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Wednesday Poll: Why Root your Motorola Droid?

One of the top questions I see each week has to be, “What are the pros and cons of rooting?”  It’s a great question and one I probably should have attempted to answer some time ago.  I know we’ve been covering more and more custom ROM and rooting stuff, and it seems only fair to give those of you on the fence a breakdown.

Let’s do this…I’ll give you the top 3 reasons I have and then I’ll let the rest of our custom ROM crowd take to the comments with their reasons.  When this is all said and done, it should give you a pretty good idea of why many of us have chosen to go this route.

My reasons!

1.  Sense of Power: Once you have rooted, overclocked and installed a custom ROM a few times, you really feel like you have total control over your device.  At one time, I was one the fence as well, but once I took the jump I instantly said, “What was I waiting for?”  To have the ability to manipulate almost anything on my device at any time is one of the main reasons I bought this phone and rooting helps me take full advantage.

2.  Custom Look: The developer crowd for Android that works at creating custom themes is amazing.  Some of the looks and feels of the custom ROMs out there will blow your mind.  When the Droid was initially rooted and the first custom ROMs were out, it was a pretty ugly scene (smoked glass = icky), but now your options are almost endless.  You could seriously have a new look on your Droid each day of the week for a month.

3.  Apps and Overclocking: The added apps you have access to really matters to me.  Wifi hotspot anyone?  Screenshots?  And who doesn’t like to speed up their device?  This sort of goes back to reason 1 and the sense of power and control.  Rooting really just opens you up to another world which has zero restrictions.

And now it’s your turn.  Why are you rooted?

  • Dougpar05

    Will I be able to remove Verizon’s bloat-ware?

  • Dcisneros86

    i cant seem to be able to download the program to root my droid please help

  • Sfdfsfdf

    Cause I can, and its free

  • dizzy

    1. VPN to CISCO aggregator
    2. Custom ROM (shell)

  • dizzy

    1. VPN to CISCO aggregator
    2. Custom ROM (shell)

  • RockitMike

    Any idea how long it'll be before I'll be able to root my FRG22D?

  • Railrider

    Mike, If you are rooted, go to the market and search for Wireless Tether, I am using version 2.0.2 ( the only version I think) I can confirm that it does indeed work on the Original Droid, Used it today to gain internet access for my kids Ipod Touch. It's not blazing fast but it DOES WORK!

  • Mike

    how do i do wifi tethering?

  • Railrider

    Mike, If you are rooted, go to the market and search for Wireless Tether, I am using version 2.0.2 ( the only version I think) I can confirm that it does indeed work on the Original Droid, Used it today to gain internet access for my kids Ipod Touch. It's not blazing fast but it DOES WORK!

  • Mike

    how do i do wifi tethering?

  • The350zWolf

    1- Custom ROMS running Froyo! (thanks to unlocked bootloader, Droid exclusive)
    2- 1 GHz overclocked cpu
    3- WiFi Tether

    Droid rocks!

  • I did it mostly for the custom look. I now even have a custom boot image (no more of that stupid Motorola logo).
    The increased performance is nice as well. I am working on getting a custom boot animation that is custom to me.

  • Kd7qys

    because I can

  • Sput

    This worked great on my Droid. Now I feel like I can take on the whole Empire myself.

  • Bucknut89

    I cannot use anything stock i customize everything. Toeing the line is not my style. the biggest reason is i want my devices to be as individual as I am. I love the Wi-Fi hot spot also.

  • Dsalinas1985

    this is all new to me.. I want to rood but like some people, dont wanna have a paper weight on my hands.. i just thik i would be cool to learn something new and like most of you said. have more control over the phone and. Is there Different types of rooting? or is it all pretty much the same? IF so what one is the best one.

    • Mrpicolas

      As long as you can follow the directions posted on this site you will be fine

  • Skimpniff

    Wifi Tethering, the rest is fun and entertaining, but tethering is the money shot.

    • Chris.Go

      Finally a winner!

  • Anthony

    I am interested in rooting my Droid, but I have so many questions! I have the 2.1 OS update that Verizon gave me about a few months ago. If I were to want to revert my phone back to stock, how can I get it back to regular 2.1 instead of the “out of the box” 2.0.1 OS? With 2.2 OS coming, and if I have to revert to 2.0.1 again, how would I get 2.2 back? In many screenshots I've seen in the lock screen where it usually says “Verizon Wireless” (top right corner) that there will be some other text, like Ultimate Droid, etc. Does that mean that I am no longer using Verizon Service? I don't want to entirely break away from VZW, but the custom ROMs (giving my phone a whole new look) is what I mainly want.

    • Anthony

      Also, if I were to root now, and when VZW finally started sending out the 2.2 OS update, would I still get it? or would I have to manually get the update (again, the fear of breaking away from VZW and Moto entirely)

  • Steve G.

    I bought my Droid from Best Buy and got their warranty making me able to return the phone no questions asked 3 times a year. I scuffed it a week ago and just brought it back. new invsashield and phone. In and Out in 15 minutes

    • Chris.Go

      Cool story bro!

