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Want to Beta Test an Android Tethering App?

The application formerly known as TetherBerry has an Android version in the works and wants you to beta test it.  The company is now known as just Tether and is inviting anyone with an Android device to sign up and check out their new product here.

This figures to be similar to PDANet which our boy John reviewed a while back.  What’s funny is the guys over at Androinica are wondering how exactly PDANet has managed to stay on the market this long and are also interested to see if Tether can make it.  We are too my friends.

  • Norman Singleton66

    what are the apps – similar to apple can i get to work on archos tablet 10 inch

  • Buck

    I have used PDAnet via USB very successful with great download speed…, but could not get it to work via bluetooth with my Droid…, has anyone been able to get the bluetooth to work?

    • JohnOlesen

      I've been able to Bluetooth tether via my Droid and my Macbook perfectly sir.

      • Norman Singleton66

        does this work on archos ?

    • DadManWalking


      I've not messed around with BT tethering so I don't have a specific answer to your question. However…I rooted the phone with DroidMod (many thanks to Droid-Life for the guidance there) and grabbed the WiFi tether function that was included with the DroidMod ROM. Works perfectly. It creates a little puddle of WiFi goodness (secured by WEP and MAC access controls) at the touch of a button. For this reason alone I will not un-root and migrate to 2.1 (last seen cavorting with unicorns) until 2.1 is also rooted and WiFi tethered.

  • syntakk

    I've never used PDAnet myself but I've heard good things. Not too sure what this will offer that PDAnet doesn't.

    • Octotron

      I have been using PDANet quite a bit recently and I can say it does a fantastic job. I pull consistent 2.4mbps down and it is very smooth.

      I can't imagine this will do much more than PDANet does, but we will have to give it a try!

  • gary

    Does anyone know it the new update for the android with work with the blue tooth for voice dialing?

  • Ellianth

    Totally off topic but here's where a forum would be useful. I figure I'll get better answers here than form any of the other (in my opinion, not so well done) forums that i've seen for android. Anyway, does anyone have any problems with their Canadian Milestone or any other variant of the phone randomly rebooting?

    Mine started randomly rebooting whenever it wants since yesterday. It's not a full reboot either. The android logo shows up for about 5 seconds (phone never vibrates like it does when the phone is actually booting up) and then i'm back on my desktop and loading stuff from the memory card.

    Yesterday to get it to start behaving i had to reboot the phone completely. That turned out to be quite the chore beause before i could hold down the power button so the menu could pop up, or use ctrl + shift + del the phone would be back on the “android” screen.

    uhh.. where was i going with this, oh, sometimes it asks for the pin number to my sim card, and in the system status, after one of the little 'half-reboots' the counter continues counting as if the phone was never down. So if i had 20 hours of up time, did the half-reboot and went back 1 minute later to check up time, it'd say 20 hours and 1 minute.

    1 other thing that may help finding the problem, this all started yesterday when the phone (for the first time ever) couldn't find a signal.

    • Ellianth

      Is it typical android behaviour to show the android screen when there's no signal, or ask for the pin number each time it loses signal, as opposed to each time the phone radio is turned off and on like with other platforms?

      • Ellianth

        gawd, i'm becoming the little spammer. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. Oh fudge, i have on email notifications, now i'm spamming myself.

    • kellex

      Take that bad boy into Telus and get a new one. You've had it for what, a week or two? Shouldn't be doing that.

      • Ellianth

        but now i gotta pay the unlock fee again :'( This is why i was hoping someone had a solution for this. I'll bring it to them on monday if it's still acting up.