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Rooted and Still Haven’t Updated to 2.1? Get to ESE81 the Easy Way.

If you’ve held off from going to the official ESE81 2.1 update because you simply love custom ROMs, then you are a wise and patient soul.  Through ROM Manager, you can flash the new CyanogenMod which  according to Koush is “based off the eclair branch, which has newer code than ESE81” and now includes the Launcher2 with 5 columns.  It runs on some of the ESE81 drivers and can be overclocked so your performance will be greatly improved.  If you go through this process, your baseband will be updated and your build will be ESE81.  And yes, it’s awesome.

*Note 1* – This process is for ROOTED users only.  Rooting instructions here.

*Note 2* – If you have already updated to 2.1 without root, follow the instructions at this post which will get you back to stock and then to a rooted 2.1.


*Note 3* – If you haven’t updated your baseband, please perform steps 1-6 first.  Your baseband only needs to be updated once, so if you have already updated to C_01.3E.03P then skip to step 7.

Updating to Baseband C_01.3E.03P:

1.  Open ROM Manager.
2.  Click “Download ROM”.
3.  Click “Radio Update”.
4.  Download the file and skip “wipe data and cache”.  Perform a backup if you’d like.
5.  Click “OK” and allow the update to take place.
6.  When your phone boots back up, you will have to re-activate.  If your keyboard is missing, exit activation, use the physical keyboard, select phone and dial *22899.

Installing CyanogenMod

7.  Go back into ROM Manager.
8.  Click “Download ROM”.
9.  Click “CyanogenMod”.
10.  Click “CyanogenMod”.
11.  Once the ROM has downloaded, make sure to check the box for “Google Apps”.
12.  Then choose “wipe data and cache”.  Perform a backup if you’d like.


13.  Phone will boot into recovery, load the ROM and BAM!  All done.
14.  Enjoy ESE81 with Launcher2.  🙂

*Note 4* – HelixLauncher2 went immediately into a force close loop.  Stick with the Launcher2 on this one.


Be sure to drop your questions in the comments so that our amazing community can offer their support!

  • Chuckboy1129

    i keep trying to update sapphire-0.8.4 from rom manager it keep stopping saying aborted what do i have to do to download the update

  • Chuckboy1129

    i keep trying to update sapphire-0.8.4 from rom manager it keep stopping saying aborted what do i have to do to download the update

  • Rejuvination

    I am having a huge problem with ROM Manager… When I try to Flash with ClockWork I get “An Error occured while flashing your recovery.”

    I have tried reinstalling ROM Manager at least 4 times, and have installed a new custom rom at least 3 times, always with the same problem. anyone know what I can do to fix it?

  • kmdavisjr

    Launcher2 does not seem to work with better cut. When you try to edit text, the icons get distorted (they seem to grow) when you place them on the home screen. Very odd. Otherwise, a great ROM.

  • anonymouse

    umm..if after i install rom and everything goes through and my phone boots then goes to black screen and wont turn back on does that mean its bricked? or could it be that my battery was just too low? it was like 10%

  • Karnage

    hey guys and gals… been trying to go to cyan from and get “an error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!” Nothing shows in my Superuser Permissions Icon and if I put in 'su' in android terminal, I get 'access denied.' Any help would be Super!! thought about going back to stock and rerooting and everything, but do not know how to do that b/c both rom manager and dm updater will not allow me to follow any of the tutorials i find due to not having superuser permission. Any help would be sooo appreciated!!

  • JDub

    i'm new to flashing/rooting and all that jazz but would really like the look and access that it gives. but does this wipe your contacts? if so how can you back those up?

    • kmdavisjr

      Your contacts live on the cloud, and will be synched when you finish flashing your ROM

  • Dracul

    That didn't fix it!!! can someone help me????

  • Dracul

    Kellex, I'm having a problem…. I'm stuck n a force close loop. it just started tonight. I installed the ROM Manager and flashed the clockworkMod, got the custom ROM CyanogenMod and a bekit 7-slot 1g kernel, I did this bout 2 weeks ago. I notice today that my settings where being changed, I change them back 2 what I had it set @ and they somehow get changed again. I rebooted the phone and that's when it started the FC loop, I need help, plzzzz. 🙁

  • Dracul

    Do I really need Titanium Backup?

  • malik116

    What about Droid Eris? Is there a way to get the new 2.1 gallery on it? Mine is version 2.1

  • misterw

    Please help. I am running cyanogen with updated baseband. My phone ifo says my firware version is 2.1 upate 1. Do I still have to wipe cace and data before flashing cyangen I would much rather not have to wipe if I dont have to but dont want to get stuck in as force close loop either. Also waht about switching to Ultimate Droid. Can I go to UD 9 without wiping first? Thank you in asdvsnce for your advice!

