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Euro 2.1 Milestone Rooted…Already

The 2.1 update to the Motorola Milestone in Europe has already been rooted.  Seriously?  (Insert sarcastic tone) Man, these guys are getting slow.  Couldn’t they have done this in less than 3 hours? (End sarcastic tone)

According to this post, they’ve released 2.1 versions to a variety of service providers in the form of an SBF.  You’ll find the root files there as well.  To all of our Milestone readers, enjoy!

Cheers Android-Hilfe!

  • Jobanjatt12

    HII driod life! i have got a Motorola Milestone 2.1 update1. is it possible to root it?? Please helppp 😀 Muchhh appreciated.

  • Jobanjatt12

    HII driod life! i have got a Motorola Milestone 2.1 update1. is it possible to root it?? Please helppp 😀 Muchhh appreciated.

  • df7003

    Ok anybody out there i am running CyanogenMod 5.05 and im trying to upgraded to the latest verison of Cyanogen but everytime i try to Flash clockwork Mod recovery it says An error while attempting to run privilged commands. my current rcovery is and the llatest is can anyone help me cause i stuck with CyanogenMod 5.05 and now 5.05.4 is out please anyone

    • how about a quick poll…which ROM do you like best?

      I'm curious because I've gone back and forth between cyanogenmod, ultimate droid and bugless beast. I have to say bugless beast for pure performance is the best followed very close by cyanogenmod. ultimate droid has given me issues with force closes and whatnot. just curious.

  • Avery42

    Sweet news

  • dkrussia91

    i didnt get some of this … i have a MILESTONE (german version). Now im in US. There are no update at all. Also. if u go to the Moto web site, its says, that the Milestone still has 2.0.1 … how is that possible, that that people have it now ???



    P.S. FAKE ?

  • maizekidstill

    Someone dropped the ball, maybe a coffee break or lunch……that took forever lol

  • Ace Z.

    Ok, I am now hearing rumors that you may now apply any apps to your SD using CyanogenMod or Black Droid is that true? Kellex…help me out with this one broheim.

    • I think you have been able to do it. You need to partion your sdcard and then i believe when installing any apps it gives you a choice as to where to install. Check cyanogen's wiki there is a tutorial for it. With that said i've never done it so cant swear that it works.

      • Ace Z.

        Thanks dude I'm definitely going to look into it and share it to Droid-Life.

        • Okay, so i went ahead and gave it a shot. It works. I justed used my stock class2 sdcard and everything went fine. I used GParted on linux and followed cyanogen's instructions. When making the swap partition i had to end up using ext3 because when i used ext4 it would not show up. Now the Apps2SD is not grayed out and you can go into settings/manage applications and move already installed apps to sdcard or back to internal.

          • Ace Z.

            Jeffrey…dude are your like a demigod? I tried to encrypt this crap and to tell you the truth I didn't want to take the risk. More power to you broheim…I only understand legal terms lol. Hopefully Kellex or maybe even you will come out with a tutorial for this. Thanks for the info and replying to my post.

          • Ace Z.

            Jeffrey good news bro…when you update ROM manager, it gives you the option to partition your SD Card to install apps to your SD. Check it out!

          • rocketdaddy

            It's starting to sound like I'd be a fool to wait for, or even care about, an OTA update from Verizon.

          • ajavgeek

            I tried doing that earlier with ROM Manager option and seems like it did not d anything. The Phone rebooted and said Partitioning…. waited for some time and then rebooted. I was hoping to see all my data on SD to be gone but all is there. The options under applications is still disabled. So I am assuming it did not go through.

            Any ideas….?

  • rocketdaddy

    Ausgezeichnet! Way to go Germany. Hope we get our shot at it soon.

  • flavorman55

    ya im alittle tippsy

  • flavorman55

    dm ud 1.1 uot now hosers

  • syntakk

    Why am I getting emails with random comment replies that are unrelated to any of my posts? Weird…

  • Ace Z.

    LMAO! I hope they'll be able to transfer those files over to us Americans to create a more smooth and stable ROM.

  • teddyrucks

    Well played Germany.

  • syntakk

    Hah that didn't take long. Looks good for us though if we ever get 2.1…

  • tpags

    It is off topic but astro is not gone in 2 days. went into market place and they had an update, but that one says it expires 5/31. lol

    • evltwn

      I got the update too, but I didn't get any msg about it expiring at all now.

  • nkhex19

    Dang, the Milestone is getting their 2.1 update, now they rooted 2.1, probably will start creating all kinds of new, sick ROM's, and we don't even know when were getting our update. Awesome news though for you Milestone owners!

    • aulos

      Nope, there won't, because all Milestones have locked bootloader and it's almost impossible to make custome ROM, I'd say impossible atm.

      • nkhex19

        That's crazy, I didn't know that. Guess its lucky us since we can have custom ROM's and they can't. But what is the point of them rooting then?

        • kellex

          The Moto Europe Facebook page gets at least 10 people a day saying “FREE THE MILESTONE BOOTLOADER”. Its classic.

  • Hoagie

    Best news I've heard all day.

  • evltwn

    Speaking of rooting, has anyone tried Cyanogen

    • Brendan

      i see no difference from

    • Nölff, esq.

      It's just minor bug fixes. Nothing major.

  • so we can be sure that 2.1 in the US wont lock down the Droid.

    • kellex

      Starting to look that way.

  • damn euros!!!