  • jstell

    1. Overclocking
    2. Custom Roms
    3. Wifi Hotspot – All my friends have iPhones and iPads. They always try to tell me I'm crazy for not wanting one… that was until last weekend when on a road trip. It sure shuts those Apple zealots up when they have to connect their iPad (it was a 3G iPad too. There was no AT&T coverage in central Florida) to my Droid Tether over wifi! I lol'd for about 15 minutes in the car while reading them the SSID and password for my hotspot.

    • Jarrisw

      You should have made them say “Droid Does” before you gave it to them!

    • Haydensdroid

      omg, way to stick the humiliation to apple freaks lol!!!!!!!!!

  • PsychoticPenguin

    Keeping up with the Joneses I suppose. See all that you can do being rooted, and having just a bit more control of the phone.

    I broke down over the weekend and rooted. It was made possible by Kellex's video instructions, so simple now I wonder why I waited so long?

    What type of overclocking are most people going with?

  • PsychoticPenguin

    Keeping up with the Joneses I suppose. See all that you can do being rooted, and having just a bit more control of the phone.

    I broke down over the weekend and rooted. It was made possible by Kellex's video instructions, so simple now I wonder why I waited so long?

    What type of overclocking are most people going with?

  • storm33x

    Im rooted because i love the WIFI tether. I love being in control of my phone too

  • sonicboomin

    im installing the cyanogenmod for first time today when there is a newer version do i need to wipe data/cache again? is that same process for a theme for cyanogenmod?

  • jklein

    How were you able to return to stock? That's the only thing that is stopping me from rooting. I want to be able to return to stock, just in case something goes wrong.

  • Whats batt life after rooting and changing processor to 250-800?

    • dylan84

      I havent noticed much change at all in battery life even after overclocking up to 1ghz.

    • Chris.Go

      SetCPU is crap. Just get Saphire with auto speeds LV 1.0 done deal. .7 has a couple issues with market and voice/location soon to be fixed in next release they I got from IRC.

  • Brando

    Because its awesome and I mod all the electronics that I have. Plus Im a linux geek and like to customize stuff to my liking.

    • Rechbo

      I have jolicloud loaded on my MSI wind and have not been able to get any of the wifi tethering programs to work. I have gotten the wifi tether to work on the windows xp partition of my MSI wind. Has anyone gotten wifi tethering to work on Jolicloud?

  • droidipad

    My Reason.

    I wanted to using my phone as a wifi router for my ipad and ipod touch (barnacle wifi FREE) . Works like a charm. Even the iphone can't do that without jail breaking it. Droid+ipad= Sweet smell of success.

  • MrRagamufin773

    Finally it worked i had to put my phone in wifi mode and download it directly to my phone renamed to update.zip, put it in my sd root and went into recovery and everything worked flawlessly workin wit jrummy cyanogen blue theme and BOOM rooted. thanks for all the help that was givin to me. i really appreciate it guys.

  • jbstutes

    i rooted for fredom of choise,thats what makes open soruce so great.

  • nkhex19

    Overclocking and experiencing different ROM's.

  • Marc

    Overclocking and Wifi tethering.

  • fred80

    OK… sticking my toe in the water but I have a couple of dumb questions first. I saw Titanium recommended for backup but the only one I see says Root – but I'm not rooted – yet, so what is the recommended approach for backup before rooting? And second, where do I get the SPRecovery file?

    • Chris.Go

      Just backup your SD Card cause the rest is lost anyway.

  • Some were asking about how to root with a Mac, found this link http://www.machackpc.com/headline/how-to-root-m

  • Thegoldendroid

    Ok screw it! Im doing it now. I just got off of work… I already have 2.1.. could soem please tlak to me like Im stupid and tell me what step or which video to watch..remember I have 2.1. I know u rooted guys are gettin a little irritated with us non-nooters, but u gotta understand how scared we are…. For me I dont care about the warranty(My Verizon store is in the palm of my hand) but all my apps and everything else… I just want the process to be a smooth as possible.. and if I dont do it now Ill chicken out again!

    • earz

      i say do it bro. i was pretty scared myself to root my phone. but i had a few drinks the other night and i got the courage to do it… and i have to say it was pretty damn easy. if i remember correctly start by following this video http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/13/video-flas

      • Thegoldendroid

        Im convinced.. Im going thru with it…Im preparing everything now..what
        about all my apps, contacts, mms, and emails, basically all personal
        information that im guessign gets wiped clean but I dont wanna lose

        • earz

          all the apps and contacts were still there. except the apps that i dragged onto the sd card from my pc.. .i had to install those again. textmessages will be cleared out.. as far as emails.. i have gmail so all i had to do was sign back into gmail and it was all there.

          • Thegoldendroid

            OK I can deal with that.. Im using wavesecure to back up my text messages and call logs. An of course I have Gmail …thats a given right? I dont get the people trying to use yahoo on google phones!

