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Livespeakr: First Motorola Droid Portable Speaker System?

FINALLY. Why did this take so long? Livespeakr is claiming to be the first and only docking/speaker system to work with both the Motorola Droid and the Nexus One.  This snazzy little device comes in both white and black and apparently connects via headphone jack.  It will set you back about $80, but from early reviews on the iPhone version, that seems to be a steal.  Most reviews out there also appear to be pretty favorable.

Anyone tried one of these?

  • Ssmith


  • Jnpdesigns

    Well I didnt pay the $80 but about half that on ebay . and I think this thing is awesome…I dont understand what all the bitching is about. this is better than any other mini dock ive had..And worked GREAT with my DROID…I even modded the cradle to accomaodate the DROID X..Didnt want to wait until they came out with the new cradle. The logitech are crap…HK=garbage…etc. And saying to just go to radio shack and get a 3.5 jack for your stereo is just dumb…The whole point is to have something portable…this isnt supposed to take the place of your home theater dumbass…

  • Its was really Sad.!! Well the !Useless for me since my audio jack crapped out. And I'm definitely not going to send it back and have them send me some shitty insurance used phone. Thanks a lot for sharing

  • IXM


  • Warren Peace

    I had this delivered on Friday & was excited to try it out. Barely got it out of the box when I realized it was not a worth while purchase! It is made SPECIFICALLY for apple products. Once you dock the Droid, you cannot access the volume buttons on the device. Livespeakr has no options or controls of its own. It is constructed of cheap plastic & would never really make it as a portable player. I did, however, listen to it. Sound quality is pretty strong but $80, I am not sliding the phone 1/3 of the way out of the docking station just to change volume etc.
    In order to return the item, I had to e-mail them with a reason (volumes controls) to get an RMA number for the return They did respond quickly with
    “Unfortunately the DROID does not offer on screen volume controls within the media player. To access them you must go to:

    settings> sound & display > music/video volume”

    I asked for the RMA anyway & shipped it back today. Definitely not worth the $80 from the manufacturer or the $50 from Amazon. Maybe if I saw this somewhere for $20-$25 I would take it……..

  • moosc

    very cool but pricey

  • jduro923

    Does it come in black? ; )

    • kellex

      It does actually.

  • cnpalmer

    I am personally looking at using the Sony SRSBT100 along with the Droid Media Dock. At least this way any other BT capable music device can also use the speaker if need be.

    And it doesn't look so janky as this; this craptastic gadget makes the Droid look like Dumbo.

  • 976Adam

    P.O.S.!!!! Seriously lame.

  • snowbomb7

    I use my Bose portable Sound Dock system which I plug using the headphone jacks. This is definitely the way to go to enjoy your music!

    • Tom

      I'm in the “BOSE = Buy other sound equipment” camp of thinking. But I have to agree, there are better speakers out there… Just Google portable speakers…

  • saimin

    Can this be used as a speakerphone, or is it only for playing music?

  • Scuff

    Am I the only one who's sick of the default Apple “white” scheme on every accessory made? Even ones that aren't for Apple products. It's sooo 2007, just like that phone they're selling.

  • mathewdev

    I don't think so..

  • Oh you could for the same price buy Bluetooth speakers from Motorola. Lame.

    • And, if you don't like having a rat-tail charger attached, get a multimedia dock that will charge your DROID while it sits in it. That's a nicer solution than the Livespeakr, I think.

  • droiddog22


    • droiddog22

      And my facebook font is white

  • Why does it look like it was designed for a Wiimote? I wouldn't be caught dead docking my manly droid on that iNonsense. But if the audio quality is good, I might make like Mic Jagger and paint it black.

  • dnewton685

    It's $50 on amazon already… http://www.amazon.com/Livespeakr-Ultraportable-

  • Warren Peace

    It has a 30 day trial period, so I just ordered it. It should arrive Friday so I'll let ya'll fools know how it is!

    • kellex

      Sweet. Definitely waiting to hear your thoughts.

