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Android 2.1 Rollout “Taking Longer than Expected”

The Motorola Facebook page was just updated with the following message…

Motorola – We know you guys are anxiously awaiting the upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1. Ultimately, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience on your device; as a result, the rollout is taking longer than expected. Though we don’t have the new deployment date to share just yet, we do promise we are working to get you updated information and will relay it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. We appreciate it!

Ewww.  Still going to hit that Q1 deadline?  Starting to look a little less likely.

Speaking of Facebook, we’re over 600 fans now!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • robots

    hm.. why was the Milestone update released to those countries who have not ratified the WIPO Copyright Treaty. sigh. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_parties_to

    I'm starting to think its a lawsuit issue

  • Steve

    How much do you want to bet that Verizon's been waiting for, and we'll get the 2.1 update customized by Verizon to include an app for the new Verizon App Store that goes online March 29th. I wouldn't doubt that we'll start to get our notifications of the 2,1 update tomorrow morning

    • robots

      Hah!! You are probably right. That or they're being sued for something… like multitouch.

  • LTD10

    Well…. I guess it's better to wait a while longer than to have bricked phones. I'm kind of glad they tried it out on other people rather than me.. 😛 Let's all keep our fingers crossed that they get all the kinks worked out, AND, it's what we are all hoping for!
    Thanks for all your hard work on this site. I too check the site several times a day just to see what's new, (or not new), and to try out all your suggestions. I'm really hoping that 2.1 is what I want, if not, I'm joining the rooters, and will be watching all the “how to” vids. Peace-

  • randy21671

    Check out CyanogenMod runs good.

  • Jack

    This is crazy. I've tried to be patient, but I can't take it anymore. I'm scrapping the Droid tonight and buying an iPhone or a PalmPre. Thanks for nothing Verizon!!!

    • kellex

      Yer kidding right?

    • Tom

      Jack, from someone who used both of those devices, don't do it! Droid is so much better. iPhone sucks, and PalmPre is only good for better multitasking… But Droid wins in every other category.

      If you want 2.1, root and get CyanogenMod. But even if you stay stock, 2.0.1 is still better than both of those.

    • Michael C.

      Wait for the 4G (4th generation) iPhone coming out this summer.

    • kulz

      i clicked “LIKE” by mistake!!! by no means do i like this comment!!! to go from the Droid to the iphone or pre? come on now buddy…although everyone (including myself) is pissed off that the OTA is taking forever, there are perhaps BETTER alternatives for this OTA. DL sites them all! give it another thought!!

  • Michael C.

    You know, it's better to just stay quiet and not say anything at all until the the update is officially being released.

    At this point, their apologies and “coming soon” notices are nothing but provoking and irritating!

    Hope someone over at Motorola is reading this!!!!!

  • machinegun68

    I think I'll get my 2.1 update by buying an HTC Incrdedible when they hit the market. Plus its not a Motorola.

    • tpags

      I was and still am thinking of the Incredible also. But I would miss Droidlife more than I would miss my Droid. You arent going to find a site that offers info for the Incredible like you do with the Droid here. And unless it is a google phone like the N1 you are going to be waiting even longer for updates than you are right now. HTC is always a couple months behind on the updates.

      • machinegun68

        I agree. This site is the only site that keeps me sane with all the info out there on a Droid. Good to know about HTC, did not know that.

  • ViggS

    Don't even think I will be going to the official update at all.

  • djenks24

    OK, you guys have almost got me convinced to root my phone. Couple of questions, does google maps, navigation, and GPS work with Cyanogen yet, and will I be able to use all of the google apps like voice and docs like I do now. I anxious for the update, but I just keep reminding myself that I am miles ahead of what I had with my Blackberry Curve. Big Red had me locked out of my GPS on that phone and I don't want to be without. Thanks. Love my droid and this site has taught me how to use it. Thanks again.

    • SDI

      I have run both cyanogen and Blackdroids Ultimate Droid 8.1.1 and both i have no problems with google maps, voice give them a try. They are pretty responsive to questions and concerns and are constantly doing updates.