          • earz

            yeah…..never got the yahoo thing lol…. goodluck with the rooting

          • melissa

            What about your pictures…will those all still be there if I root?

    • earz

      and then if you want a custom rom.. follow this video.

      mind you.. i was a total noob when i did this. i knew absolutely nothing on how to do any of this

  • wags0802

    how do i get a rom on my driod? im not good with these type of thigs and would like to have mine to be rom. if any one can help me it wouold be great ty

  • Dracul

    I have 2 agree w/ everything bout that has been said bout rooting. B4 I Got my Droid, I was stuck w/ what they wanted the phone 2 do, felt like I was in prison. I really wanted another phone & luck had it, my sister handed me the add section of the paper & I saw the add 4 the Droid. it was like the Heavens opened and the Angels sung “HALLELUJAH!!” lol. I truned 2 youtbe & found a boat load of vids. From what I saw on youtube w/ all the custom ROMs & all the things that can b done when rooted,yeah this was for me. I'm rooted and will never look back or 2 another phone. A Rooted Droid is really the only way 2 go 4 me.

  • AC

    i hate seeing a really cool app and having it say “rooted only” i want to root so bad but i am scared that despite the amazing amount of help available from this site, i will get stuck at some stage of the process because of my lack of understanding and ruin my droid.

    from what i can read, i have 2.1 update and a mac so i cannot use the sprecovery? even if this is incorrect i feel overwhelmed with flashing and recovering things.

  • just rooted my droid yesterday and love the feeling of knowing that my droid is running faster and looks sexier than my friend's droids

  • Gunner

    1. Overclocking
    2. Speeeeeeeed
    3. ?
    4. Profit

  • lostredneck

    1) overclocking – 550 mhz jsut want enough
    2) enhanced utility – ther is so much more that a Droid can do if it is rooted
    3) custom look – nextheme on my ultimate droid looks way better that anyting ahome is offering
    4) I am a Geek it was expected – really I am a geek, my riends and co workers truely expected me to do something like this to my Droid the minute i got it they were dissapointed that i waited 2 months

  • Billyhouse

    I hope this is not to far off subject but i hope someone can answer it. I'm running cyanogen 505.7 with bekits 1.2 kernal and i did everything in rom manager. If i need to go back to rooted 2.1 or just flash a different rom i can do that in rom manager. I made my backup in clockwork mode recovery. My question is if i had some sort of major malfunction and couldn't get back to rom manager how would you go about flashing back to your backed up rom? I saw early on that guys were using sprecovery and making a nandroid back up before rom manager came along. Do i need to do that just in case?

  • Gary

    I had decided to go the rooting route and wanna know a few things.

    After doing the Flashing SPRecovery SBF to Stock 2.1 from my computer

    Now, Installing a Custom ROM Using SPRecovery……can I do that on my phone?

    From the few custom ROM that was shown here at Droid-Life.com http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/14…ng-sprec…

    Can I download that from my phone?

    Do I have to be using the defalt Home when rooting or stay on HelixLauncher 2?

    • Chris.Go

      After your rooted just get ROM Manager from Market and install Bugless Beast or Sapphire. I am on Sapphire .7 and loving it but Bugless Beast is more stable ATM. Sapphire is built from source and is the future of R00T.

  • MrRagamufin773

    ok so i got to the part where all i have to do is install the rom (renamed update.zip) and everytime they try to install it they say its not on my sd card (which cant be right because i put it on there) and the say installation aborted. do anybody know what the problem is?

    • earz

      just rename it as “update” and not “update.zip”
      i had the same problem and after i just renamed it to “update” it went right through

      • MrRagamufin773

        i just tried what you said and it still didnt go through. nothing is working and i dont want to have to go to 2.0.1 and root that way. i keep putting IT in the root of my sd card as update.zip but when go to install it in sp recovery they keep saying they cant find it. WHATS THE PROBLEM??????

        • lol and this is why im afraid to root… im afraid i'll get stuck like you and be S-O-L

          • MrRagamufin773

            I actually figured it out. I'm on ud v10 I had to put my phone on wifi and download the rom directly to my phone rename it put It on th root of my sd card and finished the remainig steps

  • Daballa

    Popped my rooting cherry last night. Running JRummys Cyan, pretty sweet! My question is this; when switching roms, say if I wanted to try out JRummys Green. Will I have to reload all my apps every time I change roms or will rom manager save my screen setup, settings etc. Would love to jump around and try out more roms but putting everything back the way I like it is a bitch. Can anyone help answer this?

  • MrRagamufin773

    man this sucks. ive been trying to download rsd lite and the sprecovery file but everytime i download it they say i cannot open it because i dont have the required tools to open it. does anybody know wat the problem might be?

    • Doolidg

      You have to download winzip theres a free version online…its a file extractor download that and your good to go

    • Chris.Go

      If you don't know how to use WinZip I recommend not doing this.

  • if I payed for extended worrinty,will it still void if I root?

