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Opera Mini 5 Browser Released for Android

The beta version of the Opera 5 Mini browser was released this morning to the Android Market for free if anyone is interested in checking out something new.  Now, I hate to start off posts with any sort of negative tone, but to be honest, if you want a browser that takes you back to your Blackberry days, has no multi-touch, and struggles to view any website correctly, then this is your guy.  Harsh I know, but really is the truth.

After playing with it for 5-10 minutes I quickly grew frustrated with the lack of options.  While I know this is a beta version, it is clearly behind xScope, Dolphin, and even the stock Android browser.  Maybe the full version will come fully equipped right?


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  • Haripaul

    i have geovision but its not working for me,,, any advise

  • azurikai

    it really is exactly the same as the BB version of Opera Mini Beta 5. I think they might have just tried porting this version to android.. so hopefully future updates will be much better.

  • Phaise

    One thing you cant knock is the speed. Man this thing is fast, which is really my main thing on a mobile browser.

    Tried loading the same page on default, xscope, dolphin and opera and opera smoked em

  • ozthewiz

    works perfectly for what I need. I use it to log in to my security cams (geovision 3g stream).Flawlessly
    AS a matter of fact it is the only browser that lets me do that whithout any apps. even better then the other one with the apps. I had a blacberry before my Droid and almost went back if not for OPERA
    Thank You Opera

    • Haripaul

      i have geovision but its not working for me,,, any advise

  • Yeah I personally found Opera to be absolute trash compared to any other option. I gave it ten minutes or so and then uninstalled it.

  • syntakk

    I used it for a few minutes. It is fast, but image quality is noticeably lower. It doesn't display a lot of pages correctly, and I had it force close on me several times. Didn't like the zoom either. It definitely has a long way to go.

  • sdcoiner76

    Unfortunately this isn't the browser we have been waiting for. This is a browser made for many different mobile devices. After about 10 mins I uninstalled and will wait for Opera Mobile 10.

  • Octotron

    I'll stick with stock to be honest.

  • cyber_demon

    lol! tell it like it is 🙂

  • all and all a worthless browser, but it is quite faster than the stock Android browser so i guess there is a small plus

  • oh wow i thought this was gonna be good guess not ill pass. The browser with multitouch is good enough for me.

  • purist

    I agree, this is like a Blackberry Browser on Android. Ugh, almost wanted to vomit.