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Android Quick App: Trapster

A social drivers network.  Who would have thought that such a thing would ever exist?  If you check out the app Trapster and live in a major city, you’ll see that there is definitely a social network for the commuter crowd.

The idea of the app is to warn drivers of speed traps, patrolling officers, and any presence of authority that may catch you doing whatever illegal deeds you choose to do while on your way home.  Pretty interesting, that’s for sure.

And to the police officers that read the site, just ignore this post.  (insert smiley)


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  • Jeremy Cage

    I’m Happy You enjoy my Kit voice

  • jeesung

    there's a similar app called Waze. wonder which has more members / users.

  • transammatt

    You guys can go to www. trapster.com. To find out more about this great app and site. I'm a moderator on the site. Sometimes just calling the 1800 number to report the trap is faster and you will get a text message showing where the trap is located. Give it a try guys and safe driving!

  • jazzbassNick

    That's kinda cool. Downloaded because I'd knew there was a stoplight cam I'd pass. Pretty cool to have KITT tell you what's up ahead. lol. I'll have to sign so I can report. 😉

  • Overall it is a cool app. I have had it since December on my phone. It is great if you are heading in to other areas of your city (or another city) and not sure where the fixed cameras are. However, it really requires a person to be able to input as they are driving or remember where they saw the Police and do it when they stop so the data is a bit skewed. If you look at it alot, you might begin to associate certain areas with frequent places they like to sit, but other than that I find it rare to come up on a sighting that is less than 3 days old.

  • bradgog

    Seems to drag my phone down, overclocked at 1Ghz running UD9.8

  • tneison2

    Hey guys could you please put together a list of your top 5 paid apps for me because I am planning on buying a few. Thanks really appreciate it!!

  • zizzybaloobah

    I have this app, it is useful on road trips. Found it to be a battery hog (that may have been fixed, I'm not sure – I've made it a habit to connect the charger when I'm using it).

    Most fun part of the app – being able to change the voice prompts for the various warning. I picked Austin Powers (they're all some guy doing impersonations, some are convincing, others, not so much).

    • I Laughed out loud (loled) pretty hard when I read “(they're all some guy doing impersonations, some are convincing, others, not so much)”