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TAT Home Update! Still Slated for April Release

Everyone remember the beautifulness that is TAT Home?  Everyone also remember the bad news we heard about it never coming to the Android Market?  Well at least we got further confirmation this week that a preview of it will still be released to users some time in April.  One of the issues holding the release back was probably due to the fact that the Droid was not on 2.1 yet.  Well, TAT peeps, we’re on it now!

Show me some TAT Home!

  • The target customers for TAT Home are phone vendors and operators that want a custom user interface on Android phones. At the moment we have no plans to release TAT Home to consumers via an open marketplace.

  • erocetc

    I'd love to give this a shot, but I'd be more interested if they released all of the apps seperately.

  • Jamie

    forgot all about TAT. saw the video right after i bought my droid (mid jan). it would prob be the only reason i unroot. amazing how drastically my want for the update dropped after rooting. like night and day

    • Jamie

      that's if i would have to unroot to use it. but, i prob would still not unroot for it anyway though

  • Falcon34

    This looks pretty awesome. Not sure there would even be much of a learning curve. Everything is similar just with killer looks and interface.

  • TJ110158

    How come there is no “MAIL” app in the TAT HOME program. From what I see, there's an SMS and MMS, but no mail.

  • tyinit

    Can't wait. It's the Lion's ROARRRRRR…..

  • Rezin

    fuck the droid…i want this inside me

    • littlemac48

      hahaha i don't even know what to say about that.

    • iammebane

      that just made me uncomfortable!! lol!!!

  • kulz

    TAT is the shieeet! i was disappointed when they made the announcement it will not come to Android but now… YEA!~!~!~ forget helixlau…wait lemme hold that comment until we've actually TRIED TAT ;D

  • syntakk

    I would love to have this! Maybe then I wouldn't need to root.

  • machinegun68

    Now this is the app that will make the Droid shine.

  • Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!! Let's make up for 2.1 being crap

  • awesome

  • Ace Z.

    At least some good news besides the lackluster of 2.1!

    • kellex

      Uh oh someone's not satisfied. 🙂

      • Ace Z.

        Definitely not! I went from a Maybach to a Kia sports car. What do you think Kellex?

        • BRIM

          Hmmm…so this is your Maybach I'm driving? Its lovely.

          • Ace Z.

            HA HA HA! Nice one…rub it in for my foolishness lol.

          • BRIM

            Well, its only right I do since you made the mistake of unrooting for this mediocre update “2.1”

            Lol Sorrry

    • iammebane

      tru dat!!!