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March 18th Confirmed for Android 2.1 OTA Update

Just in from one of our fabulous tipsters comes more details on the update which confirms March 18th as the rollout date.

This document also confirms the notes from the PDF which was posted just an hour ago.

  • i think you are confusing this “Droid” by Motorola with the “Droid Eris”, which is based off the Hero (and both are branded by HTC).

  • tpipher

    Thanks Mike and SDI, I have another question. I am loving cyanogen for sure and have installed SetCPU and process manager and power manager but now it seems I can not DL from the market. It says it is but in never DL's just sits there saying Down loading. I have rebooted, canceled the DL and tried again to no avail and it does it for EVERY program I try, plus my wifes Droid DLs fine in the same room and I have 3g and 5 bars! Do you guys have any ideas? I do not want to go back to stock and I only feel comfortable with Cyanogen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can live with a few bugs but this bug is huge, hell I am not even sure it's Cyan but I am in the dark here! Thanks

    • izzy182

      i would suggest u just reboot to recovery, wipe cache and data one more
      time, and reinstall the CyanogenMod.

  • Dayone Droider

    So I have followed this for weeks and weeks now site after site now its time. :). A question that I have but have not seen a answer to is will the droid be faster with the OTA update? I know the ROMS will make it faster but what about the OTA is that even possible. The only reason I ask is because I updated Google maps to 4.1.0 and it is slower then before. Mostly the rendering. You cant slide across the screen with the map anymore its choppy and wants to load. Pinch zooming is not very good either choppy to… Any idea. I don't have that many apps only 15 or so compared to many other people.

    • kellex

      Well it wont be overclocked. You'll likely have to root again and overclock if you want it to be faster. We'll see what kind of bugs they fix though. Overall, there shoudl be some performance improvement.

  • Mike M.

    Is anyone else entirely disappointed with the camera on their Droid, or does it just happen to be mine? In a dim lit room, (with a light on!!) at times my camera is black. Whats most annoying is that as the camera loads, the picture is plenty bright, and then shortly after dims to black, and the focusing in low light is awful. This to me seems like a software issue rather than hardware flaw. In the daylight the 5 MP is beautiful, but in lower lit areas I'd rather take a picture with my 1.5 MP Palm Treo PDA Smartphone now about 5 years old. LOL. (Hey it was one of the first touch-screen web-browsing phones :>) Otherwise DROID ROCKS!!! Any feedback or users who have had a similar issue?

  • mikey808

    im confuse about something. android includes mytouch phones right? so does this mean us mytouch users will get the update too?

    • kellex

      No update for the MyTouch that I'm aware of. This is just a DROID update on Verizon.

  • tpipher

    Guys, sorry to be a newbie but I am a geek and usually a lurker but with the update coming tomorrow I find that my time for putting off the rooting may be coming to and end and need some opinions. First off I have read and reread all the tutorials and watched all the video how to's and really think the idea of rooting is cool however if I do it what is the ROM I should use in your opinion? Now one of the things I MUST have is at least 5 screens and the 4 doc able icons at the bottom beside the draw pull. The rest I am open too. Obviously stability is paramount. If I can get a consensus I will do it tonight, and thanks guys for all your help and to the DEVS Thanks big time for your hard work!

    • SDI

      Cyanogenmod For Droid V5.0.4.2 def. It is the most stable rom that I know of that has 7 screens and 4 doc's at the bottom. Plus it incorporates all of the elements if not more then the update will.

      • Mike

        Agreed. And definitely the smoothest in transitions of homescreens as well.

      • tpipher

        Thanks guys, I took your advice, I am now “Cyanogened” and loving it thus far, it was truly a lot easier then when i anticipated. LOVING IT thus far. Thanks for your input!

        • SDI

          Not a problem, just giving help that I would want myself.

        • SDI

          If you really want it to run smoother install setcpu and run it at 800 MHz, its sweet!

  • randy21671

    Just read this in PCWorld.com

    Google's Android 2.1: How It'll Change Your Phone
    JR Raphael, PC World

    Jan 12, 2010 2:55 pm

    Google officially launched its Android 2.1 software development kit (SDK) this week, giving programmers their first glimpse under the hood of the updated operating system.

