Mixzing lite
    5. Astro

  • fireproof1905

    what's the best app for screen shots on my droid… i saw kellex mention drop cap or something but not sure any help would be awesome

  • Lauren

    top 5 would be:

    1. Maps/Navigation
    2. NewsRoom
    3. Beautiful Widgets
    4. CardioTrainer
    5. ChompSMS (before the ads)

  • uhhhhh

    timerific,sportstap, daily strip, diablogolf, chompsms, twidroid, weatherwidgets, and motophoneportal.

    tryin out opera mini 5 today and likin the speed, anyone prefer this over the default or viceversa?

  • briderx

    My favorite app is called “Suspended Animation”. When you press the “Suspend” button (you have to be laying down for it to work) it puts you into suspended animation. Once the specified time hits, the Droid automatically switches to “reanimation” and brings you back. It's a very innovative feature exclusive to the Droid. We tried porting it to the iPhone, but the capabilities of that device were too crappy and ended up killing the tester.

    It has some pretty detailed settings such as:
    “Date” – Probably the most useful feature. You can choose a preset date or create one of your own. A couple of presets are “2.1 release speculation” or “2.1 Actual Release”. Also has “Flash 10.1 release speculation” or “Flash 10.1 Actual Release” And has a beta called “Your guess is as good as Verizons!”- The dates are typically months away from each other in this program.

    “Mental Break” – When you just need a time out. Press this button, and your Droid will put you into suspended animation for 10 minutes.

    “Snooze” – Press this button to stay suspended for another month. Very handy when Verizon, Motorola or Google delay a feature or update for a month past the “Release date”. – Probably my favorite feature.

    “Misery” – When you can't handle waiting any longer and just need an easy exit. Will ease the pains from the constant letdowns in life.

    This program is feature rich, but sadly it's not available to the public yet.

  • I'm going out on a limb and guessing that “Wireless Tether for Root Users” would not get me an invite.

  • CoDash

    Of the six… NONE.
    Some of the best apps I have found, and the ones that I use the most often:
    In no order:
    – Handsent <- awesome messenger
    – Seesmic <- best twitter client
    – Foursquare <- Check in
    – PoliceStream <- addictive scanner
    – SportsTap
    – PicSay
    – Advanced Task Killer <- a must
    – Digg
    – Dolphin Browser <- best browser
    – eBay
    – FunTowers

    I really appreciate the APP REVIEWS from kellex.

    Are there any other apps that ANYONE can suggest/recommend?

    Whats your favorites?

  • Michael_NM

    How about our favorite app that hasn't been released yet?

    I vote for Droid Life.

    • I'm a time traveler!!!!! hahah DROID-LIFE APP lol
      Sucks haha jk

      • Michael_NM

        Did you come back to April 15th to pay your taxes? LOL

        In the future, you should start your own blog with witty rantings. 😛

        • low blow! low blow!

          • Michael_NM

            All in fun Brotato. 🙂

          • Besides, that was a test rant……dont you worry. plenty of amazing ish instore 😉

  • Jay

    ROM Manager, SetCPU, RootExplorer, CacheMate, AutoKiller, WiFi Buddy, Titanium Backup, Battery Left, Juice Defender, CauseWorld, Places Directory, twicca, xScope

    I just realized that a good portion of those require root access… lol

  • Chris

    Beautiful Widget! If that can count as an app

  • saimin

    Google Voice

  • Keith

    From their list:
    Aloqa. it's the most useful

    Coolest one:
    Google sky

    I have some of those on my droid but here are 10 more I use more often (aka my favorite apps):

    1. NewsRob
    2. Seesmic
    3. Pandora
    4. Aldiko
    5. SportsTap
    6. Timeriffic
    7. Astro
    8. Touchdown
    9. Google Maps
    10. Hoccer

  • kulz

    out of their 6, definitely Google Sky Map.

  • nkhex19

    Handcent SMS
    NFL Mobile
    Music Junk

    • phenom

      Wow, Yea.. I bet *most* people are using Handcent.. I even have family members using it and they love it… On the HTC Hero, Droid, and Eris. Handcent is probably the finest 'replace a stock app' that I've come across.

  • Jack

    I tried Timeriffic, but settles on Settings Profile. I think it is a lot better and more polished. I used foursquare for a little while, but uninstalled it. I still check-in using the check.in website, but definitely prefer Gowalla.

    I haven't looked at Hootsuite.

  • Sacchin

    They wouldn't put apps that require a rooted phone, such as ROM Manager or SetCPU, right? I mean, rooting does void your warranty and Verizon's stance is against it.

  • ROM Manager

  • ircmaxell

    For me, the ones I use most often are:

    1. Scoreboard
    2. DroidLight (seriously, I use this all the time)
    3. GolfCard
    4. Pandora
    5. Places

    • braydenn

      mototorch is the BEST led flashlight app, great widget!

      • phenom

        Agreed, MotoTorch FTW.

  • Wow…so funny story. I better when this! lol
    I chose the Google Sky Map because my girlfriend recently named a star after me. Cute right??? lol
    Using computers I was never really able to locate the star and see it with my own two eyes.
    But using the coordinates on Sky Map, I was able to see my star. Pretty cool app!

  • Nölff, esq.

    ROM Manager isn't on the list 🙁

  • Octotron

    I entered… of the 6 I picked Google Sky Map… love it.

  • Michael_NM

    Cool idea. I think VZW's support for the platform is great, but why can't I pick my favorite app. Of the six, I would pick Google Sky Map, because after seeing it in action, that's what attracted me to Android. However, Maps/Navigation is my favorite and it's not a candidate.