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video: rooting/unrooting a motorola droid with droidmod 1.0 – part 2

welcome to part 2 of our 3 part series on rooting/unrooting your motorola droid with droidmod 1.0! in this second part, we’ll walk you through the process of flashing your phone to install a custom version of android 2.0.1 which includes many of the android 2.1 apps we all love, like live wallpapers.

check out the rest of the series:  part 1 and part 3.

  • Thank you! DROID is faster than ever before,if this is the stupid question, though what does which rooting

  • E Law

    Samehere imagineli but i gone stuck on clockworkmod recovery

  • valcarcel48

    can I update my droid after all the setup to 2.1 and still keep my access?

  • tyke

    so plz help me out and let me know wher i can get hose files so i can make it run

  • tyke

    how can i get the application to make run DM updater,cuz witout that it says that everyting is failed n i need like someting

  • coreyf

    i want to root my phone for the wifi hotspot tethering app so when i get my iPad i can use verizon's 3G. If i root my phone can i continue to use the 2.1 manual update i did from google? i want root access but don't want to use a custom rom. is this possible?

  • sparks28

    Got through everything like in video, only now stuck in Motorola boot screen. Won't boot into droidmod. Saw other similar comments on here but no reply. Please help

    • nate24

      so your phone is bricked? i want to do mine but am scared it will get locked up

      • sparks28

        No, it wasn't bricked. After trying several times, I was able to boot into safe mode and restore a back up that worked. After doing some more checking, I found out that the 2.1 update was available so I went that route for now.

  • Corey

    How can i get my apps back? I backed em up and everything. TXT me 785-410-7028 PLEASE!!!!!

  • ldrbuck

    Help!! phone will not flash recovery image.

  • crowell392

    help im stuck in sp recovery mode

  • Joseph

    I followed all the steps when it gets ready to reboot the apps and go the droidmod screen it is still on the motorola boot screen

  • Jay R

    great tutorial ……. running droidmod 1 right now …… good mod for novice rooting ,,,,,,, i just need a good theme for the droidmod

  • imagineli

    i followed the process step by step like you video and i got as far as the final reboot to the droid mod my phone is now stuck on the motorola symbol and will not load the droid mod. please advise

    • E Law

      Samehere imagineli but i gone stuck on clockworkmod recovery

  • gonzo319

    where is the launcher app?

  • Adam

    Ahhh…..Damn I guess doing this while working is not the best thing as I miss details sorry ….Question how long does it take for a person to get out of noob stage cause Idk if I can keep asking stupid questions?lol

  • Adam

    I have the live wall papers, but not the new music player or gallery. I did the process again and same results.

    • kellex

      During the process it lets you choose options for the new music and gallery. Did you make sure to choose those?

  • Adam


    I followed all the steps I have 5 screens and when I look into my firmware its still 2.0.1 did I miss something????Please help and has anyone else had this problem?

    • kellex

      DroidMod1.0 is only 2.0.1. That is what you should see. 🙂

      • ldrbuck

        Great tutorial, I am a new be to rooting but have taken your advice and read up on all available material. I down loaded the updated. zip file and successfully rooted my phone. The only problem is that while attempting to flash recovery image for droid mod It does not flash and just keeps asking for permission.