  • jose martinez

    i tried to instal it to my phone and i get a force closed massage when it came back on came anyone help me plz

  • jose martinez

    i installed it to my phone and it just gives me a force closed message can some one help me plz

  • Karnage

    “An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!” comes up every time I try to flash or install anything in ROM MANAGER. It does say there is an update available every time I open ROM Manager and I can see that my current recovery is ClockworkMon instead of Market tells me that I have downloaded any updates available tho. Please help. I'm quite a noob to rooting and This Site has been an amazing help!!!! Thank You all for this community! WoOt!!

  • phillip818

    i cant get superuser permissions. can anyone tell me how to get it?

    i have firmware version 2.1 update 1
    baseband version c_01.3E.03P
    kernel version 2.6.29-omap1-gf8788 [email protected] #1
    build number ese81

    • phillip818

      everytime i try to install the new cyanogen mod, it says an error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands. i rooted with droidmod 11.

  • javajoe1981

    I decided to try out CyanogenMod but was having issues.. I am currently on 2.1 ESE81 rooted, but everytime I try to flash the rom it installs and gets stuck on the boot animation.. Am I missing a step? Do I have to still update the baseband before installing? and do I also have to wipe data? I was hoping to keep everything I had and just switch over to this mod.. thanks in advance and keep up the good work Kellex!!!

  • rreusch

    I have version 2.1 rooted from ROM Manager. I would like to go to Ultimate Droid 9.8. I have tried to use ROM Manager three times and each time it freezes up on the Motorola screen. I tried to hold “X” and start and it still freezes on the Motorola screen. I then just pull the battery and turn on the phone and it reboots back to 2.1 rooted. I also tried to backup the ROM in ROM Manager and it did the same thing, freezing on the Motorola screen. I have wiped cash on the last two attempts and still the issue.

    Any thoughts?

  • Droid_Lifer

    I installed the new Cyanogen Mod and when I booted up, I tried to install my apps back on my droid but they were not in the downloads section, except for a few ones, like the one app I purchased. Help me?

  • scorpion77

    I back up all my apps an stuff but is there a way i dont have to Ok them all ? is there a way i can just hit install an be done with it ??

  • atreyu

    rooted and waited, wanted 3d app drawer got a stally sometimes disapears no good launcher, reinstalled helix lost the drawer runs smooth how do i get this app tp work…….

  • gsxr750

    I downloaded cyanogenmod and i only saw home and launcher. Is there a launcher 2? Anyone

  • df7003

    i just flashed to this Rom and everything is working fine but when i go to the market it want download it just stays at the downloading bar

  • misterw

    OK I am officially confused. Do I have to update my baseband before going from to or not? Above it says its included:
    “If you go through this process, your baseband will be updated and your build will be ESE81. And yes, it’s awesome.”
    followed by note 3 which says:”Note 3* – If you haven’t updated your baseband, please perform steps 1-6 first. Your baseband only needs to be updated once, so if you have already updated to C_01.3E.03P then skip to step 7″
    I would rather not update baseband and have to reactivate if I do not have too. Please let me know either way.

    • Droid_Lifer

      Yes, you do. Going from any build to the ESE81, you need to update your baseband.

  • oinkinator

    is there any way to get the neural network wallpaper?
    i dont seem to have it

  • Todd

    Google Earth not for download on updated Droid 2.1

  • kenny78

    Man.. Took me a while, but i did it!!!! From OTA 2.1 update to stock 2.0.1 and back to rooted 2.1 and bam… with rommanager, i got cyanogen With the new kernel i am all set.It runs smoothly.. so far no FC… Thank You Kellex

    • Billyhouse

      I'm rooted 2.1 and trying to find instructions for using rom manager to install and make recovery and backup and install cyanogen rom.

  • Dito_Muertez

    i remember hearing somewhere about a known issue with wifi, and i had this same problem the last time I tried cyanogen, but i can't connect to known good wifi connections, any ideas?

  • Michael16

    I downloaded the DMUpdater and can't seem to use it. How do I install it to put it to use? I also downlaoded a ROM manager but everytime I hit Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery it says error occured. Can someone help me please this is frustrating.

  • rneal_ra

    Thanks so much Kellex. I am now back to my Cyanogenmod ROM and have my wireless wifi tether back. I love having a phone that we can try so many different things on. I am going to run this ROM for a while and then may try some of the others.

  • rich_r

    I would appreciate some guidance. I am currently running DroidMod 1.0 with the new baseband. I am planning on moving to Cyanogen, but before I do I have a couple questions. I know that I have to wipe data and cache. I am also using the paid version of Titanium Backup.

    What is involved in recovering from the wipe data and cache? What is gone? All Apps? All App settings? Any phone settings cleared? Do you need to activate? Titanium Backup cautions loading some system data; any idea what is safe? Any other tips to recovering from the wipe?


