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Official Android 2.1 OTA Update Watch

We’re on it!  As soon as we hear any rustling in the Android bushes, this is the post that will be updated throughout the day.  So stay tuned!

For you custom ROM-ers, if interested, here is a post on how to get back to stock.

And just in case you missed any of the details on the update, we’ve got them all here, here, here and here.

Update 10:19AM 3/18: Apparent delay posted on BGR.  We’ve posted here.

Update 11:29AM 3/18: Motorola Facebook page updated.  They are looking into the issue…

Motorola –  Hi Everyone – We are looking into this new update and will definitely share with you what we find. Please patient with us! Thank you!

Update 3:22PM 3/18: Verizon responds to rumors of delay through Phone Scoop…

“The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola was deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users as scheduled. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will take place, but not just yet. No date scheduled yet.”

Update 8:43PM 3/18: Verizon via Twitter (7 hours ago) reports that they have sent out the 1,000 updates for testing…

@benwoodall No delay– starting with select test group first to avoid problems on upcoming rollout. More to come, stay tuned.

Update 7:21AM 3/19: Android and Me, continues with their Bitfone as the culprit theory.  After hearing news that Bitfone was having capacity issue, they received another tip semi-confirming more bad news…

“Apparently we will probably be waiting even longer for the 2.1 update for Droid. According to my source, the need to “ramp up” the distribution application and the network infrastructure that hosts it won’t just happen overnight. Bitfone has allegedly just contracted with a third-party solution consultant to assist with the redesign of the infrastructure  My contact did mention that they are moving on this as quickly as possible, but the reality is that it going to take some time. Not sure what Motorola is planning on doing on the PR front…”

Update 11:27AM 3/19: Wanted to share a couple of quotes from Verizon spokespersons that have come out today…

Brenda Raney:  “The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola is being deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users [March 18]. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will begin shortly thereafter—we will keep you posted.”

Thomas Pica:  “As per the earlier email, the Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola was deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users as scheduled. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will take place, but not just yet. No date scheduled yet, we will keep you posted.”

More updates coming as we have them!

  • Nice update on Android 2.1 ota.

  • Nice update on Android 2.1 ota.

  • Lee

    I see on Craigslist there are people selling 2.1 installs to people that don't know how to do it themselves. They right out state that the software is free and that they could do it themselves. But the service is offered for those that want it, but are too afraid to do it themselves.

    I was one of those that said I would not return to stock since I already had the update, but the excitement got the best of me the other day. Only to find a delay once again… 🙂 It's been awhile since I've been stock, and I had forgotten that it's not that bad. However there are features that I miss such as voice to text (which works very well). Anyway, no worries, I will sit on stock for a short bit, and if this delay extends too long I will simply go back to 2.1 on my own. But in the meantime stock isn't “as bad” as I remembered… 🙂

  • JLeo87

    Wow, I think Verizon reps are Droids themselves. Everyone one of them say exactly the same thing, almost word for word. Maybe they are actually theatre actors because they all have their scripts down pat, and they drop their lines like Broadway actors appearing 5 nights a week. I wonder if they have a dress rehersal just to ensure that they got their lines right when they tell us the update once again isn't coming?

  • kulz

    raise your hands if you rooted yesterday… *OOO ME ME ME!!* >:D

  • leftiphone4droid

    I don't know how true this is but one of the posters on the motorola facebook page said that they received the OTA. I think hesaid ge's from California. His name is Daniel Newell…his post is at the bottom of the comments. Again, I don't know how accurate this is.


  • JLeo87

    Damn I guess I'm just 1 of 200,000
    My mommy was wrong, I'm not “special” after all….

    Can't stand waiting for this update anymore

  • I know its kinda late for me to be saying this but Notthing here in Pittsburgh yet!

    I just had to get that out of me, been reading this blog alllll day lol

  • Steve

    This is Verizon and Motorola not givin a sh** about the people paying their salary. Thank You Both for caring about the people. This update should have been tested long ago. Not the day before.