  • Alright so I finally rooted and love everything about it but one thing and this may come of as weird or even funny. HOW DO YOU GET RID OF THAT STUPID BLUE EVERYWHERE in cyanogyn mod???????? I love the jrummy remix and I understand how themeswork but I can't seem to find a theme that does this I would like one like black droid ultimate droid but the acess and options of jruumy remix

  • brain550

    Can anybody suggest a good app for backing up my user data. I use Astro for my apps, but haven't found an app I would call great for data/settings backup. I am currently trying MyBackup and its ok.

    Please Help!

    • rdunseith
      • brain550

        Thanks, I will.

    • Chris.Go

      I just use the backup/restore on ROM Manager works freaking awesome. I can go from 2.1 to 2.2 BB or Sapphire in 2 taps and a reboot.

      SDCard never changes, USB copy and paste to computer.

      • brain550

        Just curious as to why you are replying to a two month old post?

        • room

          So that people like me can read it 3 months after he posted it and 6 months after the original 😉

  • Dito_Muertez


  • MrRagamufin773

    i have been reading all the great things you guys are doing with your rooted droids for weeks now and i am amazed. originally i was not going to root due to the fact that i didnt believe it was worth the consequences and in some ways i still feel that way. But i have spent alot of money on this phone and i dont like the idea of not having full control over my phone. Now that kellex (who has done a great job on this site by the way) basically made rooting a piece of cake to understand, i have no other reason to wait. i have been waiting on the chance to use ultimate droid. so without furthur adeu, i am about to root. Well……here goes nothing.

    • Dito_Muertez

      hows that working out for you?

      • MrRagamufin773

        I'm downloading rsd lite now

  • KCshuffle

    Kind of off topic but I have been on every other forum and no one has a good answer really. I still have issues connecting my Droid to my computer. I am running windows 7. It works sometimes but other times it just pops up on my computer then disappears right away almost. Can anyone help?

    • Dito_Muertez

      sometimes, depending on your configuration you may have to slide down the notification tab on the phone to mount the sdcard, if that's not the case you may want to just check 'my computer' (assuming that's still what it's called, haven't had the opportunity to fool with 7 yet) to see if it's there. It should show up as an external drive. Another option is to install drivers for the adb software.

      hope that helps

    • rdunseith

      Is it a laptop? Some usb ports are underpowered in laptops. And even some that are on the front of desktops are underpowered.

      • KCshuffle

        Yes its about a year old HP laptop. I downloaded the drivers that Dito gave the link to. Put on USB debugging and tried mounting and its still having issues. It will either pop up for a second and disconnect real quick or not show up at all.

        • rdunseith

          Have you tried all the usb ports? If still doesn't work. I would suggest a wall powered USB hub such as http://www.amazon.com/USB-Highspeed-Port-Adapte… Its sounds like your USB ports are powered by one 5v connection. Do you have other peripherals plugged into the other ports?

          • KCshuffle

            Yep I tried all the other usb ports. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. And nope nothing else plugged into those ports. I will definitely check out that USB hub though. I hope something will help. I am getting kind of annoyed by not being able to put my music or other files on my phone that I want.

          • KCshuffle

            Now after connecting and disconnecting I think it is starting to show up as a Drive G on my computer? only happens when I plug it in and isnt there at initial start up of my computer

          • rdunseith

            On my Windows 7 pc, when I plug in my Droid it pops up a Window (Autoplay) asking me how I want to access it. In “My Computer” it shows up as a removable drive O:. Go to Control Panel—>Autoplay and set Pictures to Ask me everytime in the drop down box.

          • rdunseith

            You have wireless. There are apps that let you transfer files wirelessly. I've never used them but in your case it might be worth it. Take a look here for a few apps http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-hacks/21

  • One great reason….Barnicle WiFi Teather. I teather my iPad (awesome) to my Droid

  • I'm not yet, but will be later today. I want the cool themes!! And possible overclock in the future. I just want choices!!!! and thanks to all who make this possible! 🙂

  • Steve Morris

    I rooted for one main reason – localization.

    If you want to receive emails and SMSs or use Twitter, Facebook, etc. and the local language is Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, etc., you need root to change the font files.

  • gnath9

    I rooted to keep VZW out of my phone !!!

  • tozlink

    I rooted with SMUpdater after Motorola and Verizon first backpedaled on the 2.1 update. Haven't looked back since. Currently running Cyanogen.

    What I love about being rooted:

    1. I don't have to wait months for Motorola and Verizon to approve updates.

    2. Overclocking. Thanks to throttling, I get better performance AND battery life.

    3. AutoKiller. Root-only app that lets you tweak how your phone manages memory. Works better than any task killer. With my processor at 1ghz and AutoKiller set to “Aggressive,” my phone flies!

    3. Apps2SD. It's absolutely silly that this isn't on by default in Android. Definitely one point that Apple wins on.

    4. Titanium Backup.

    5. AdFree Android.

    6. The ability to backup the entire phone, via either SPRecovery or Clockwork.

  • rdunseith

    Leds Hack is great for the ezestand. You can configure the whit soft button led's to turn off when inserted in the ezestand.