  • garbagedick

    I love this site and check it several times a day to see about the 2.1 update, but the rooters are getting a little annoying. I completely understand how happy you are with your bugless beast or cyanogen mods, but you don't have to post how “unnecessary” you feel the official 2.1 update is on every 2.1 post. some of us like me on this site choose stock, and thats primarily who these posts are for. I get that when it does hit it could mean better custom roms for the rooters, but that still doesn't justify taking over every post with you bragging about your roms.

  • thisisluda

    This may sound crazy, but you don't think it's possible that Moto or Verizon is purposely holding the update to help with the Motorola Devour sales, as it was just released on the Verizon network. Think about it, The Devour is operating with Android 1.6 and yet is still being sold for $150. Compare that with The Droid that is running at 2.1 with many great new features…..many customers would bypass the Devour and go straight to The Droid. I know the Droid Eris is running an outdated version of Android as well, however it has never been advertised with that high of a price tag. Maybe the business decision is to keep both phones similar, marketing that both have great things to offer and that the Devour would be eventually updated to the Android 2.1 operating system. Also, didn't we first learn of the Moto Devour during a Super Bowl commercial….right around the same time that Moto posted their famous statement in Feb. that Android 2.1 would be rolling out that week? Maybe Moto or Verizon saw a little hype in the Devour and thought they could make a little money on this device, however knowing that the only competition would be their own product, The Droid, maybe they decided to halt on the release of 2.1 to the Droid until they evaluated the sales of The Devour. Crazy….yes….Realistic….maybe?????

    • Timbo1

      I dont think that is realistic at all, the Devour and Droid are for two totally different markets of people.

  • sr_erick

    I guess at this point I really don't care anymore. Im perfectly happy running cyanogen mod. I very much doubt I will go back to a stock build.

  • Im tired of this crap. Im really tryn not to root becuz i find it difficult but if neone out there feelz like being helpful and wouldnt mind assisting me i'd greatly appreciate it. I get the whole rooting adding the update folder and what not but after that i dunno what to do as far as getting 2.1. and fully customizing my droid

    • SDI

      Start off by getting the app droidmod update http://droidmod.org/ download the file while your phone is plugged into your computer that is under “droidmod update 1.0 is out. Then after that is done load it onto your droid and follow the prompts. Then after that is done got to the market place and down load rom manager, install that and pick the Rom that you would like and it will direct you what to do. Hope this helps.

      • OKay im assuing this is to be done after I root correct?

        • SDI

          You obtain root access with Droidmod updater then install the rom manager and 1st flash clockwork recovery, then go to while in rom manager go to download rom and pick which one you may like. Best bet is to stay with one that is stable for now.

  • sombloski

    maybe we will be able to catch up when android 2.2 comes out? we should probably just skip 2.1 at this point

    • SDI

      I think your right!

  • SDI

    Lets look at it like this,,,,, now with the ability to switch back and forth between Cyanogen, Pete's Bugless Beast, Ultimate Droid Roms and more,,the OTA update to me is obsolete. I mean Koush and Blackdroid have done something that even the mighty Verizon can not do and thats get out an OTA update. I have received 4 updates all to either existing Roms I have installed or ones that I can choose from.

    Unless the OTA from Verizon comes with flash which I highly doubt, I am sticking with what I have now. If you remember Sprint is giving their customers Android phones with 2.1 around the first of April, and maybe then Verizon will not be far behind,,,to me that is amazing! They have done an incredible disservice to their customers at Verizon it is almost funny. Seriously I think there are the chosen few at Verizon laughing at this,,,,they have alittle power and control in their otherwise boring lives and are using it to withhold what every other carrier is starting to give to their customers.

    If you believe that they are just feverishly working into the wee hours of the night trying to get this OTA out, your disillusioned. Again I ask you if some devs can make a stable 2.1 Rom with all and more of the features that they have promised and they do it in their basements some of them, how can Verizon not do this?

