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Skype Mobile Officially Hits Android Market

It’s official!  And I don’t mean to get all snarky on a rainy Thursday morning, but doesn’t it feel good to see someone in the mobile world actually hit a release date?  I had Tweets coming in last night at 12:04AM PST notifying me that it was indeed available to download.  Nice work Skype and Verizon.


Download Link

  • Kels

    I have a Nexus One with t-mobile but cant seem to find this app on the market…any ideas?

  • fuyuasha

    Yep, sorry folks, my bad – I had wildly assumed that VZN marking the others 'limited to Wi-Fi' implied that VZN did 'Verizon Network' and Wi-Fi 😐

    Bring on Gazoogled Gizmo5 😉

  • jonj95835

    damn all this wifi crying i'm sure they will put wifi on it some day

  • Every time I launch it i have to force close immediately… Anyone else having this problem? I am on CyanogenMod 5.0.5. I would like to try this out.

    • ANgel

      I am also on Cyan 5.0.5 and have the same FC problem. This sucks. I'm gonna try flashing a different ROM, maybe its the custom ROM thats making it bug out. =/

      • ANgel

        I just flashed a different custom ROM (dominator) and skype now works for me. Guess the 5.0.5 version of Cyanogen does not suppport it.,

  • sr_erick

    I agree that the app needs WiFi support for use in NO coverage areas or in other countries!! Other than that, I can only think of one use I have for it. I have a buddy in Australia. Not sure if he uses Skype or not, but it would be a good way for him to get ahold of me…being this always runs in the background, he can call me whenever he logs in.

    • David Galbraith

      Won't run in the background while you have your wifi turned on. That is the problem…no outgoing or incoming calls while your wifi is on. You would need to know he is going to call.

      • kellex

        Major problem.

      • sr_erick

        You misunderstood me. I realize it doesn't run when WiFi is active. I'm hardly ever on WiFi. What I meant was it runs on the background normally when I'm out and about. I only want WiFi support for when I go to Canada, Europe, etc…or if I'm in poor coverage area and want to make an outgoing call.

        • David Galbraith

          I didn't misunderstand you…but for those of us who wish to browse with higher speeds and/or access data with wifi speeds you have to turn it on and off and may be blocking an incoming call simply by browsing the web on wifi. Background running only occurs with wifi off. I generally have wifi on to have the benefit of faster data access when available. Geez!

    • rob

      It doesn't run in the background by default. You have to go into settings and tell it to start on boot and always run in background.

  • saimin

    I agree that this service seems pretty pointless if you can't make free calls over WiFi or 3G. What does this crippled Skype do that Google Voice doesn't already do?

  • rob

    From a post yesterday for those that want it to work on WIFI (I have not tried myself. but did download the apk) :

    Anon again.

    Found links to several places with the Skype Beta.

    I tested one and seems to be the real deal:
    Just like I remember it.

    But if you google com.skype.android.lite you'll get other places you could download it too.

    This was the original Skype for Android and it will work on Wi-Fi… so if you want an extra for backup, here ya' go.

    • ajavgeek

      I think links are not working but I did manage to find com.skype.android.lite.apk

      Is this suppose to work on WiFi where I can make calls without using my cell minutes

  • Has anyone else experience really bad call quality?

    • rob

      When I called the echo test, it actually dialed a number over 1x. It was NOT using voip. If this is the case (I assume it is), the quality is just that of your regular service.

  • fuyuasha


    What happened to 'skype works on wi-fi on VZN' ?!!!!


    GV is better integrated and generally works fine and has same international rates and otherwise it's back to Skype via Fring for me !

    • WTH2.1

      The difference is (and the reason why i plan to use this) is that if you have someone in another country using skype on their pc and you're on your cell, you can talk for free. you can't do that with GV. My wife has family in Spain and this would be a huge money saver for them.

      • WTH2.1

        … At least I don't think you can do that with GV… I could be wrong. My bad if I am.

        • fuyuasha

          Yep, WTH2.1, that's true, of course, you're right. Hopefully D-Day won't be too far away when Goog finishes integrating http://www.gizmo5.com and GV will have a client end-point, that should blow some barn doors fully open, finally 😉

    • The article never mentioned anything about “Skype works on WiFi”.

      • kellex

        This is true, that article does not claim that.