  • It's my way of saying FU to “The Man”.

  • Tom

    I actually never intended to root my phone… It wasn't until like the 4th “Oh we're sorry 2.1 isn't coming out yet…” I flipped out and rooted my phone. Never looked back.There is so much to do on a rooted phone. I can't see myself not being rooted anymore….

  • djspikezz

    I rooted my phone today! OMG Cynagenmod Remixed is awesome! I love how you can set the font size of txt, change the LED color indicator.. never knew how many different colors there were for that little flashing light.. those are just small little things.. it's amazing!

  • darkcomartist

    I'm too scared to root my phone. RIght now there isn't enough of an incentive for me to root. My phone works beautifully as is (even with the 16 bit gallery). I love my droid but I love the fact that other people root and find they can do some amazing things with it rooted. May be in the future there'll be a reason for me to do it.

  • brain550

    Because we can…

  • Anthony

    why am I rooted? two words! POWER & CONTROL!

  • CyberPete

    free tethering.

  • kweckstrom

    So I don't have to wait for Verizon to get new features.

  • fireproof1905

    I like being able to get more speed outta my phone, and if you haven't tried it i just did the wireless tethering and it works awesome… The thing i would lke to know more about now is terminal emulator, and maybe how to install more than just jrummys roms there nice but rom manager is kinda difficult to use and under stand….
    i noticed with emulator you can add extras some of the devs zip up…. also what extra programs should be be getting acess to or do you just mean the extra rooted stuff from the market…

    • rdunseith

      Learn Linux, play with the Android SDK. I've always been into Linux, and playing around with the SDK I have learned quite a bit. The emulator is essentially a shell prompt aka command line

      • fireproof1905

        thanks… i gotta alot to learn about it i guess… lol i was just reading on some of the mods about some have goodies but to install you need to use the emulator just can't get past that part lol

        • rdunseith

          They fun part is actually running Android SDK on your pc. The tools are there. I'm still learning myself. I was excited when I got 2.1 to run on pc…http://twitpic.com/1fo4xa

          • fireproof1905

            where did you get started i have in installed for windows but don't know alot about it…

          • rdunseith

            This is where I originally got started…Can't believe I still have the link. http://android.modaco.com/content/general-discu… You will need the Java JDK also https://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/W

            But to get all the files you need start sdksetup and install 2.1 or whatever your working with. If they dont download force https. Probably easier for me to do a vid for you to see. Give me until tomorrow and I'll have a screencast for you.

          • rdunseith

            Looks like there's a bunch of videos. This is probably the easiest to get you started http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjD5any2C8Q

  • Dayvidk

    All of the hype makes me want to root my Droid. However, any electronic device has the ability to malfunction. Lets just say I follow all of the instructions and root my phone successfully. Then something unrelated to rooting malfunctions and I need to replace my phone. If my warranty is void then I get to pay 500 bucks for a new phone.. is it really worth it?

    • rdunseith

      I've rooted about 20 Droid's so far, and a few Eris(which is scary). Thought I bricked 2 of them, but as long as you can turn on the phone and have a .sbf file handy and RSDlite your safe. And both phones turned out fine. And of you do have a hardware problem they wouldn't know. I've helped friends take Droid's back with mic issues while rooted and Verizon never said a word. Being “worth it” really depends upon you and what you want your phone to do.

  • pc747

    Overclocking, wifi tethering, the ability to add custom themes.

  • jazzbassNick

    1) Because we can
    2) Love the sense of a truly “open” feeling
    3) To rub it in my iPhriends' faces, natch!

  • Jppress

    ability to ultra customize my phone. not just ringtones and wallpapers like in the past. i will NEVER go back to stock

  • DSM2k2

    This site is awesome!!! Kellex thank you for putting this site together.First i'm very nervous about rooting my droid and probably will soon, I like to have control of my phone, like everyone else, but im afaid of messing it up.
    I am running Helix Launcher (Loving it) but havent set it as deault, because of the forced closed loop
    does anyone know if this has been fixed?
    Hope i can feel comfortable to root soon.
    Thanks again Kellex

    • Force close loop was only from the launcher 2 market version, as far as I know. I've been running the BETA version from the link to the dev site pretty well.a couple of glitches, but expected in a beta. The market version will cause FC loop, sux to get out of it, luckily I had a task mgr that let me uninstall it w/ long press, otherwise I'd have been screwed

  • SteveoC

    I rooted mainly because I wanted to overclock. I do like that I am able to change to custom ROM's too, and I even made a custom boot screen 🙂 but still, overclocking was key. I have somehow managed to get better battery life since I rooted (scary flashing to 2.01) and overclocked which is an added bonus. I'm running UD 8.6.3 ERE build with 1ghz kernal running at 800mhz.

    Couldn't have done it without Droid-Life!