    Android 2.1 debuted on the new Nexus One handset and is expected to reach other Android devices — including the Motorola Droid, Motorola Cliq, and HTC Droid Eris — very soon. While Google calls the update a “minor platform release,” Android 2.1 includes several interface changes that are sure to catch your eye.

    Here's a look at what you can expect.

    Live Wallpapers

    Those cool “live wallpapers” seen on the Nexus One are actually a standard feature of Android 2.1. The interactive backgrounds move in different ways: Some shift and swirl as you navigate around your home screens; others generate visualizations based upon music or finger-taps.

    Additional Home Screens

    Compared to the three home screens found by default in Android 2.0 (and the slightly updated Android 2.0.1), the 2.1 release of Android gives you five home screens to fill with shortcuts and widgets as you wish.

    Updated Home Screen Navigation

    Along with the added home screens comes a thumbnail-based navigation system that allows you to quickly jump to any screen. You can still swipe left or right normally to move through the various screens, but the thumbnail system gives you the option to also see small icons of all five screens and tap directly on any one to jump straight to it.

    New App Launcher

    The standard Android app launcher gets a new look in the 2.1 release. Compared to the drawer-like look seen in previous versions — where the app list would slide up from the bottom of the screen — the 2.1 app launcher flies the icons in from the corners of the screen while fading in a dark background behind them. It then uses a rolling effect as you scroll down through the list.

    Voice Typing For All Text Fields

    Android 2.1 builds upon previous versions' voice-to-text capabilities by providing voice recognition for all text fields. As first demonstrated on the Nexus One, the expanded voice typing system allows you to do everything from sending texts to writing e-mails by simply speaking the words into your phone.

    New Widgets

    The newly black-colored system widgets introduced in Android 2.0.1 are present in the 2.1 release. Google has also added a widget that displays the latest news stories and weather on your home screen, then offers multiple tabs of news and weather information when opened in its full size.

    3D Photo Gallery

    The photo gallery in Android 2.1, developed with Cooliris, shows all of your images in a slick three-dimensional view. It also integrates two-way sync with online photo albums stored at Picasa.

    Other Considerations

    Neither Motorola nor HTC has announced an exact date for when specific Android handsets will receive the 2.1 upgrade. Motorola has, however, stated that all of its Android devices will be updated. HTC has mentioned the Droid Eris as an upgrade certainty and has suggested certain other models will also be included.

    (During the Nexus One news event, Google Android guru Andy Rubin did say that some older Android phones may not be able to fully support the 2.1 experience, so it's quite possible that some of the early Android handsets may not end up getting the upgrade.)

    One thing still conspicuously absent from Android in its 2.1 incarnation: native multitouch support. With that said, you can get multitouch-driven pinch-and-zoom Web browsing on your Android phone with the free Dolphin Browser application.

    For more tricks to maximizing your Android experience, check out my in-depth guide: “Master Google Android: 40 Tips and Tricks.”

    JR Raphael frequently covers mobile technology for both PC World and eSarcasm, his geek-humor getaway. Check out his new Facebook page: facebook.com/The.JR.Raphael

    See more like this:android,google,motorola,handhelds,wireless technology

    • izzy182

      now boys and girls…having read that, it should help you decide whether you
      are going to stay with your custom ROM, or go official…

      • sems

        ??? that read was from effing january.. do you know how many different articles and rumors were out since january about the 2.1 update? smh

        I stopped reading that after seeing the date of the article

        • izzy182

          ah ha ha ha…in a meeting with my bosses…didn't see the date…MY BAD!

    • kellex

      That was from January 12th 😛

  • ryanbush

    Just spent some time un rooting and un installing in preparation for 2.1. Having kept the Helix Launcher, I have come to this conclusion . . .

    I don't really miss anything from DroidMod (assuming I'll get the new gallery and the new music apps back). And the phone seems just as fast even though I was overclocked before. It was fun to play around with rooting though – and I'm sure I'll do it when the next rounds start coming out . . .

  • US_Marine_beta

    So 0900 on the west coast? Sweet 🙂

  • garbagedick

    just for the sake of compatibility, i uninstalled every non-stock app but google voice. ill load them all in a few days when im updated

  • I am wondering if there is anything in 2.1 update that can help Kellex with his bracket 🙂

    Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs. Murray State…. FTW

  • TCIDragon

    Will I need to uninstall the Swype Beta or disable Helix before the OTA??

