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Thursday Poll: Feelings on Skype?

Skype dropped at midnight and so far, people have been flocking to at least check it out and give it a mini-test drive.  We did the same and think it’ll be useful as long as we can talk the rest of our friends into buying smart phones that support it.  There is also some concern about the removal of wi-fi while using it.  So how are you feeling about Skype?

  • jkim

    what is the point of this? isnt the whole point of skype to VIDEO chat? if its just going to call the person, i might as well just CALL them.. rather than sign on to skype. sucky.

  • Doesn't Skype (beta) let you use wifi? If you can couldn't you just make use of both if wifi is a big deal for you? I mean if it really is about staying connected on Skype then use beta when wiring is available and vzw Skype when its not right?

  • Jim

    Quote from the terms that you have agree to when Skype is installed.

    “Domestic calls made from Skype mobile are carried by Verizon Wireless, not Skype, and are billed according to your Verizon Wireless plan.”

    So, what is the use other than international??? And our international use would be when the owner of our company is in China and would need to use skype over Wi-Fi.

    • machinegun68

      Thank you Jim. That's been my complaint since the announcement of this debacle. Without WiFi in a foreign country your paying outrageous data roaming charges. Only with WiFi would you be able to to do true toll bypass. But see they know that. They would be crazy to let any revenue source go. Nothing is FREE people.

      • finewine

        Rebtel smart calls are free international rate all you pay are the minutes used on your plan.

  • Jack

    Wifi or not? Does it really matter. The important thing to note here is that you aren't getting anything out of this. The only calls that you get that are free are calls to other people who are on their computers… or using FRING.

    If you call another Skype Mobile person then you might as well just call them on the phone.. it's going across Verizon's voice network, and those calls are free anyway!

    So other than Skype IM and calling people who ARE tethered to their computer for free, you aren't getting anything except 2MB less space on your phone.

  • Eric_Sorensen

    No video phone reception? Need WIFI for that, I'm sure. Verizon minutes spent using Skype? What a big corporate crippled mess this application is. Why can't the carriers be happy with our $100+ per month and keep their grubby fingers out of our phones so we can have a true open system that makes full use of the hardware and network that we are paying good money for.

  • jte3470

    spare parts will also do that.

  • gonzo319

    I don't know, still don't understand how it works haven't read what's covered and what's not. But not being able to use wi-fi, well I can see why it sucks, but I'll get back and post what I think.

  • dinsdalepriahna

    Not having Wifi is a bummer and I wish they had included it. But using my minutes when I'm calling a domestic number is just awful. Why am I paying for unlimited Skype calling if I just get charged my minutes to use it. The unlimited Skype to Skype is nice but I consider this a bare minimum feature.

    • Jack

      The unlimited Skype-to-Skype only really counts if the person you are calling is on their computer. If they are on their mobile Skype then they are on Verizon and you could just call them on the phone for free.

      • I talk to my iPhone buddy on her skype app:) But only if she's in a wifi zone cuz skype on iPhone doesn't work on 3g:/ Talk to my itouch buddies too:)

  • machinegun68

    Enable the WiFi and they'd have a viable product with some value. But then again they know that, so you get what THEY give you.

  • Rick

    Using Google Voice on my Droid. Don't need Skype.

  • ninjahippie

    One word. Fring.

    • Jack

      I tried SIPDroid, but it registered itself on my provider's server and then all incoming calls came to it. I wish it would allow me to make a call without registering itself on the network.

  • Groid

    My wife calls me on her way home from work on our landline because my home office gets horrible cell reception. I have great wifi reception and thought this would allow me to use my Droid at home. I'm very disappointed that wifi is not allowed. I might try it out, but no wifi greatly reduces its usefulness.

  • cpeter753

    Hey Kellex, of topic, but what battery life app do you use that shows the numbers in the battery icon in the notification bar?

    • kellex

      I'm using CyanogegMod and it changes the battery to that.