  • stillwaiting

    “Motorola – Hi Everyone – We are looking into this new update and will definitely share with you what we find. Please patient with us! Thank you!”

    Well Thank Heavens Dectective incompetent is on the f****** case. I'm sure we'll get this resolved 3 years from now when the Droid 16 goes on sale running android 45. Everything's fine now. Disperse people, nothing to see here…..

    • aarynk

      Couldn't have said it any better myself this is pathetic

  • rocketdaddy

    Time to find my roots. Cyanogen, here I come.

  • kulz

    what a failure of epic proportions…..

  • Droided_Out

    Just got official word its a real delay definetly sucks

  • nick

    Moto again had my hopes high thanks motorola 4 letting us down your doing a good job at it keep up the good work

  • bksone74

    you know… i'm not one to Root/Mod but i think i've had about enough of this… i think come next week i'm going to give it a shot. no sense in wasting my time anymore. i can have all of 2.1 plus more by doing so…. aarrgghh but then i void my phone's warranty… but then again in i can restore it back to stock… DAMN YOU Verizon!

    • tpags

      I have rooted and had to return my phone for other reasons and they did not know. I used droidmod to return back to stock and erased everything that indicated a root. They aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, if this whole update bullshit hasnt already showed you that.

      • bksone74

        they are certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed… thanks for the info man.

  • mhoe

    yea, had a bunch of app updates yesterday…

    another delay… so lame….. how does a company get by with these kind of mistakes?

    • mhoe

      ps, doubt they make any sort of announcement when to expect it now. They're better off just releasing it unanounced.

      • nkhex19

        I totally agree. People were skeptical about this update as it was after what they did back in February. Its been reported that Motorola's distribution vendor Bitfone (now owned by HP) was the reason for the original delay but now I have no idea whats delaying it now. With all the angry Droid owners now I totally agree they probably should just release it unannounced then to get everybody's hopes up again. Who's gonna believe another Official date they post now?

  • droiddog22

    Did anyone have alot of their apps get updates yesterday??? Is this because of update was supposed to get released??

    • tpags

      Does anyone know if there is any truth to this. Or could somebody of maybe just posted this bullshiznit report to mess with us loyal Droiders. Some won't be so loyal if this is true. I am one

  • dquicknc

    Sorry guys. If I catch anything else regarding this nonexistent OTA update on twitter, I'll post it here. In the meantime, guess I'll check to see if my bracket has blown up yet. lol

  • troutlaw

    Glad I stayed on Blackdroid's ROM. Really no reason to unroot until an update.zip file is out there anyways guys and gals.

  • Anothamexican

    If I'm running Cynagen, will I still get the update? Do I need to go back to stock to get the alert?

    • tpags

      yes. if you are running an official 2.1 rom you will not receive the update.

  • aarynk

    Rooting on Monday to Cyanogen if Moto doesn't pull their heads out of their a## this weekend

  • Cyanogen, I am coming home….

  • aarynk

    I swore up and down in 2008 that I would NEVER buy a Moto product again… but when the Droid came out it was too good to pass up so I jumped with Moto again with high hopes. Well as we can all see Moto is still the same crap company who loves to mess with updates and support for their phones. My Droid WILL be my LAST Moto product… this is just ridiculous

  • stillwaiting

    If this wasn't so funny I'd be crying right now. In fact, I think I may anyway. Nothing to do now but wait fort he actual update and not the “news” of the update. In the words of Peggy Bundy “Thank your father kids”

    “Thanks (VERIZON) dad!!!!”

  • mwk

    What the heck is Microsoft running this update?

    • Michael C.

      haha probably!

  • nick

    wtf i unrooted my phone wtf could have just stayed rooted. this is some bullshit

  • Michael C.

    i bet VZW iPhone will be available before 2.1 upgrade. Wonder how many Droid owners will jump ship and switch to iPhone? hmmm… I know I am!!!

