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Friday Poll: Interested in a Droid Life Meetup?

This poll probably hits a pretty small percentage of our readers, but it’s something that has been suggested a few times to us and is also something we really just want to get a feel for.  Blog meet-ups can be pretty fun things for everyone involved if you take the right approach to it.  Not only can you meet people with similar interests as you, but it’s a great way to network in something which might not be in your everyday field.  So to all the Portland area Droid Life readers (Or to those willing to travel up here!), what do you think?  If we did a local Portland meet-up would you come?

There are no immediate plans for something like this, but in the future I can assure you that there will be. Find me a better way to take someone’s “rooting” virginity than by doing so in person!

  • Mcneilmoe

    how bout in the middle of no where in West Virginia! aye?! lol

  • juanbiz89

    where my chicago land droid users at!!!

  • 1barlog17

    I'm in Escondido northern San Diego county. I'm a yes.

    • Hep

      Stone Brewing!!!! I want to move there just for that.

  • Brian

    I'm in the PDX and i'm a yes.

  • David


    • kellex


  • throw one of those maps here where people can share their state location and that will give you a better picture of the readers locations.

    • i'll second that, would be interesting to see where everyone is from …

  • I'd be up for it, it would be cool to meet some local PDX droid users.

  • julian1980

    We can have a meet for the South East in Beautiful Florida (Tampa) 🙂 Now you have a reason to travel south Kellex.

  • SinCitySRT4

    Call Of Duty? Thats always a good time

  • kulz

    NY NY big city of dreams!!! kellex, whenever u decide to come to the east, give me a holla!

  • troutlaw

    I'd be there in a flash (live in the Sellwood area). Droid-Life Blazer game? 🙂

    • kellex

      DL Blazer game would be niiiiiiiiiiice.

  • jasenm

    Fresno representing! 🙂 Okay just because I live in Fresno doesn't make me a gangsta.

  • I live in the D.C. metro area but I will meet anyone who wants some on the courts of Xbox live.

    • xbox live here…i play call of duty religiously. my handle is MEAT JAVELIN

      • Modern Warfare 2? I am Kingof22191

      • IMA_210

        I think for the rest of us that have an Xbox live account could start a Droid Clan! Hit me up as well in Call of Duty my handle – IMA210

  • I am in the Portland Metro so of course I am a yes on the meetup. Maybe there is a need to set up the Meetup page and see where everyone is from and then work on Satellite events and organizers.

  • hepbone

    I'm in Tacoma and would drive down for a meeting on the weekend. And I'm also easy, so you could take my root virginity… I wouldn't struggle too much.

    • Tyson

      Same here, also in Tacoma and would total drive down for this. My wife and I have family in Aloha, OR so were down there all the time!

  • If I lived in Portland the answer would be Yes!!.. I'm in the greater Phx area

  • teddyrucks

    Apparently I'm the only one who doesn't reside in a coastal city.

    • nah, you're not alone … i'm in pennsylvania

  • randy21671

    Hey Kellex, There are a few of us in So Cal…. Come on down! The weather is awsome! You can do a remote from out here…. : )

    • kellex

      Might be time for a SoCal sunny trip. 🙂

      • aarynk

        So Cal meet up would be cool

      • maizekidstill

        You got my vote if you come to So. Cal

      • randy21671

        Ok, So when should we expect you and where do you want to meet. : D

  • syntakk

    Houston here so I don't think I could make it 😉

    If it was near Houston then it would definitely be something I would be interested in.

  • deezjet

    I'd be willing if it were in say……..the Los Angeles area! BRING IT!!!!!!DroidNation Unite!!!

  • bksone74

    after saying yes tot he poll i realized that you are in Portland. i forgot about that… I'm in San Jose Nor Cal… if i lived in Portland i would be down for a meet-up though.

  • sr_erick

    Are you in Portland OR or Portland ME?

    • kellex

      Portland, OR.

  • aarynk

    I'm actually moving from Southern California to Portland in June so I'm in if June of later!!

    • randy21671

      Where in so. Cal. Maybe we can meet for coffee or something.

      • aarynk

        North of San Diego

        • randy21671

          I am in Riverside.

      • Ummm……

  • I live in Houston…so if I'm ever in the Portland area, I would hit you guys up