  • Marc

    It's also interesting to see that the headset pull / audio issues WAS evidently a software one, and fixed…

    • Mike M.

      Thank You!! This has had to be the most frustrating part. For awhile I thought it occurred from some third party app I installed, and didn't know which. Nothing worse than answering a phone and not being able to hear without hitting the speaker phone. I use my headset jack as a direct in to my car speakers while driving for handsfree use. By the time I figured out this was the cause, out comes the update days later. So happy to hear I shouldn't have to deal with this issue any longer!

  • maizekidstill

    If it's android, it can be rooted lol

    • Timbo1

      True but I meant rootable right away, I mean it took the three dev teams and months to root the Droid Eris.

  • Octotron

    Something I legitimately am annoyed about with this is the lack of Bluetooth fix. There should be ZERO reason this phone cannot voice call through Bluetooth. To me it is a serious issue as my city just passed a no hands law on cell phones while driving. I know this issue has been brought to the attention of Moto. /sigh

    • TCIDragon

      Agreed!!! WTF…every phone I've ever had allows you to use voice command over a Bluetooth headset. Just got a Blue Ant and thought I was doing something wrong.

  • Timbo1

    Hopefully its still rootable like the leaked versions are.

  • GOD DAMMIT. Why won't they fix the fucking “taking a photo in portrait mode can't rotate properly” .. FUCK

  • dannydarko

    hey does anyone know if a 10 pound bag of flour makes a big biscuit?

    • Kevin

      I think it does, but is Ed too-tall Jones too tall?

  • Is this site also for the Droid Eris? I'm having trouble finding sites for it. Also, when does 2.1 come out for the Droid Eris? I'm new to android and any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • dannydarko

    I may have spoken ill informed and for that I apologize I assumed the helix launcher worked the way mine does with root and I Guess i was mistaken thanks EndiSky for the clarification,I really don't like the taste of foot:) goood night everybody and yes the Waltons took way to long to say goodnight, that damn Charlie Daniels;)

    • EndiSky

      Lol, no worries, the only reason that I knew was that my roomate was running a 2.0.1 base rom at the time.

  • syntakk

    I think I'll stick with root and ROMs for now until I find out how easy it is to root again after official 2.1 update. I'm thinking it should be pretty much the same as it is now.

    • SDI

      Good man! Smart just in case (highly doubtful) that a embedded program halts current root process. Plus what is the update giving that a decent stable ROM gives? Anyone?

    • Sgt_Terry

      I just rooted my droid using this site and all the videos, they were great, everything went GREAT!! Thanks to the guys who do this site. I think I'm gonna wait till the update comes out and see how it is with other people before I unroot my droid, I like what I got, droidmod with hellix.

      • EndiSky

        Plus if for some reason 2.1 comes with some amazing thing like flash (lol, sorry had to say it) you can always nandroid back to stock w/ no root and check for OTA updates, just like if you were to buy a new phone at verizon that has been sitting in the box w/ 2.0

        • Lee

          I am also going to stick with root at least until after the update. The only reason I may go back to stock and accept the official update in time is get a backup copy on my phone if I ever need it in the future. But I will not do it until I see that those getting the update are still able to easily root.

          I am happy that Verizon is finally getting around to sending out the update. I think it is a step in the right direction. And everyone that doesn't already have 2.1 will be very happy with the improvements!

  • MyCoffeePlease

    I'm sorry, but didn't Matt at the Motorola Forums call Pete a liar, and said that he was just “stirring the pot”… when in all actuality… there the same updates.. 😐

    • Timbo1

      No he called Pete a liar because he was running the old ERE25 leak without live wallpaper and a few other things

  • l_sloan

    I feel like we should have some official droid-life party for this thing.

    I will, however, miss all of the 2.1 comments on every Motorola Facebook status update.

    If root is gone on 2.1, will a sbf of older versions work?

  • aarynk

    Just took off all my ported 2.1 apks and now am stock… really really hope they don't back out on this one too

    Here comes 2.1!!! FINALLY

    • maizekidstill

      I'm with ya. Just did the same thing and ready to roll out the OTA.

