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video: installing a custom rom – blackdroid ultimate droid 5.0

the main request i’ve received over the last week has been “can you show us how to install a custom rom?!?” and today i finally had a chance to put a video together.  in this video we chose to use Blackdroid’s new Ultimate Droid 5.0 over Bugless Beast, but as i’ve noted in the video, the installation instructions are the same for both so please after this video, do not ask me to do another video for Bugless.

*warning time* – as always, you are performing these tasks at your own risk.  we are not recommending that you do ANY of these, but simply providing information to you.  there is a chance you could brick your phone or do other permanent damage so please do as much research as you can beforehand.

before we get started – you need to make sure you’ve rooted your phone.  the best way to do that is by using droidmod1.0 or through this video.  you should also install the droidmod1.0 rom which this video will show you how to do.  after you’ve completed those 2 steps, you need to download the file below and then it’s on to the video or step-by-step instructions…

download: ultimate droid 5.0 (alt link)  (alt link2)

video instructions…

step-by-step instructions…

Nandroid Backup Installation Instructions:
-Update & backup any files you wish to restore, this will wipe /data
-Extract the files from the archive using WinRAR or a similar program
-Place the extracted folder (the ROM) into the “nandroid” folder on your sdcard
-Reboot into recovery mode (hold the power and “x” button at the same time)
-Wipe data/factory reset
-Wipe cache partition
-Advanced Nandroid Restore
-Choose backup (select the ROM) “ultimatedroid5”
-Perform Restore

*note 1* update 3/4 –  to get back to stock – in theory you should be able to get back to droidmod1.0 by booting into recovery and choosing one of the nandroid backups that droidmod created during its install.  once you get back to that recovery image, you should then be able to install droidmod1.0 again and revert back to stock.  (any rom pros want to weigh in on that logic?)

*note 2* – for all the support in the world on this rom, visit Blackdroid’s running thread here.

*note 3* – metamorph tutorial in the works still.

*note 4* – “will i receive the 2.1 ota official update if i do this?”  answer is “no.”

  • Jt1john1

    i got error nandroid exited with status 25 pls help

  • Jt1john1

    i got error nandroid exited with status 25 pls help

  • chris

    i messed up and deleted my nandroid folder help please

  • JayBoog1e

    always clazzy …. lol …. nah just you do great vidz great instructions ……. thanks to u droid iz da best

  • mtowens

    ive installed black droid and love it . tkx for vid never would have tried without it.now a question my video wont play. sound is there but but just looks like a pict. do i need to move them to a different folder or did i mess up install? tkx again for any help .

  • n00b

    noob question: do i put the ultimatedroid5 zip in the nandroid folder or do i unzip it first and put the unzipped ultimatedroid5 files in the nandroid folder?

  • gonzo319

    sorry but this might be a stupid question, what are the benefits of running black droid? Also given the instructions on how to get back to stock droid to get the OTA 2.1 it's possible.

  • Adam

    Sorry noob here ( Root unlock tab) i found the vids sorry again 😉

  • Adam

    Trying to root and install the Ultimate Droid 5.0 but in following your steps I tried to click on the two previous video links before downloading “Black droid” the links are missing. Any help?

    • kellex

      Updated links. 🙂

  • chris

    you guys are awesome keep up the good work!!

  • ricounit

    doesnt have wifi tethering?

  • Adam

    I am so a noob at this and I soo want to do it, because it looks like a great program to run and it would make my Droid look so bad @/$/$ but I like a lot of others dont have the time or patience if I do brick it ! 🙁 damn I hate not taking risks….