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Another 2.1 Update Delay Picture

The previous picture showing the 2.1 update delay had a “TBD” while today you can see it has officially become “DELAYED.”

While Verizon may be working damage control and having us believe that their original plan was to just release 1,000 test updates, it’s become pretty obvious that those plans were indeed much bigger.

  • StephanC

    If the update to 2.1 for the Droid is taking this long what are the future updates going to be like? When the Nexus One hits Verizon Wireless are the updates for it, THE GOOGLE PHONE, going to take this long? Is Google going to let this happen to THEIR phone? I bet they won't I bet that Google will step in and support their anointed device because it is THEIR phone. So where does that leave all other Android devices? Or will the delays also apply to the Nexus One and Google will finally get the idea that OS release shouldn't be left up to the carrier?

  • JohnOlesen

    just like I said before, and i'm not trying to be an ass about it, but I honestly dont understand the fuss. im perfectly happy with my 2.0.1, my set up is:

    — Helix Launcher for the Multiple Screens / fancy launcher icon
    — Better Keyboard 5 for the Voice to Text function
    — 2.1 Gallery w/ Multi-Touch, just cuz the new gallery looks damn snazzy.

    I loathe multi touch in the browser. i fail to see how its easier than double tapping with the thumb you already have over or by your screen while holding the phone anyways. The iPhone has it, and thats honestly the only reason I can think of that ANYBODY would want it-but thats just me.

    Sorry to Tpags if i was sounding like an ass earlier. I work for Verizon, and have been fending off customers asking about the update all day, as well as fending off the usual droves of morons asking “when yall gonna get an iphone?” and “why do i gotta pay a restocking fee?” and “why cant i return a phone i broke in half?” (not even joking)

    • StephanC

      Ha ha… iPhone. Hey the camera button on my Droid started peeling, would it be considered manufacturers defect (I'm not the only person with this issue) or would it be covered by Asurion?

  • Lee

    Cause you can't put a link to Verizons internal employee info….

  • Jack

    Why do we always get pictures instead of links? Don't people realize that you don't have to take a photograph of something on the Internet in order to share it?

    • carig

      Not everything displayed on a computer screen is on the Internet.

  • Nรถlff, esq.

    OK that's it. I'm going to cyanogen.

  • JohnOlesen

    oh, and it could be worse. it could be a freaking Blackberry. At least the phone is completely functional without a dozen software updates and battery pulls. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jack

      I laugh every time I have to install something on my BlackBerry (for work) and find that it requires a ten minute reboot. Well… I don't laugh for long, since I'm also the one who needs to use that BlackBerry. But at least it is a T-Mobile one, as we know what Verizon does to its BlackBerrys.

  • JohnOlesen

    everyone chill out. its going to be happening sometime this next up coming week. There were 1000 updates pushed out, get your panties out of the bunch they're in and CHILL THE F OUT. Seriously, its a software update-big deal.

    Yes. it will have live wallpapers tpags, dont worry-that wonderous battery drainer will be included.

    [/annoyed rant]. sorry. i've been dealing with this all day at work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • tpags

      First, Im already rooted with droidmod and I never use the live wallpapers. I personally thought it would be pretty funny for them to pull something that they said it was going to have. And I wouldn't put it past them. So you can hop off your high horse at any time now.

    • JLeo87

      Waaaaaaaahhhh what a baby

    • jk

      Does JohnOlesen work for Verizon? No one made Verizon or Motorola announce a date for 2.1's release. They did it themselves. What's pathetic is VZW giving a specific timetable, missing it, then denying they deviated. At least Moto had the integrity to concede it messed up. Pathetic, Verizon. 1,000 test roll-out was the plan all along? Wrong. VZW wrote in black and white about bathches in the 100s of thousands rolling out. It's really to generous believe VZW sent out the test versions. No one's come on a blog. No doubt Verizon sent it to made up testers. VZW's press release was put out by a scumbag totally lacking in integrity. People are annoyed with Moto's botching this but Moto concedes. VZW simply lies. JohnOlesen, who the hell are you to tell people they shouldn't be upset when VZW announces a date, misses it lies about missing it?

      • JohnOlesen

        actually yes, JohnOlesen DOES work for Verizon. It was pushed out to some beta testers, as well as higher ups in Verizon, and want to know what it did? BRICKED THEIR PHONE.