  • Jay P

    Hi Jay P here again i see that there is NO new music app. Hey Kellex you think we non-rooted should remove the Launcher, Music, News & Weather, 3D gallery, and Google Earth. Please let me know thanks.

    And I think bypass lock means that when you have the pattern lock somebody can deactivate the lock by dialing into your mobile remember that issue.

    • chasemanhattan

      That is a really good question. WE NEED AN ANSWER TO THIS!!!!!

    • aarynk

      I would if I was you… just deleted all my ported stuff even google goggles just in case. I want a clean update

    • kellex

      Good idea to remove all those ported apps. If you still have them when the update comes across, you'll likely have apps doubled up. Might as well clean them off ahead of time.

      And I'm pretty sure the new music app will be included. It was in all the builds I tested.

    • EndiSky

      also remember that if you just copied the .apk to your SD card, it will still be there, so all of that fun stuff can be re installed if 2.1 is missing something that you like.

  • nofear4285

    Going to be a veryyy long 2 days! im most exctied to be able to use free-yahoo email on my driod(finalllyy) and of course live wallpapers.

    • SDI

      You do know that there has been a for sure fix out to work yahoo for free on any Droid right? I have had it for the past 3 months.

      • nofear4285

        with the original email app that comes on it? cause i know i could download another app or something like that but i would rather use the original.

        • SDI

          If you use the inherent email app (not Google) on the phone and just go through the manual set up for the in-coming and out-going SMTP's it will work, and it is not a third party app. If you need I will send you the directions or you can Google something like “how to get yahoo to work on my moto droid”.

          • nofear4285

            wow.. just figured it all out.. haha. thanks for enlightening me. now i only one thing to be excited about.

          • SDI

            Ok let me know if you have any problems. Droid phones are fickle and you may have to do it a few times getting to the out-going SMTP's. I don't want to burst your bubble about the live wallpapers and how they can work on unrooted phones LOL. Good luck with the update I will watch and see if it is worth unrooting for but from what I saw, no way.

          • l_sloan

            Man you got to leave him one thing to be excited for!

          • SDI

            Opps sorry LOL

  • Volienzo

    If I stay rooted after the OTA update and decide to revert back to stock, will I receive the update as soon as I unroot?

    • izzy182

      I can't personally guarantee, but you can always go to Menu>AboutPhone>System Update and see perhaps that might work.

    • SDI

      I don't know if this helps, but if you use something like droidmod updater and return it back to stock you should have the OTA update available at some point. It might require you going back to complete stock (to restore your OTA certs) and wiping everything then doing a back up of your apps and data from something like Titanium backup. Also, unless a ROM that you have flashed has overwritten the stock factory data reset option you could try that, but that will definitely erase all your apps/data, Hope this helps.

  • yay about time but i need more screens damnit! ..

  • OMG this is like christmas… looks like im going back to stock tmrw : ) .. i swear i will cry if they pull the release again lol and then give up on 2.1 haha

    • izzy182

      Don't give up, just put whatever 2.1 ROM you had back…LOL!!!!

  • ViggS

    So how do you stay with your rooted version if it's an OTA update?

    • SDI

      Most ROM's,,,well not most, but some re-write the OTA certs so when the OTA updates come they will not load to your phone as a rooted phone with different OTA certs will not recognize the new update.

  • dannydarko

    Can you feel it brewing Droiddicts I know I can. It is almost upon us and the faithful shall follow the pastries haleluah can I get a Droooiiiid!

    • izzy182


      • dannydarko

        Now,that's what's up!spread the word kid.

    • JohnOlesen


      • dannydarko

        That's right lets get this Drooooiiid party stared!!!Pass it on!

        • JohnOlesen

          Kellex, this is why we need a freaking forum!!!!do you want me to make a proboards or invisionfree board? i could have one whipped up in like..literally 15 minutes

          • kellex

            Forum schmorum 😛

            Do you really all want the 15 droid related forum heh?