      • cpeter753

        ah another reason i regret not rooting haha i should get on that. Btw do you know where i can get my hands on HelixLauncher2? its not in the market anymore.

    • jte3470

      spare parts will do that…

  • Michael

    Major disappointment without Wi-Fi! I was hoping for something that would allow me to make calls when I have Wi-Fi, but no cell service: a common occurrence in NM. I sure hope Google Voice invites me soon…

    I also hope 2.1 isn't as much of a letdown…

    • Don

      Google Voice uses both Data and Voice. Voice for the call (to an access number) and Data to send call routing information (who you want to call). So I think we're out of luck there also.

    • Jack

      As previously said… I believe Google Voice sends some data to the routing system before your call is placed so that when your call comes in it knows where to route it. However, the call itself is still done across the voice network.

  • This app is really bad news… I was always hoping Skype would release a client for Android. Doing so in partnership with a private vendor (limiting it's use for their network alone) means that no official client will be released for the rest of us. I have a Milestone, bought it with no contract (just the device) and I'm practically scr**ed because of this. Fring it is i guess from now on….

    • Jack

      Try FRING.

      • Uhm…did you read my comment? That's exactly what i said at the end 😛

        • Jack

          Yeah, sorry.

  • EcceNerdo

    With Google Voice, there are very few advantages for me with Skype, but I'm glad it's available.

  • Lane252

    hahaha thats so true, so why are you here dave?

  • jacobgduncan

    Quick question… Is it normal to have to sign in every hour or so? This will be very useful to me if I can stay signed in at all times. The way Google Talk works is perfect. So far I have checked the app twice and signed in both times. Any ideas?

  • Jim

    Several places I go including the building I work in, has questionable cell service, so not being able to use wi-fi is a big negative. Also, I was looking forward to it for my boss as he travels internationally a lot and wi-fi access for the skype client is critical.

  • Dave

    DOn't Have a Data plan so screw it

    • kellex

      Wait wait wait…you can't have a VZW smart phone without a data plan…

    • syntakk

      ….do you have a Droid (or Milestone) or any other Android phone? Then you have a data plan.

    • What are you guys talking about? You can easily buy the device alone… That's what i did. Bought it from expansys (unlocked). Then i connect to the net using my pay as you go number which has 1.5GB per month of GPRS data…

      • kellex

        Interesting for sure. Not a bad idea there.

  • USBman

    Go to the Android Market, and then lookup “Fring.” It does Skype (and many others), with the distinct ability to utilize WiFi.

    Until those responsible for Skype Mobile can explain the omission of WiFi, I’m not even interested.

  • Your Comments I’m with the folks who have poor cell reception in my workspace, so the inability to use it over my wifi is a bummer. It’s times like this I kinda miss my Blackberry 8900 with T-mo. I had UMA calling with that and when I was in Punta Cana, I used the hotel’s wifi to make UMA calls back to the USA. Since I had the hotspot plan, I did not get hit up for international roaming and minutes were not deducted from my minute plan.

  • brianbrick

    Doesn’t Skype (beta) let you use wifi? If you can couldn’t you just make use of both if wifi is a big deal for you? I mean if it really is about staying connected on Skype then use beta when wiring is available and vzw Skype when its not right?

  • StephanC

    I really don’t care that there’s no wifi.

  • If i have friends and family with Verizon and i can make free calls to any Verizon customer how does Skype help or hurt me

  • DaveZ

    I downloaded and fired it up on my Droid this morning. I used it to call a friend in Scotland, at only 2.1 cents/minute and it worked perfectly. I do not have an international plan and don’t want to buy a calling card, so up to now, I was only able to Skype-call her while sitting at my computer. But now I can bother her while driving around, it works just like a regular call! Very nice. I am puzzled by the no WiFi restriction, I think it’s just a technical issue they’ll fix in time.

  • So is there any new news on the 2.1 update release?? This week??

  • UNLINMITED and free skype to skype calls but I need to pay to get a phone number…..What gives????