        So, you'd rather Verizon send out faulty updates like they did with the Storm-but send them out in an ESTIMATED TIME TABLE that they previously said, or find out that “oh shit, this is breaking phones-let's hold off til its right, so we DONT have another Storm fiasco.”

        …yeah I'll take option B thank you very much-and i'm pretty sure 99.9% of the customer base would to.

        So yes, it DOES let them retain whatever integrity they have left-because the update was pulled in your best interest. Lets say you got the update, and it blew up your phone, HOW MUCH HELL WOULD YOU BE RAISING?

        Thank you, come again.

  • Phil

    Well that does not appear to be the case anymore. I highly doubt we will see anything tonight. Probably another week or so, hopefully not though ๐Ÿ™

  • guest

    i thought that the “mass” updates were not suppose to start until tonight at midnight eastern…test group thurs, wait a day, then midnight the following day……..or do i have that incorrect?

    • JohnOlesen

      actually yeah..thats more or less the way it was set up before…

  • chefmelv

    I talked with a verizon wireless employee a couple hours ago for other reasons but went ahead and asked about the update. He “claimed” that Verizon decided to add some more features, and still TBD.

  • tpags

    Why does it not say live wallpapers anymore. Maybe Im looking too much into it but I hope they did not pull those. I wouldn't be surprised.

  • Brendan

    Well back to cyanogen!

    • CyanogenMOD/Koush 5.0.5 is running nicely and should be released today.

  • Whats worse this update or the play of the Big East in the tourney.

  • I going to root now, tired of the “soon” & “tbd”. Could we get alittle more vague? How vzw just post april fools or piss off. It is BOHICA.

  • The incredible will be significantly cheaper.

  • maizekidstill

    Back to root we go. Just think how pissed we would all be if we didn't have the options to root our droids.
    Thank you mod teams and droid-life

  • Petro Dragoumanos

    I'm done with wondering when this update will come out. Now I'm wondering should I get the Nexus One or HTC Incredible. Any suggestions?

  • Josef F

    No less love for Android (or, by extension, Google). No less love for Verizon (compared to the competition, at least). But my love for Motorola is rapidly waning. Get your crap together, Moto!

    • rockymtnhigh

      I am not sure anyone has ANY love for Verizon, so hard for them to lose love. Moto on the other hand got all the love just by creating the droid, but yes, every day that goes by, they lose a little.

    • adamrk17

      how do you figure this is motos fault? (FYI not trying to attack you just curious)….From waht I was told it is a distributors of verizon….

      also verizon distributes this and must have told moto. on the first one that it was ready and cancelled in the last hour…..

      again not moto's fault….I have tons of love for moto thiis phones hardware is unmatched as far as i'm concerned they always have a strong build and quality product

      I just hope they don't stop making handsets b/c i like this better than any htc out there…..

      • kellex

        No need to for anyone to get on the blame game. The whole thing is just one giant disappointment.

        • adamrk17

          agreed, i just don't think anyone should dislike moto. b/c of this seems like they've done a great job with the droid to me……

          • Jack

            @adamrk17: “…b/c of this seems like they've done a great job with the droid to me…..”

            Let's see if you're still whistling the same tune when you finally get 2.1 and realize it doesn't contain the new launcher, additional homescreens and Flash.

          • adamrk17

            (Everyone knows this already)

            And lets c dont care cause i have helix….and moto doesnt affect when we get flash…adobe does

          • JLeo87

            Ya he will b whistling bcuz the new launcher sucks (helix is the shiznit – 7homescreens) and nobodys expecting flash til atleast June anyways.

            Get it together Jack. (Off)

  • David

    will the nexus one have the same 3g issues that it had on tmobile on verizon?

  • RealGame22

    Cause of this delay, I had to root about 12 Droids (DroidMod). SN: I told them about DroidMod and they seen my phone.

  • Isaiah

    why is there an upside down question mark in the “New gallery” bullet?

  • SDI

    SOOOOOOO glad that i rooted back to cyanogen! I am DONE waiting for this update! Hell i might even go buy a nexus one when they come to Verizon since that seems to be getting all the attention! To bad though i really like the droid!

  • Octotron


  • Bernie

    Glad i rooted my Droid!!!!