    Maybe they need to fire their engineers and hire Koush and Blackdroid! If they are still finding bugs in a system that they have planned since Feb. to release they are either that damn incompetent or asleep at the wheel either which they are not worthy of a wait from any respectful customer. All customers across the country should deny the update when/if it comes. I fear that most will unroot for it,,,realize that it was not worth it and re-root.

  • mhoe

    Email from verizon 1 hr ago:

    Good Evening. I apologize that currently we have no way of knowing who will get the Droid software release update and when. My name is Tykeesha and I would be happy to provide additional details.

    The software release for the Droid is being rolled out in stages via OTA (Over The Air) starting March 18, 2010 at 12PM EST. The notifications will continue to be sent until all Motorola Droid owners have been advised of their ability to update their software.

  • e3pin0

    not even something to worry about now that I'm running Cyanogen…

  • Dev

    AND ROOTED thx vrz for making my decision to wait for 2.1 or root easy push back once shame on you push back twice shame on you bush back a third time shame on me for not rooting weeks ago!

  • Rachel

    Im honestly thinking of Rooting tomorrow…Any sugesstions?

    • Tom

      Follow Kellex's video to the letter

      After you do that, do yourself a favor and get SetCPU which costs $1, and Titanium Backup which is free.

      Lastly, enjoy.

  • dipsetdroid

    im still hopeing they say the release date is april 1st then dun dun dun oh its delayed april fools=[

  • NewDroidOrder

    Ok guys so for those of you who are thinking about rooting and hopping ROM to ROM, I suggest using these 2 free apps, they will make ur life a lot better.

    TempMonitor Lite: http://market.android.com/search?q=org.alldroid
    Titanium Backup: http://market.android.com/search?q=com.keramida

  • danny

    i'm not even waiting for the 2.1 . this blackdroid v.8 i love ittttttt so who cares about this 2.1 update its nothing special about it , and beside if it does comes out im not going to except it anyway . i loveeee this blackdroid it has everything i want anyway thank droid-life u guys r thy best website out there keep it coming

  • cpeter753

    im glad i broke my pinkie toe recently, its the only thing more painful then hearing all of these excuses for why we haven't gotten the 2.1 update. im getting really close to just rooting.

    • gsxr750

      Dooo itttt. Dm updater does it all for you almost

      • cpeter753

        i know thats the enticing part of it haha

        • Tom

          I agree with gsxr. Like Nike says… JUST DO IT!

  • marcunwired

    Hey kids … just a quick question (OK its sort of off topic). Thanks to this site, Kellex and many of your comments, I rooted a few days ago with DMUpdater and am now running DroidMod 1.0 with plans to check out Cyanogen and Black Droid soon.

    Here's the question .. do I need to change my root password now? How?

    Remember all those iPhone owners that got RickRolled and worse last year ….

    • gsxr750

      no just download rom manager, back it up and you got cyanogen. Its really easy

      • Marc

        Thanks, sorry I wans't clear, I was wondering if there was any risk in not having a root password (I'm assuming its blank or well known after rooting).

        • while we're on the subject, will updating to 5.5.3 of Cyanogen cause me to have to reset everything?

          • I was going to ask if 5.5.3 was a droid rom also or only n1 specific…

          • evltwn

            I rooted to Cyanongen 5.5.3 tonight on my Droid, all it good.

          • did u notice any improvements or differences from 5.5?

          • Timbo1

            I didnt notice much of a difference between the two, one thing I do notice though is the notification light seems to flash more often with 5.5.3 like when I change a setting or something I notice it flash, perhaps its a bug or I am imagining it. Does seem slightly quicker though.

          • SDI

            Did you do a wipe of your system before you installed it? If so thats what it should have done then go into something like my back up or titanium and restore all your data.

  • Wow I need to not pay my bill to VZW and tell them I don't know when I can pay but it “will be soon”. I don't know about the rest of the people out there but I know if I don't meet my deadline to pay for a service VZW has no problems sending me about a dozen txt messages, emails, letters, and reminders. Yet for the desired information of a update suddenly verizon can't find anything about what is going on. Moto if you're going to issue a statement something different that we don't know, haven't figured out for ourselves might be a good start. ROOT and forget about the OTA. This worse than the bad prom date.