  • cfh4life

    Ok, so this is my deal…Droid-Life is the ultimate on everything without a doubt.I will consider myself a constant learner with my Droid that is so far a ''chicken'' to try all thes extras i see everyday on this wonderful site,and has been on the edge of my seat for this update. The one thing with my in-experience on my Droid is i want a flash player, i feel i have everything i will ever need or want on my Droid…i just need to learn it all ! I love all the things i learn everyday on here. If the flash player doesnt come with the 2.1 update what will i have to do to get it on my Droid ?? Sorry all for my in-experience but hoping for the help…thankyou. I feel like this is the only thing missing from the Droid to make it the ultimate hand held device !

    • SDI

      From what little I know and of course those who know can probably explain more, but the Droid has the capability for flash. However, writing the program for it is a different story. Several sites have said that Motorola has promised flash, but not said when. Of course they are not going to give us everything all at once, what would that make, other then happy customers. Unless a dev writes it, we will have to wait.

    • hexodat64

      The lack of flash is not Motorola's fault. Adobe makes the flash “player” or plug in that the browser will use to use flash. The browser on the Droid is able to accept this plug in, but I don't think Adobe is finished with it. When it's finished, it sounds like it would be available on the market, and you would download it from there.

      • SDI

        I will bet you dimes to dollars that the plug-in will not be avail for download in the apps market unless it is a 3rd party app. It will come in the form of a OTA update and that is totally controlled by Motorola and Verizon as we have seen with 2.1.

        • EndiSky

          and posted here!

  • DannoFoo

    I wonder what they mean by “Improved Pattern-lock Functionality.” Anyone?

    • Ellianth

      Hopefully it means, slide unlock, then pattern lock after a certain timeout period. I don't want to pattern unlock every time the screen turns off, and i don't like giving everyone access to my mail archive if they just swipe their finger on the screen.

      • dannydarko

        That would be my guess too, spot on kid!

    • SDI

      I hope it is something better then the little connect-a-dots like it is now! LOL

  • Bako

    Fucking finally!

  • xFenixKnightx

    Gonna just roll with the official 2.1 update and the Helix launcher for the extra screenies and better app drawer. Cant wait for that live Droid neural network wallpaper, that looks nice. Being rooted was cool and all but its just better IMO to roll stock. =)

    • aarynk

      I'm planning on doing the same thing getting the Helix launcher… unless the ported 2.1 launcher works better with the Droid gets on 2.1

  • DoubleVision81

    I have been wondering if HelixLauncher 2 may be able to enable the 3D Launcher in the official 2.1 release. I assume that Android 2.1 has the functionality built into it, but Motorola has it disabled for some reason. So would it be possible that HelixLauncher 2 could enable the 3D Launcher without having to root and install a custom ROM? I have only had my Droid for 2 weeks (upgraded from an LG Dare) and am hesitant to install a custom ROM, especially just for the 3D Launcher.

    • dannydarko

      I am very confused by your wording the Helix launcher is the 3D launcher upgraded.Don't be be weary of root. There is a million and one root for noob videos and guides everywhere just follow the directions and reap the benefits.Watch the vids that Kellex made they are the best by far!

      • wynalazca

        The DroidMod root helper app is extremely easy to use and there is a walkthrough guide on the droidmod site. I've ran the 3d launcher on my rooted droid and it sucks up the cpu terribly. I don't think this update will include the new launcher based on the list above and it's really not worth slowing the phone down so much even though it looks cool.

      • EndiSky

        people running stock that just installed the helix launcher from the market did not get the functionality of “3d” in the app drawer, just the actual home screen options and a sexy black background in the app drawer.

        • Josef F

          Not trying to be argumentative here, but what “functionality” was there in the Helix 2 3D launcher. It seemed like eye-candy to me.

          • EndiSky

            thats it. Some people love to have things pretty though. I need functionality/ good looks….like a Hot chick that can cook!

        • dannydarko

          Okay so i unrooted and tried you are right. But, it gives you the 3D cube on 2.1.1 Ese53 roms so I would assume the same goes for when you upgrade it will give you the cube too .I am about 85% sure and that is a fair estimate.So those of you belly aching should be good to go;)

    • Marc

      Has anyone ever considered that the 3D app drawer was never intended for the Droid? The N1 doesn't have a slide out KB, or landscape, thus neither did that launcher, and that has been most of the issues with ported versions ….

