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Android App Review: Setting Profiles

As promised yesterday during our quick review of Timeriffic, we took a look at the Android application Setting Profiles which should be your number one choice as an application to replace Locale.  It functions incredibly similar to Locale but provides you all of the options without having to actually pay for or install a bunch of plugins or extras.  There are 2 version, a lite and paid, but to get the GPS locations feature you have to fork out the $2.95 asking price which is obviously much nicer than the $9.99 price tag of Locale.

Setting Profiles in action…


(Paid Version) (Lite Version)

  • Test

    • 4n1m4L

      I’m confused

  • good vid good program it started to look like ah x-rated droid app preview once u started blocking ur personal stuff lol
    it was really very interesting article i enjoyed reading it thanks for posting

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  • Rockman5876

    how do I remove a profile that I set

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  • Chaser457

    Perhaps in the new video, in addition to the maps you fuzzed, you should also fuzz the screens that show your coordinates. Being somewhat famous now, the throngs may be amassing soon!

    • kellex

      I thought about that, but if someone is really that interested in killing or robbing me, then so be it heh.

  • Jim

    That's an app review? Three sentences?

    • phenom

      Lol.. 🙂

    • kellex

      Had a video and removed it…maybe another one in the works. 🙂

  • syntakk

    This looks great, very tempted to purchase…

  • mvcisback

    Actually, Tasker has all this and some more and is free….although the downside work be that its not in the market (install off sd) and is a bit less polished. That said it gives one quite a bit of control including exceptions. Of course it has the mandatory GPS based settings but I would say overall its a more powerful app (and the free price tag makes it look even better)

    I currently use it mainly to turn my phone on silent when I'm at school or set it to turn up the volume slowly on my alarm.

    p.s. It can also pull actions from other applications

  • Mikey67Tang

    Does this have the ability to change wallpapers? This is a biggy since my Wallpaper at Home isn't umm.. “Appropriate” for work to say the least haha. If so, I'm totally all over this puppy. Otherwise my locale is actually pretty reliable around my parts of town.

    • Mikey67Tang

      Guess I can download the lite version huh? haha

    • Flobin

      They're planning to add that feature in (one of the) next release(s).

  • Jack

    You left a couple of the coolest features out of the video. First is the widget. It allows you to easily see if a profile is active. You can also use it to activate/deactivate profiles. They can either be manually or automatically disabled after a specific period of time.

    So say you have a silent/vibrate profile. You can activate it using the widget and tell it to deactivate automatically in two hours. Or at 4:35, or whatever.. great for when you're running into a meeting or a movie that isn't in your calendar.

    I have a vibrate profile set up for when I'm at certain places (defined in my calendar) and at night, it switches to a calls only profile so that notifications are silent but calls will ring. It does this between 10:pm and 6:am if the phone is plugged into the charger.

    Really awesome app. And the developer is great to work with. He worked through an issue I was having that turned out to have something to do with recurring calendar events. He's very responsive.

    • kellex

      Yeah I just tried to whip through the basics and was hoping someone like you would help point out the rest of its awesomeness. Thanks!

  • Ace Z.

    By the way Kellex, I love the fact you have the Blazers cap right there in every video lol. I'm assuming you're a Portlandt Trailblazers fan, but I did notice that.

    • kellex

      Oh yes. Gotta show the Blazers some love!

      • troutlaw

        +1 for that!

        • Duckman

          Hell yeah, GO BLAZERS!!

    • phenom

      You're kidding right? Know your blogger! http://www.blazeoflove.com/2008/10/about-blaze-

      • Ace Z.

        Bro who in the blue hell are you? Lol.

        • phenom

          I'm John. I'm a Droid enthusiast, and RSS feed junkie. I dig my fair share of Facebook, and I live in Chicago. I also like to know a little about the authors of what I'm reading, etc.

          So, let's just say that Kellex is an super-mega freak-show about the Trailblazers. I don't know anything much about him, but I was interested in the person that can craft such a great and informational Droid blog. In my comment above I definitely posted a link to some of Kellex's other work, but it either didn't transfer, or was 'moderated'. 🙂 Wasn't trying to start a war, I was just surprised that people didn't research and/or know that Kellex was a Portland fan. 🙂

          • kellex

            Haha I moderated. Just tryin to keep both things separate. Appreciate the research though heh. And go Blazers!

          • phenom

            Yea, my bad. Didn't mean to out you. 🙂

      • kellex


  • Ace Z.

    Pretttttyyy Pretttyyy Prettttyyy good! Thanks Kellex!

    • ZenInsight

       Larry David?

  • troutlaw

    Absolutely love this app. Got it the day Locale went out of beta and have never looked back. Once you get used to setting things up it is incredibly efficient. Changing the range on the location is very nice as my work profile used to go off a soon as I got downtown in Portland. Set it down to quarter mile and problem solved.
    Thanks for the review!