  • BRIM

    I'm sorry, but am I the only one not being phased by the constant delays of this “2.1” roll-out?

    While all those are relying on BigRed/Moto to eventually bring this out in 2011 err I mean 2010, I'm a happy camper being ROOTED (DroidMod) & making iPhone friends envy my live wallpapers, Overclocking, etc.

    Why let Verizon tell you when you can enjoy 2.1 features? Pssshh

  • nkhex19

    Yeah Motorola had to post something new up because people were getting crazy with their comments to Motorola. People just want a simple explanation, I believe they would be much more patient if they new why the update has been delayed a third time. On a curious note, I know it was just rumor but wasn't the N1 supposed to be released to Verizon on the 23rd? I wonder if they are gonna release it after the 2.1 update is finally pushed out. Anyways I will anxiously await the update, Droid still rocks though regardless of the update. Thanks for keeping us updated Kellex. iDon't, DROID DOES!!!

    • cpeter753

      ” iDon't, DROID DOES!!!” whatever happened to those commercials? they were great. they need to start them up again. Well that is as long as Apple doesn't try to sue them, which seems to be the trend these days from Apple's camp

  • maizekidstill

    Root then unroot, root then unroot. I think verizon needs to hire some of these developers hacking the systems to get their act together. I know we have an awesome phone and I'm not complaining but verizons advertising spill was that the droid was the phone you would never want to upgrade from. Now they can't keep up……..just sad if you ask me

    • teddyrucks

      Im sure they have some good developers. It only takes one n00b in the chain with too much responsibility to cause big problems.

  • gsxr750

    Only thing I m anxious for is what the roms are gonna be like after the 2.1 comes out and how stable and customized there gonna be!

    • cpeter753

      very true. the roms will hopefully be even more amazing (maybe even convince me to root lol) but something tells me they may not be that different from the ones we have now for a while. lets keep our fingers crossed though

    • syntakk

      This is exactly why I'm excited for 2.1. Really couldn't care less about the update itself, I just can't wait to see how much more improved the roms will be!

  • It is truly amazing how this thing is being dragged out.

    • Tim

      It's truly amazing how Ken Chamberlain is so interested in this update when he keeps saying how uninterested he is on every chat or blog in the nation.

      • PGD

        no kidding, the ultimate blog troll. Jeez Ken.

        • PGD

          That is NOT what I originally posted. Didn't know censorship was being practiced here 🙁

          • Octotron

            Censorship would involve banning you or someone from talking. The purpose of this site is not for flaming, not matter how tempting it may be.

          • kellex

            I let most stuff go, but personal attacks are not needed. This is a site where we dont practice using our internet egos.

            If people are here to trash on someone, then I ask that they go somewhere else.

      • cpeter753

        whoa relax no need to attack the guy. lets try to keep droid-life civil unlike the other websites and blogs out there.

        • kellex

          Keep it Civil people!

          • cpeter753

            im making an attempt to lol sorry if that came across as harsh. Not my intention at all

          • kellex

            No I appreciate you saying that. Thanks!

      • I guess you could say, that I am interested in the drama that is being played out about it.

  • Ron

    I don't think it going to make the Q1 deadline and Q2 is quickly approaching…

    • Neurolytic

      +1 It won't make it for Q1

  • SecurityNick

    Does anyone question whether the issues are with the actual firmware or the OTA process? While OTA is “cool,” I'd be just as content for them to post the file somewhere and allow people to manually update their phones. This is how most people updated firmwares before, I know I personally did it several times with the Motorola Q that I had, not to mention I used to work for a cell phone company did this for customers all the time (although we had some snazzy software that we used).

    • OldNuc

      My suspicion is the bug is in the OTA process. You have to push a large binary file to a client device and then verify the file integrity on the client device before install/reflash. This is not a trivial task and if one little bit changes state then it all blows up.