  • superchachi

    I'm a quick study and I feel like I'd get pretty good pretty quick, but left to my own devices – despite the very thorough videos/instructions – I feel like I'd be the 1% who figures out a way to brick their phone. The manual 2.1 download was easy to me, so maybe it's just a healthy skepticism that manual 2.1 was much easier than keeping a healthy rooted phone? On the other hand, if I had someone in Mpls who would trade DROID instruction for a lunch….!

  • kulz

    “i rooted cuz kellex told me to! :O “

    who doesn't like to have administrator access on a computer? anyone? anyone?

  • tneison2

    Do you need the full paid version of rom manager or will the free version be fine?

    • Chris

      Free is fine for stock roms and cyanogen only, if you want to load different roms through the manager then the paid version is what you're after (oh, and if you want to support the great work of the dev).

      • tneison2

        Ok so is there nayway to root 2.1 yet withought having to revert back to stock

  • maizekidstill

    Because there is no spoon……..

  • ryanwalter

    if someone made a rooting for dummies i totally would. overclocking seems great and i understand what that gives me. i just dont get all the other lingo and what that means in english. if someone could lay that out for me (mainly what im achieving by rooting that i couldnt get normally), im sure i could figure out how to do it (and hopefully not F up my phone).

    • rdunseith

      Wifi tether, custom look, app's that only work as root. Basically you “OWN” your phone.

      • ryanwalter

        what is wifi tethering? and by apps, we talking games and cool stuff, or what kind of apps?

        • rdunseith

          Wifi tethering is when you turn your phone into an access point so wireless devices can use the 3G connection through your Droid without cables. Basically like a wifi router and you don't have to pay for a data card for your laptops and pc's. Good Screenshot apps require root (of the top of my head). http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-droid/… Alot of stuff there to check out

        • phenom

          It's better than PDAnet because it's not limited, and allows you to connect via WiFI instead of USB/Bluetooth. I used to use PDAnet via Bluetooth, but that had some issues sometimes. With wifi tethering, I can surf with my laptop wherever I go. (This goes for iPad users as well… you can buy an iPad Wifi, and use your Droid to get online! 🙂

  • David Martin

    To be honest, I just found this site back when I found out about the 2.1 update about 3 weeks ago. At that point I knew absolutely nothing about any of this rooting, custom roms, overclocking, etc, etc. Now, thanks to Kellex and his instructions posted here on this awesome site and information that the users on this site have shared, I may never be stock again. Just today I have loaded at least 3 different roms and checked them out, overclocking kernals galor trying to find the one that works perfect for me. Talk about taking control and personalizing your Droid… All I can say is thanks to KELLEX and everyone on this site and…… DROID DOES IT BETTER!!!!

  • It is in my nature. I am a curious geek boy. I want to understand how things work. Then I break them and put them back together.

  • Tim The TOOLMAN Taylor

    More POWER!!!!!!

  • IMA_210

    I look at it this way.. Having root access to your Droid is no different that your PC at home.. You have Administrative (root) privileges on your PC, you may just not know it. All rooting your phone is doing is giving you administrative privileges to your phone. You can make any changes that you want to on your home PC, wallpapers, apps, themes, music, pictures … whatever you want to do. Rooting your Droid just means that you are gaining Administrator (Root Access) rights to your phone. With Root access we are no longer bound to what Verizon/Motorola limits us to put on our phones. It would be like Microsoft/Apple locking down your PC and saying sorry but this is all you get! I say if you are a power user on your PC, root your phone your going to love it. But if your happy being tied down to what Verizon/Motorola allows you to do, then don't worry you wont miss anything. 😉

  • I loved being rooted while my phone lasted. After three weeks of being roted my phone started glitching so bad to the point I couldn't use it anymore and had to get a new one. This not to discourage others but just be careful when you root your phone.

    • Dayvidk

      When you had to get a new phone did Verizon replace it? Everyone has said that rooting will void your warranty. I was just wondering what happened with your situation?

      • rdunseith

        If you can get it to look like stock, they hardly notice.

      • In my case I called tech support and told them my phone was glitching, I didn't tell them I was rooted. They said they will ship me a refurbished one. So I was lucky.

      • phenom

        As I said above, I was able to revert back to stock and swap mine out at the Vzw store under warranty.

        • jklein

          How were you able to return to stock? That's the only thing that is stopping me from rooting. I want to be able to return to stock, just in case something goes wrong.

          • phenom

            Well, when my touch screen failed, I was pretty screwed- at least that's what I thought. I still had complete use of the on/off button, the volume and camera keys, so I was able to fully use the SP Recovery Environment. I followed this guide http://rootyourdroid.info/guides/unroot-back-to… because it provided an update.zip file to return to stock. This file did not remove my boot animation (which is ok because you don't need root to setup the boot animation anyways) but I used the Android SDK to remove the boot animation anyways just to 'sell' the idea of not being rooted to the Verizon store.