    • Tom

      First off… All your apps are stored by google… Titanium back-up happens to be faster and a bit more thorough (at least if you have premium, if not just let google replace whatever it can).

      SO here is what you do… You wipe, when you boot back up you have to log back into google. Again… your phone will take care of the rest for the most part. Just put apps and widgets where you want them on your 5 screens.

      If you have any more feel free to reply.

  • Yagermeister

    I had originally used DMUpdater to root. I then installed ROM Manager but no custom ROMs. I was rooted. I then went through your steps to return to stock but only to find I was at stock but still rooted and with the SPRecovery images still on my SD card. I went ahead and did the manual install of 2.1. IT WORKED and all the while rooted 🙂 Did I do something wrong somewhere (probably many places)? Am I at risk of anything being unstable? All seems well with all the new features…I just went ahead and tested through Terminal Emulator if I was actually rooted and Permission was Denied! How do I get rid of the ninja since I am not actually rooted?

    • Yagermeister

      Any help with my questions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Yagermeister

      Kellex, any way you can review my post quickly and point me in the right direction? Thanks!

      • kellex

        If you are on 2.1 and have root access, then that's awesome.

        To make sure, try to flash a recovery image in ROM Manager and see what happens.

        • Yagermeister

          Clicking on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery at the top displays “An error occurred while attempting to run privilieged commands!” I believe this confirms that I am not rooted…and frankly with the new Launcher2 I'm fine with that 🙂 BUT any way I can get rid of the little ninja still listed in my apps list?

          • Yagermeister

            And btw, thanks for answering me 🙂

  • nickmears

    I am now on ROM ESE81 but only 3 screens, I can't download apps, can't reboot, can't flash clockwork because it says I am not connected to the internet, can't root, can't return to stock…nothing. Did I finally screw up my phone or is there some way to fix this???? Please help.

    • Tom

      turn off your phone, hold x and turn on your phone to boot into recovery. and choose a back-up. This is why back-ups are indispensable. <3

  • zach471

    For me, UD 9.0 seems to work better than Cyanogen. I'm always getting some sort of Bluetooth issue w/ the cyanogen ROMs. Last night, it wouldn't sync with my car. I loaded my backup with UD and it worked flawlessly again. It's a shame, because I do really like a lot of the features of cyanogen. Maybe I'll wipe and give .7 another try this afternoon.

    I DO like loading the ROMs, I DON'T like setting up the phone again each time!!

    • Tom

      I agree with you on the setting up part… I don't get these wi-fi bluetooth problems… It is strange. The only bluetooth that I have that doesn't work with the Droid NEVER worked with the droid, and I don't expect it to. I connect to my headset and computer flawlessly.

      Cyanogen is perfect imo.

      • zach471

        Not sure, either, Tom. For whatever reason the change to .7 wipes the bluetooth devices from the memory (Wi-Fi) remains) and last night it wouldn't pick the car back up.

  • lenny

    Hey every1,

    Has any1 updated their ROM with Ultimated droid mod 8.1.1 yet?

    I love the black notification bar, just wondering what does every1 thinks of it comparing to new Cyanogen mod…..

    • I go back and forth between them. Ultimate Droid is a more feature-rich ROM with a lot of options available, but it tends to get rushed out so wait a day or two after each new release before you try it. Case in point, 9.5 was rolled out last night, had a lot of issues, and was pulled back.

      • lenny

        Ahh No wonder, I couldn't find Ultimate Droid ROM v.9.5. But, love the UD ROM v.9.0. It runs so stable, never crash on me yet.

  • coolfx35

    Problem 1:
    when I open ROM manager (upgraded to premium), I have to Flash ClockworkMod Recovery first…I click it and it loads all the way up until the last part of it then stops and says
    “An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!” ok ok maybe it just needs a kick in the head…NOPE restarted it and everything and didnt work DAMN well how about just rebooting into recovery mode manually??

    Problem 2:
    Which leads me to my second problem…it wont reboot into recovery mode…NOR will it allow me to turn it on then hold the lock key and x button to boot into it…The only thing I can think of is a factory reset (I'm not a retard and of course I backed up my data the first week I had it) so I could use that.

    Will my idea work? I dont want to be screwed out of anything or ruin my phone. I dont mind re-rooting it and going through all of that I just want to make sure…Better safe then sorry ya know?

    THANKS A LOT for your guys' help this is a great site and I've learned a lot! talk to you guys soon thanks


  • When I dock in the multimedia station the weather widget doesnt work. I went into the app drawer to the news and weather icon, then settings. Typed my.zip code like normal. It worked finebefore moving to the ese81 build.

    any Ideas?

  • US_Marine_beta

    So, I did this and i didnt have any stock apps so i returned to stock 2.0.1 but I still have the updated baseband; will i still receive my 2.1 update? or do i have to revert back to the other baseband, if thats possible.

  • david

    will it work with droidmod

  • david

    will this work for droidmod