  • guest84

    Are there any downsides to Overclocking? does it use up the battery faster or wear down the phone's durability in the long term? Sorry if that's a stupid question,

    • Tom

      Only if you allow it to overheat.

  • Michael

    “Thanks for your patience.” While this news was expected, assuming we're patient is a bit insulting. We're pissed, not patient. So, who's really at fault?
    a. BITemeFONE
    b. VZWe'll get it to you soon
    c. MOTOmorrow never comes
    d. The customers for expecting a Q1 release

    If you're a, b, or c, the answer's is d. If you're d, the answer doesn't matter, just get the OTA update… well OTA.

  • Neurolytic

    Between Motorola and Verizon and BitFone, they should all get their stories straight and come up with one date where they actually do something.

    For the amount of time that us(Droid owners) have been waiting, Motorola and Verizon must work on a new update and dump just about everything in it(3D App Drawer, MOTOBLUR etc… WAIT! Throw in Sense UI and call it something else so that HTC does file a lawsuit!)

    I do understand that Android is a very fast developing OS and that Verizon doesn't push updates that are faulty, but I'm done waiting since January 22nd! I'm done keeping my phone stock just because!


    • skrap853

      They are in the process of implementing OTA updates with cyanogen. BlackDroid also has customizable OTA options (ROM Manager premium required of course for $3.99)

  • gsxr750

    Anyone try out Ultimate Droid 8.1.1? Did ya guys like it and was it pretty stable or just bout the same as cyanogen?

    • aarynk

      I prefer Cyanogen… Ultimate Droid was a little sluggish for me even overclocked to 800MHZ

      • NewDroidOrder

        I was running Cyanogen by Koush, and it work be amazing then the next second I'm waiting for my home screens to load my apps and widgets when hitting the home button. Over all I did really like the ROM, actually I liked blackdroid's and Koush's, however as we all know Koush's is the most stable. But just not stable enough for me. Great work though I must say. So for now I'm going to stay unrooted

        • gsxr750

          Cool cool i guess ill just stick with cyanogen until i see what the update i guess!

  • ajavgeek

    I will also go back to Stock => “soon” 🙂

  • G

    I just was at a Verizon store here in Ohio about an hour ago. One of the people there told me they had started roll outs this week, 1000 the first day and 5000 everyday after that until they are done, he also claimed Tennessee was the first area to get it. I don't know how accurate he is but its better than nothing. He also confirmed that they had issues with the updates that were sent out earlier.

  • J3ff

    Moto is killing all their momentum

  • NewDroidOrder

    This is all quite sad. I cant believe that it is taking them this long to roll this thing out. It has been said before that these ROM devs that we all have grown to love had worked for Moto even just for this little 2.1 that seems to never be coming, we would have has the update ontime, and free of any glitches. So pretty much, GO DEVS! We will be waiting Moto….always waiting….

  • aarynk

    Glad I didn't unroot last night!!

  • rocketdaddy

    Could somebody tell my why I want to wait for this instead of installing cyanogen? I'm on the verge. What are the real pros and cons of stock versus rooted? Sorry, maybe this isn't the place to ask but…. losing my cool soon.

    • J3ff

      I rooted this morning and it's great. Even overclocked and the phone is silly faster now;) Found everything on Droid Life:)

    • skrap853

      Stock – keep your warranty for sure, take no risk, have no fun. Root – control your phone how you want, do what you want with it, but take some minor risk in the process (with all the tools, knowledge, and a great recovery image the risk should be minimal). I personally decided to root for this reason – it is possible they might fix the hole making rooting not as easily possible. If I want to try motorola's update I will stay rooted and load it on the phone.

    • syntakk

      Really no reason NOT to root with all of the excellent information out there to assist you. Using this site alone, there are video and step-by-step tutorials on how to root to several different roms, as well as how to get back to stock very quickly and easily.

  • rockymtnhigh

    LOL – I just PM'd you that I saw this post. 🙂

    Same old, same old… “soon.” Pathetic.