            Now, I'd say that complete touch screen failure is pretty uncommon. With the use of your touch screen un-rooting is VERY easy, and returns your phone 100% to stock. Kellex put together a video to show you how to return to stock 2.0.1 here: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/03/27/video-retu… then if for some reason that doesn't work, you can use his more 'manual' process here: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/03/30/returning-

            I'm sure in the legal mumbo-jumbo the specific act of rooting your phone does void your warranty.. if you told Motorola/Vzw that. If you return fully to stock, how could they tell that you actually went through with this warranty voiding act? 🙂 Also, for the record, I returned home, downloaded DroidMod's DMUpdater, and re-rooted the replacement phone. (which was running 2.0.1.)

  • kenny78

    Kellex, You said it all…!!!!!!!! Custom Rom Rocks…

  • str8havoc

    For the same reasons that you posted. Now that I rooted and went back to stock for the 2.1 update, its killing me. Can't stand not have more then 3 screens or bing able to change the look of my phone. I will be installing a custom rom tonight.

    • dpu328

      there is a helix launcher on the market that has 7 screens. Works with stock 2.1. Just don't use the helix 2

      • The Helix2 is working just great with the BETA version 🙂

        • dpu328

          Yeah just wasn't sure bout steering him there yet. It was buggy on my stock.
          Awesome on rooted now

  • groid

    1. SetCPU profiles provide faster processing when needed and extended battery life by underclocking when there is low demand or idle.
    2. WiFi tether.
    3. Control over more elements of look & feel.

  • Anothamexican

    I feel like Im at my parents house for thanksgiving and we're going around the table saying what we're thankful for, lol. I've had almost every so called smart phone to mundane phones out there. From startac to treo's and I have found that having complete control over a device that we all paid hundreds of dollars over time is nothing short of a leap in next generation technology. The most I have ever “customized” on those phones were background pics or ringtones…… wooooohoo how inovative. Because of rooting I can do and not do whatever I feel like with this phone. With countless combos of ROMs out there and themes, I can change to whatever my mood is at that point in the day. With rooting, my carrier is not deciding how my phone should look or act like. I decide if I wanna tether wirelessly or through usb or even through bluetooth. I can speed up or slow down my processor. With so many quality apps, I can decide what I can add to my phone, not my carrier. I can go on and on about rooting but you have to ask yourself, am I going to let them decide what I do with this phone or am I?

  • dpu328

    AMEN! I am a total noob, but I did it. There is one major side effect. I CAN”T PUT MY PHONE DOWN! Follow the videos. Make sure you have RSD Lite 4.6 – http://www.mediafire.com/?jzzjmngizmj that was my only delay.

  • Mike

    Out of all the pros, I have a few cons that maybe you could help me out with Kellex. I'm running Cyanogen and yesterday I threw on the JRummy Cyan theme, but I had terrible 3G issues so I converted back to normal Cyanogen and now I cant get my LED notification light to come on with my texts/emails which is a HUGE problem for me. Any insight on how to correct this?

    • amosk

      Have you tried going to settings/sound&display/Trackball settings and making sure the first two options are checked?

      • Mike

        Your my new biffle amosk….

        Any word on the 3G issues with the JRummy Cyan skin Kellex? I've never had my phone go from 3G to 1x since I bought it back in January but with the skin installed I cant get any 3G

        • rdunseith

          I'm running the same rom and jrummy (diff color) and I thought actually my 3G got better. Did you upgrade the baseband to .3E.03P?

          • Paul

            Mine got better too, actually.

        • ANgel

          I love the Jrummy remix too, but I also went back to basic Cyan because Jrummy's mix had waaaay too many issues. One issue was what you are talking about…I also had random soft boots and A LOT of FC's with apps!!!

  • My feelings are that the vocabulary seems a little scary 'at first' when looking at all this.
    When I first started looking at this site, you need ROM Manager, and the DM Updater.
    Now it seems like you don't need much of that anymore. Just the Manager which gives you the ROMs?
    Trust me, I want to root…but if I dont see a step by step video going from STOCK 2.1 update 1, then I would be nervous to figure out what the hell an SP Recovery, or Flashing is 😛 The only flashing I think about are boobs…
    Thanks again Kellex for running my favorite site on the interwebz, after Facebook of course 😛

    • kellex

      The goal is to put together sort of a glossary of terms for everyone. Once I find some spare time that is. 😛

      • That would be awesome!
        Trust me man, I wanna root this bad boy…
        But figuring out all the “RSD's” and what not is getting a lil over the top for me 🙂
        Thanks again!

      • teejaytm

        Kellex, What program do you use to take screenshots?

        • maizekidstill

          Shoot me is what im using

          • teejaytm

            Thank you!!! That one works great. I appreciate it

          • maizekidstill

            No problem. Always willing to help

    • rdunseith

      Root is basically making you the Administrator(SU or Super user) of your OS rather then a regular user as you are in a stock 2.01 or 2.1. SP Recovery, Clockwork Recovery and so on is like the bios of Windows where you would install the os when using custom roms and such. Rom Manager is an app that lets you download the Custom Operating System that you want for your droid and pretty much does all the work for you.

      • I like you! See, now THAT makes sense to me! 😛
        I feel more and more confident as the days go by on this site!
        Thanks for the helpful tid-bits!