  • clark

    what about the motorola eq7? everything ive read about (if you can find anything) it is positive and looks pretty awesome. im suprised i dont hear more about it and im curious… i found it looking through the droid accessories on motorolas website..

    • I use the MOTOROKR EQ7, and I'm pretty happy with it. I set my DROID in its multimedia station, where it charges, and I get great audio quality out of the MOTOROKR. Because the audio doesn't have to go through a DAC on board the DROID, I bet the DROID actually uses less power with the Bluetooth connection than it would plugging in via the headphone jack (even with a high-impedance amplifier inside the Livespeakr). My only complaint is that the DROID's WiFi doesn't SEEM to do so well when Bluetooth is up and running simultaneously (i.e., streams die more often over WiFi when Bluetooth is on, but they work fine over 3G). So I often find myself streaming over 3G… the downside is that the phone gets super hot in its charger when streaming over 3G.

  • Ray

    waste of money if it doesnt charge. my stereo does the exact same thing. just not portable.

  • Useless for me since my audio jack crapped out. And I'm definitely not going to send it back and have them send me some shitty insurance used phone.

  • zerolozen

    Shouldn't an $80 docking station be able to charge your Droid and play music through the USB connection? Why would anyone want to spend 80 bucks and have to connect through the audio jack? Just go to Radio Shack, spend $1 and get a 3.5mm to RCA and attach to your stereo. 2 thumbs down in my book. Will wait for a real docking station with all in one connection and power.

    • good points.

    • sundawg

      I agree not worth 80 bones at Walmart logitech sells a battery or ac powered speakers for $20 and they probably sound better and louder.

    • AntDroid

      Amen brother! I'm sick and tired of always seeing 3rd party products that are specifically for ipods. Somebody Boo these companies… BOOOOOOO!!!!

    • takeshi

      Sure — if audio via USB was possible.

  • sign me up! when does it go on sale?

  • slackerjoe

    Awesome! I've been waiting for some cool accessories!!! I can't wait to try it!

  • Tom

    Positive reviews from iPhone users? Surely you jest my good man. They wouldn't know good sound if it hit them in the face. Ever wonder why they all use either the stock or Bose? Quite frankly the iPhone is not even capable of great sound, its audio driver SUCKS.

    • kellex

      Haha classic. Reviews are still reviews and all we have to go off of until we get a review from a Droid users. 🙂

      • Tom

        Quite frankly I don't care about this… Here is why… 1) the droid already has a killer speaker… 2) if you need a bit more… Why would you buy something that uses a 3.5mm jack that is THAT big? Seems counter-intuitive. Perhaps if it used the USB to connect and charged it at the same time, it might be worth it, but if you need a bit of extra power and need a portable speakers… you can EASILY find good ones that use a 3.5mm, that are MUCH cheaper, smaller, and probably better than this.

        It makes sense that they would market to the audio idiots of the world, iPhone users first, because iPhone users will buy ANYTHING.

        Proof: they sell SkullCandy headphones in the Apple store… Honestly, just because of that I will NEVER step into an Apple store EVER again. I don't care what they come out with. I'd rather goto B&H now to play with Apple computers, which is the last decent thing they make. iPods suck [and they have since the 5th gen], iPhone sucks [it has and always will], and the iTampa….erm.. I mean iPa… no wait I think I was right the first time, the iTampax sucks… Just look at the competition… Shame that the iPad will still do better than all others… despite it being undeserving… Damn Apple fanboys… They never look for the BEST product, just the product that has an Apple that has a bite taken out of it….

        Side thought… Should we really trust a company that has a logo like that? If people take one bite out of something and leave it… doesn't that usually mean that that thing they ate sucks? I think Apple is trying to tell us something with its symbol, that they, despite popular thought, suck. And aren't even worth a second look [or symbolically, bite]

        • andrew401

          i'm with you 100% on that one………. real talk people

  • scorpion77

    would be nice if it charged the phone too for that price .. 🙂 might have to give it a shot anyway …

  • pyroholtz

    Connects through the 3.5mm headphone jack? As reliable as this is, I'm sure…what about bluetooth, they didn't want to pay the royalties huh?