      It's a nice to have feature, but not essential, to illustrate, Helix is awesome, and it is not the 3D drawer.

  • SDI

    I have to hand it to Motorola and Verizon, they have kept everyone in suspense so long they will probably take whatever is given, good marketing! Most stable ROM's have all these features and more. Now if it had flash I would be the first one in line waiting to upgrade on the night of the 18th.

    • izzy182

      I think it's Noon….LOL…

    • Ellianth

      Pissing off your customers by giving them misinformation, then under-delivering is not good marketing. Where did you get your marketing degree? 😛

      • SDI

        Ok now don't be so over-dramatic LOL it was sarcasm. Of course it is not good marketing, grow up!

        • EndiSky

          now now boys and girls! Lack of flash is pissin' people off!

    • Richard

      I am sure I'll get flamed, but I like that Verizon is very careful about what they release and that they test thoroughly. Imagine what kind of crap you would all give them if they released a buggy update.

      People are so funny, they want everything before its ready but bitch when it's released too soon!

  • sandso9

    No point in unrooting if theres no flash i will stick with BBv.8 🙂

  • RealGame22

    Staying with DroidMod. If you are rooted, might as well stay rooted.

  • SDI

    I do not have the cell standby/battery issues with cyanogen mod 2.1 update 1. Given that what would be the upside in going with unrooting and loading this update?

    • EndiSky

      The way that i feel about it is that if you are rooted, stay rooted… if not, then get your 2.1 update and see if its enough to make you happy… you'll be here soon enough to root!

  • nolff


  • to unroot or stay root…that is the question.

    the screens aren't the issue bc I can always download the Hellix app for the additional screens…The overclocking feature is perhaps the main reason I would remain rooted.

    Difficult decision this news brings me, hmmmmmm…

    • izzy182

      well, and also think about it: would you really need the 1kmhz of speed? even at 600mhz your Droid work so smoothly, and even with battery enhancements, running at 1,000mhz on a phone that was designed to run 600 will EVENTUALLY eat your battery away little by little. Don't get me wrong, CyanogenMod is pretty darn sweet, Thanks Cyanogen/Koush

    • dannydarko

      Do both that way you got a sweet fall back righto chap.

  • tomchoy

    Wow! Most excellent news!

  • xFenixKnightx


  • syntakk

    Good news! Except that there is no flash or multiple home screens 🙁

    • JohnOlesen

      Flash is a whole other issue right now. Expect it in a seperate update (VZW emp. 🙂 )

      as far as multiple screen, i'll still use Helix Launcher. no biggie.

      • syntakk

        I know, I was just hoping that since it was delayed for so long they would decide to throw it in with everything else. Didn't really have my hopes up though. (also a VZW emp) 😉

    • Marc

      Lets end this flash debate:

      Flash is not happening until JULY, that info came right from ADOBE.

      Flash will require 2.1, but is not part of 2.1, never was. It will be an installable add on to either the OS itself, or a browser plug in.
      I too will use Helix, until they root the official 2.1 and then use a ROM off those builds.

      • US_Marine_beta

        I'll be in basic training in July. Ahh! 🙁 lol

  • Jeffrey

    I do not see anything about Flash 🙁

    • kellex

      No flash, but that should be “soon”. Hah

      • MattDemers

        I figure it's good enough we're getting a formal announcement about 2.1; however, I'm skeptical about its Milestone integration. Canada still doesn't have 1.6 in large volumes because of Rogers' refusal to pay HTC to get the branding implemented. I guess in the worst case scenario, I might try rooting my phone.

        • dannydarko

          Get your root on kid.Flash that bad larry already:)

      • Khuram moose

        So what about the maps question. about uninstalling if the multitouch is coming to the droid. keep it or not?

        • JohnOlesen

          the google maps 4.0 (or whatever) will be fine. you dont need to uninstall Google Maps to get the OTA. If you have the 3D Gallery or any of the unofficial 2.1 rips, i'd uninstall just to play it safe. Multi-Touch Maps was an official update…

  • Octotron

    2 Long Days….

    • bksone74

      Lol exactly my thoughts

    • Ellianth

      What's so long about it? There's nothing fancy in the update :(.