        • fuyuasha

          Right my bad, sorry – silly me, I assumed that VZN labeling skype on other networks as 'limited to wi-fi' implied that it would not be on VZN 😐 I'll be sure to put my legal weasel word hat on next time I read a mobile operator powerpoint slide LOL.

          • fuyuasha

            Also, kellex – awesome site you run here – thanks for the effort – big props !

    • jonj95835

      there is no need for wifi because it works on 3g and vzw lines its not like the other ones where it needs wifi

  • David Galbraith

    I am befuddled by the value of this app even though I am a Skype user. Without wifi I am not sure what the value is. Even worse is the fact that you have to turn wifi off to use it. That means another step in the process and your wifi is down as long as you have Skype up and running. As I see it, this is another Verizon screw up as they constantly try and move you away from wifi and on to their network. Took months if not years to just get a smartphone that they issued with wifi. This is a PIA. Too bad..great idea.

  • Octotron

    Oh… if only I knew someone else who wanted to use Skype.

  • Or if you use Skype a lot then you can receive skype calls on your mobile easily and reliably.

  • rob

    Raining Indeed. I'm up near Seattle. It's wet here too….

    It's too bad I can't have skype and wifi open at the same time. I can see the point in not having calls go over wifi, as you could have another call come in over the voice network. they need to implement a way to block calls while a call is going on over wifi, and give us that option.

    I don't see the point in having skype dial your contacts for you. I already have a built in dailer.
    I don't see the point in having skype call a landline. It's just like using your regular dialer…

    If I want to talk to another mobile user, who also has skype mobile, this could cut down on minutes. I suppose its useful in that aspect.

  • Eric_Sorensen

    If it used WIFI, it could theoretically download the video image of the person you are talking to – even at 3G speeds, you could still get OK video quality. But, of course, Verizon coudln't take minutes from your plan if it was WIFI. How sad. I guess that is what you get when big corporations like Verizon gets their hands into the application mix.

    • Eric_Sorensen

      Meant to say if it used WIFI, you could get good video quality and see the person you are talking to. My guess is Verizon is using their 3G voice connection and conneting to Skype on their end. I wonder if you can be on a Skype call and surf the web at the same time? That would answer that question.

  • jacksonutes

    Verizon says they have the largest 3g network. So maybe their thinking is that you will always be in a 3g area, therefore no need for wifi. lol

  • Paul

    Why does Verizon feel the need to cripple apps? WHY?!?

  • rals

    How is this better than google voice? Sorry I'm kinda of newb at this stuff.

  • Jack

    No wifi. Enabling Wifi actually closes Skype. Also, it seems that most of it uses your VZW minutes anyway. Skype should have just released a traditional Skype app on the Market.

    • Verizon and Skype reps have repeatedly said it doesn't use your minutes, it uses your 3G Data Plan. If you want to make landline calls through Skype you have to buy Skype minutes just like on the desktop version.

      • rob

        They did say it doesn't use minutes, but my test call to echo used 1x, not data.

    • jonj95835

      it only uses you vzw minutes when you use it to call a persons cell for skype to skype its free and use vzw lines instead of wifi so you get better skype calls unlike the iphone where u have to use wifi with vzw you use there lines and 3g

  • timothyplague

    Quite neat. I just need all my family and friends to get their acts together and hop on to Verizon and get smart phones. That way we can keep in touch 🙂 yay! lol

  • Paradisimo

    Seriously without wifi this app is a huge letdown. It's great if you want to call overseas from your home country using 3g but otherwise it's pretty much worthless. I travel overseas a few times a year and always use Skype on my computer to call home for $.02/minute. I was hoping I could avoid bringing my laptop with me and just use this app. So much for that.

  • ZombieBrains

    Any one else with eris 2.1 getting the app could not be found?

  • Jason Grier

    I'd love it if it works via wifi — I normally juse use it to chat w/ people on IM (it's our source of communication at mycollege) — but the cell coverage here is spotty, but wifi is everywhere!!! Sooo close verizon, but so far away!

    Better than nothing I guessthough!

  • I downloaded it! now I need a reason to use it!

    • kellex

      I'm with ya on that.

  • LTD10

    Just used it to call my friend in South America. More stable than Fring but the same. Its something Ill use everyday. I guess everybody should try both and decide for themselves. With fring you can use your wifi also a plus.