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Monday Poll: Where you at Droid Lifers?

Last week we asked readers if they would be interested in a Droid Life meetup and actually saw a pretty decent response rate which has the first ever Droid Life-a-thon in the works.  While that poll was pretty specific to just Portland Droid users, we also had some cool discussions going on amongst the rest of the DL readers throughout the country.  One of the ideas that came out of that poll was to put together a map of everyone’s location and I actually loved it so much that the map has officially come to life!

Here is what you do:

  • Click on the “Add” button on the map and put in your city or zip code.
  • From there you can either preview it to make sure it’s correct or just hit submit.
  • Please do not put in your actual street address.

  • Jeff

    No Pens….Go Wings!!!

  • timarnette

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334

  • mrwildman1

    there are 2 on cape cod so far, SWEET!

  • deezjet

    Deezjet Sunny So Cal…………. in da house

  • schmaltzy

    Kellex, I'd like to set up a map like this onto a certain forum that I belong to. I'm at ZeeMaps but how do I publish with the ADD feature? Any help? Thanks!

    • claire_mclister

      Use the menu item Publish or Share -> Publish on your map. Then, in the first tab for the publish dialog, check the box that says “Allow Additions”.

  • Janet

    How do I remove information or my flag?

  • JLeo87


    Reppin DROIIDDD NATION!!!!

  • dquicknc

    Great idea! I'm there! Hamlet, NC 28345

  • chris nimon

    Good news. I think i converted a fanboy to the wonderful world of droid. I set up wifes droid so her brother and her could watch netflix, skype, and use computer online while traveling from Indiana to Alabama. They were impressed by the droids capabilities.

  • cee_em_jay

    West Vee, what…yes, we have cell phones here. 😀

  • Tom

    NYC Represent! All us NYers need to meet somewhere

    • belsonc

      I'm up for it – I'm a half hour out on the LIRR… 🙂

  • I think all Canadians should be immediately banned after they stole the gold medal from us.

    • cee_em_jay

      As a Penguins fan, my emotions are twisted…I guess this is a bros before hos thing on a national level, heh.

      • I also believe all Penguins fans should be banned, after they stole the cup from my Caps:)

        • You guys lost fair and square even if it was like 7-2 Lets Go Pens

          • Jeff

            No Pens….Go Wings!!!

  • phenom

    Wow, there' s like 12 people in Portland. Interesting.. I think Droid Life should get an airline to sponsor round trip flights to the gathering. 🙂 I'm in Chicagoland. 🙂

  • belsonc

    Good to see my fellow Long Islanders!

  • EndiSky

    Holy crap Kellex, how many unique hits does DL get in a day?

  • dannydarko

    Now that's what I call a Drooooiiiid Cluster.keep it coming people.See Kellex thats why you the D.K kiiid! LIVE IT , LOVE IT, DROID-LIFE!

  • tpipher

    Portage Lakes Ohio Here!!

  • machinegun68

    All the way from next door in Idaho!!

  • Scott H

    Cleveland OH here.

  • teejay

    holding it down in northern california.

    • Rob

      Davis baby

  • SinCitySRT4

    great stuff. im the only one in vegas!?

    • shawnb1824

      Add me +1 from Vegas.

  • teddyrucks

    Area52 is in the Arctic Circle! That's some awesome coverage.

    • kellex

      I just got cold after clicking on that.

  • monstergamer

    So cool

  • TinnO

    Argentina present!

    • kellex

      Hah gotta love a good shout out.

      • TinnO

        Love the site! Keep it up! I have the milestone version but I found this site very helpful anyway! =)

  • iamthewalrus2211

    Love the site, love the phone, keep up your excellent work!!!!!

  • syntakk

    Wish this worked from the phone 🙁

    • kellex

      Maybe this week's 2.1 update will have Flash. 😛

      (Did I just start another rumor?)

      • syntakk

        LOL well it shows up but is all squished so I can't really type in anything or see the map.

        Flash would be nice though…

      • teddyrucks

        If history has taught us anything, its that we have a better chance of seeing flash in the next Cyanogen release before we see it distributed by moto and big red.

  • jcu123

    map would not load on my laptop at all, when I tried to enter zip code from phone, it froze completely and I had to reboot phone.

  • Lane252

    lol some ppl

  • kellex


  • EndiSky


  • kellex

    And Australia blasts on to the map!