  • I haven't rooted yet but wouldn't mind it. The only thing that's stopping me right now is getting my phone back to the way I have it now. I don't like having to completely wipe it. I know all my contacts are in the cloud. The pictures are all available via Facebook and my e-mails will get automatically repopulated, but it's just the hassle.

    UNLESS… I don't have to do that!

    • rdunseith

      Do a backup.

  • Ron

    Because it works to be free and more control over the phone…

  • erocetc

    I haven't rooted until there's an easier way to root from the official 2.1 update. I'd like to root for the overclocking mainly, then apps, then custom looks.

  • bobukcat

    I originally did it just for the hell of it and because I'm a tech guy and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Once I got Wi-Fi tethering working there was no way I was going back and there are lots of other cool apps / themes that just add to the awesomeness of it all.

  • foamman

    Because it's there…

  • hi ive been reading and watching the info you have been puting on here about rooting our droids after allready updateing to 2.1 has anyone else used these videos and found it easy to do? i really wanna root my droid just dont wanna mess it up

    • dpu328

      DO IT! I am a total noob, but I did it. There is one major side effect. I CAN”T PUT MY PHONE DOWN! Follow the videos. Make sure you have RSD Lite 4.6 – http://www.mediafire.com/?jzzjmngizmj that was my only delay. oh also only do on pc

      • superchachi

        Stupid Question Alert! When you say “only do on pc”, does that officially mean “bad idea” on a mac?

        • dpu328

          If you you know how to work with .zip files on a mac than go for it. I don't know if RSD lite works on mac. You need that.

    • str8havoc

      its simple and if you run into trouble there are plenty of people on here who will help you.Theres nothing to worry about.

  • Wraithix

    I honestly didn't even know what rooted meant till yesterday. Just some quick questions. Can I be rooted and still use the default OS (if I wanted to). Does it void your warranty and if does, is it easy to revert? Does overclocking cause the battery to drain faster and make the phone hot?

    I really like the idea of making some of my roms and apps run faster.

    Thank you!

    • Yes you can use default OS. Yes, it will probably void your warranty. Yes it is easy to revert. Yes it cause the battery to get slightly drain faster and a little hotter , but not to bad

      • phenom

        So just to chime in on the warranty- My screen failed the other day, and I was running DroidMod. Needless to say, I had to do some screwing around w/ a USB cable for an hour, but I was able to re-flash the 2.0.1 stock file back to my phone. Then took it to a Vzw store, and they swapped it out, Under Warranty! So, it technically voids it, if you can't get it back to stock when needed. If you go back to stock, then technically they can't tell that you were not running the stock OS previously. Does that make sense?

  • kevinshalkowsky

    Still waiting for an effective rooting solution for Android 2.1 on Mac OS X. Hopefully someday =/

    • me too!!

    • braydenn


    • Hoagie

      I'm going to use virtually box and a old copy of xp tonight.

    • rdunseith

      Parallels, Bootcamp….VirtualBox, VMWare….

      • kevinshalkowsky

        Using Parallels, Bootcamp….VirtualBox, VMWare…. on Mac OS X Snow Leopard increases fan speeds from the idle 2000 RPM to well over 6000 RPM far beyond their designated comfort zones. In addition, installing Windows on a Mac for the sole purpose of rooting my Droid would not be nearly as effective as a Mac OS X native solution.

        • rdunseith

          Haven't run into that problem with fan speeds. What generation Mac? And most of the rooting doesn't need Windows just mount your sdcard and drag and drop.

          • kevinshalkowsky

            MacBook Pro Unibody running the newest Mac OS X Snow Leopard updates.

          • rdunseith

            I have the same. I don't have that problem. Run Vmware Fusion just fine.

        • phenom

          Fan speeds? You know that just means that your computer is working harder, and generating more heat, so the motherboard is increasing the fan speeds to lower the temps, right? It's completely normal for a computer to do that, under load.

    • slatejones

      Hey mac guys…. Go to best buy and pick up one of those 200 dollar netbooks. Problem solved.

    • DomNic

      lol, thats almost a conflict of interest, so to speak, lol
      but seriously, i don't see it happening

    • Jrosario101

      downoad unrevoked 3 for mac u can root your phone in seconds i did it to my droid and droid incredible

  • im still just nervous about doing it! and can i root my droid even with 2.1 installed?

    • shane0790

      You just have to flash an sbf file to it and return to 2.0.1


      FYI – This is the link as posted by kellex – if you don't believe me, double check


      • andrew401

        not true you dont have to return to 2.0.1 no more kellex made a video on flashing one file while on 2.1 OTA that will give you SPRecovery. then from there you can root your phone. You still need RSD lite tho but the process is ALOT easier and ALOT less risky then downgrading and all other stuff

        • shane0790

          I went the .sbf route and nothing went wrong. Just like normal rooting,
          things only go wrong when you stray from the directions

  • Custom ROMS!

  • “Why are you rooted?”

    bc you told me to drill sergeant!