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Android App Review: ZumoDrive

The concept behind ZumoDrive‘s mobile offering was a good one: offer your users cloud-synced files from their computer straight to their phone; I mean, why transfer your entire music collection to your SD card when you can leave it all cached online? Even better was the 2GB of free space they’ve given unpaid users, giving them a taste of what they could come to expect from their service.

However, up until about five minutes ago, none of that worked.

Up until a just-posted update, ZumoDrive crashed repeatedly on my Droid. From other reviews, it did the same thing on this specific model of phone. It wasn’t enough to just close the app; no, it kept opening and closing, taunting me each time that it might work.

Bugs aside, I installed ZumoDrive’s app last night with a little bit of optimism: I read comics on my Droid (well, technically Milestone) through an app called Android Comics Viewer. In theory, I could maintain a “to read” folder on my PC where I could store my comics, and have those files follow my phone.

However, ZumoDrive is a bit restrictive in the sense that files you sync have to be handled by ZumoDrive’s app; that means if you bring along music, pictures or video, it is played through their native player. This seems like a bit of a deal breaker, because, to put it simply, I don’t need another music player on my Droid.

I also don’t need one with an unintuitive interface; in order to access the controls to skip songs or jump to a certain place on a timeline, the screen must be tapped once to bring them up. Sure, this was probably a move to save screen real estate for the large album art display, but when it isn’t immediately apparent where the controls are, I was left confused (the “menu” button was left blank, too).

ZumoDrive’s available for WebOS, iPhone and Android; I think the fact that the company’s spread out over three different OS’ might be a reason for their unfound bugs. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, though: sometimes these things happen.

What would make me spend money on their service would be the creation of a virtual drive, like their software does on my computer. I’m not sure if it’s possible using the current Android software, but man, being able to use ASTRO file manager on Zumo’d files (or open them in other programs) would add a lot of versatility to what they offer.

So in short, Zumodrive does exactly what it says on the box: it stores your files on a cloud and allows you to access them. However, it’s a bit short-sighted, as unless you’re storing pictures, video or music, you won’t be able to use said files. Good for some uses, but lacking for others.


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  • Dropbox for Droid?

  • mrtrumpet

    I use SugarSync for this and it works very well with my Droid. Also has a 2 gig free account.

    Training ain't so good, but the service works well for me.

  • Hey Matt, I'm work for ZumoDrive. Some good points about the music interface, we are working to make that more intuitive in the next update.

    I do want to point out one thing though, you are able to use ZumoDrive files with other applications. Just click on a file in the “Files” view, and the right application will open to handle the file.

    Currently it's not possible to mount as a drive on the Android yet, but we are looking into the possibility of doing that as well.


    • MattDemers

      The options I got for clicking on said file were “Open” or “Share”, and then after clicking the “Open” option, I got a “This file is not supported” message. The file format I'm looking at is a .cbr file, which should be handled by ACV.

      • Matt, you are right. We only support a white-listed list of types right now. An update will be out shortly that adds support for all file types android supports.

  • str8havoc

    I have been waiting for some to come out with an app that allows you to stream your music/videos/pictures from your PC or someone else's. I have Simplify Media on my home PC witch is connected to a family member in Ohio. I'm able to listen to all of there music anytime. They can stream my music over there Ipod Touch.

    The same thing with Dropbox its nice to be able to pull files from it but i only want to stream it like you can with an Iphone or touch.

    I just thought there would be something out on the market by now that was similar. 🙁

    • skiwebster

      doesn't orb do exactly that? Haven't tried it yet on my droid but on my old windows mobile phone i was able to stream all my music from my home computer.

  • syntakk

    Good review, thanks!

    Also, Matt Demers? Looks like Kellex has been getting some help now, eh?

    • Cyberdemon

      Well I guess when you have a great, solid blog like Kellex's you're bound to start needing help 😛

      • syntakk

        Yep, I was wondering when we would start seeing more authors here. I guess today is the day 🙂

  • Seems like Dropbox might be a better choice for you. There's an app available on the market (DroidBox) that allows you to interface with Dropbox, and (if I recall correctly) it will launch external applications to open your files.

    Of course, there's Soonr too which has a decent Android app, but Soonr has no Linux app (neither does Mozy).

    There's probably a way to schedule (via cronjob on the DROID?) an rsync to pull down (and up?) files to rsync.net (or S3 or whatever).

  • Cyberdemon

    Can't we just do that with our own servers already?