    • tpags

      Nexus One for this guy.

      • If you plan on holding on to Android phone, then you might want to hold off on N1 for HTC Incredible, which is coming out soon.

  • nick

    WOOOOOOOW…..ANOTHER DELAY ON 2.1!?!?!? What the hell is going on Android…step up your game…been waiting for months!

    • tpags

      Looks like Im going to root AGAIN, and this time stay rooted. Im not counting on these morons anymore.

      • tpags

        Sorry if that was a lil too harsh for anyone but it is obviously the truth. If this delay is real and not fake to get peoples blood rising, it is ridiculous. You think that after the last snafu that they were check and double check everything before anouncing the much anticipated update.

  • Rich

    EPIC FAIL…According to boygeniusreport.com the OTA has been delayed yet again due to a last minute bug found last night and there is no new roll out date. Kellex can you confirm this through your sources.

  • tpags

    I think everyone needs to check this out. Hold on tight. Bad news if it is true. http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/03/18/motorola-dro...

  • Hey everyone it appears that the update has been delayed.


  • Dayone Droider

    I was in the Verizon store yesterday. The rep had no idea that there was a update today.. Before I left the store a second rep said tomorrow is the day you get your update. She said and I quote ” You will get the touchy zoomie thingy on you phone” “I had no reaction” I had to leave the store and nod my head. I do wonder how much the store employees are actually told about this stuff.. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for mine.

    • droiddog22

      This is hella lame. time to root

  • brandegy

    There are reports of server issues and that it will be on delay for a little here.

    • Octotron

      You have to be kidding me… this is some grade A BS.

    • droidlover

      not delayed a little when it says ” a new DATE will be communicated” meaning it could be days or months..

    • aarynk

      Just saw that and was about to post too!! This is HORRIBLE… We should just give up that's the second site that has posted that picture. Not looking good at all

    • teddyrucks

      Im beginning to get the feeling that either:
      1) HR @ verizon and moto are hiring N00Bs; OR
      2) someone got a latenight call from the Apple legal team and wet themselves.

  • nick

    i have not got the 2.1 Update yet??? im in north California

  • ianjfletch

    Its been delayed!!!!!! What a joke. http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/03/18/motor

    • Octotron


  • aarynk

    I hope this isn't true but Android Central heard there maybe a problem with the servers sending out the updates!!! NOOOOOOO…..

    The Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update should be pushed out to the first 1,000 guinea pigs lucky users anytime now. Sing out if you've got it (we'll know if you're lying!) and be sure to post your thoughts in our Official 2.1 Findings thread.

    Update: Not to panic anyone, but we're getting whispers of server problems or some other sort of delay, or may it's just the smartphone gods toying with us yet again. Stay tuned.

  • dquicknc

    Just got this from Boy Genius on my Twitter feed.

    Motorola DROID update delayed?

    by Boy Genius on March 18th, 2010 at 12:57pm
    Filed under: Android, Breaking News, Exclusives, Handsets, Motorola, Verizon, Whisper Leave a Comment

    We have heard from multiple sources that the much-awaited Android 2.1 OS upgrade due to start today, has been delayed. We’re told a last minute bug late last night was found. There is no new ETA. We’ve reached out to Verizon for confirmation.

    Tags: 2.1, Android, droid, exclusive, google, Motorola, ota, verizon wireless, Whisper

  • droidlover

    For anyone that gets the update first…read this before updating and do us a favor


  • aarynk

    Southern California here ready and waiting!!!

  • kellex

    You guys are so awesome. Keep droppin' locs and updates!

    Nothing here in Portland.

  • nick

    Anyone get the 2.1 Update yet??? im in California

  • steve

    nothing in DE yet. i got the droid a few hours after if came out. i dont think that matters. i dont know how they chose these first few 1k. maybe its just random.