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GolfLogix Adds Droid App to Collection

While it continues to rain everyday here in Portland and I’m stuck counting the days that pass without an opportunity to go whack around my new driver, there are likely a ton of you in the southern part of the country that have been hitting the links for at least the last few weeks. And while you’re out there, feel free to check out the new GolfLogix app that was just released.

You can download the new app through the GolfLogix site right now and it will even give you a round of golf for free to test it out.  Of course after that one round is up, you’ll have to fork out $39.95 per year to continue to use it, but it’s still worth a test right?  I know once I see a minor break in the clouds I’ll be taking advantage.

  • The while you’re out there, feel free to check out the new GolfLogix app that was just released.Thanks

  • The while you’re out there, feel free to check out the new GolfLogix app that was just released.Thanks

  • Thanks for sharing link – but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody have a mirror or another source

  • As with all of its applications, GolfLogix offers a free trial of its Champion Membership allowing golfers to download the application to their smartphones and try it for a round….

  • Your work is fantastic looking, the site is a snap to navigate… Consider me a fan!

  • Your work is fantastic looking, the site is a snap to navigate… Consider me a fan!

  • thegenie

    $40 a year for golflogix? why? once the software and my personal courses are downloaded, why should i pay $40 per year? kind of redundant you think or does golflogix simply want cash flow, like me? sounds like i get to keep my cash flow and go with a non-subscription software!

  • rianco

    I tried tons of golf gps apps and I have to say Free Caddie is the best if you just want a no hassle no worries instant yardage to the front middle and back of the green from where you are standing. Other apps was just too much button pushing. Try it out its free and very simple.

    • kellex

      Wait seriously on winter rates? That's insane.

      • rianco

        it was 25$ for winter rates and currently since its after march it went up to $30. These are rates you can find all after 1pm though and you can book it on the pumpkin ridge website or golfnow.com. I dont mind the late start because you could still easily finish 18 when you start around 1:30-2pm. check it out sometimes.

  • RyanR

    I play red tail all the time. Not in the rain though!

  • mrschmitz

    Man, if anybody uses any of these golf apps, you better not let it slow you down on the course. People get pretty pissed about slow players. You'd have to hire a caddy!

    • kellex

      It should work similar to any golf GPS which people use all the time. 😛

      • mrschmitz

        So THAT's why golf has gotten slower already! I thought it was the beer… 🙂

  • mhynek

    Golf Card is a nice app, but keep in mind, many of the courses are not tagged with gps data yet. I checked the courses I usually play and had to use the Card Manager to manually tag the course I play most. It didn't take me longer than 15 to 20 minutes to do it, but it's just a general satellite view of the course, and the holes are not marked. I mention this because, if you don't have prior knowledge of the course, it could make it very difficult to know not only which hole is which or which Tee box you normally use.

  • Zach

    $40 seems like an awful lot for an app that has similar competitors out there. I've heard great things about “Golf Card” so my guess is I'd lean more towards getting that.

  • markinter

    I looked around at the different golf apps and decided on Golf Card. It's about $9 and no subscriptions or downloading course charges. I'm not sure how it stacks up against the other apps but I found it to be very good. Sometimes I launch it from home and I find out I'm 6000 yards from the first green at a course near me. Weather is getting close to 80 here in Laker town (haha just messing) so I'm playing this weekend.

  • SportingGuy

    I'll get out and play Redtail with ya anytime. Love to “Let the Big Dog eat”

    • kellex

      May have to take you up on that.

    • troutlaw

      Haha very nice. I'll totally give this app a try since a shareholder at work is taking me to Riverside in the near future, but I do enjoy Golf Card for the price.

  • Meticode

    I don't play gold, but it looks like a pretty nice application for those who golf. A really polished, clean cut app.

  • yes tell me about this rain sux! , but atleast we have fresh air ptown rocks!!!

  • Ellianth

    I'm tempted to pick up golf so that I have a reason to use this app. From those screenshots, that thing looks like a delight to stare at!

    • kellex

      It is a pretty polish app especially compared to most Android products.

  • Ace Z.

    Golf is a tough sport WoW…more power to you Kellex! I'll just stick to my football and basketball.